MSNBC's Pathetically Lame Response; Heads Should Roll

As was expected, the brown-nosing, Obama-shilling, leg-thrilling, Democratic mainstream media didn’t say boo about MSNBC’s outrageous “Morning Meeting” segment that I wrote about yesterday, where MSNBC seems to want to start a race war in the so-called post-racial America run by Barack Obama. MSNBC themselves issued a response that further shows the network to be prostitutes of the Obama propaganda machine (as reported by the Washington Post a couple of months ago, GE received low interest “loans”, ie., a bailout, from the Obama administration).

The POLITICO seems to have been the only media outlet to have reported on this, and they left it to Michael Calderone to write it up. He did receive a response from MSNBC about the segment in question:

An MSNBC spokesperson responded to POLITICO: “Contessa was speaking generally and not about that specific person with the automatic weapon.”

That’s it. That is all of it.

It is with unmitigated gall that MSNBC would come out with a pathetic statement like this. As anyone who has covered this could see, this is deliberate obfuscation on the part of MSNBC. They were specific in attempting to tie those with weapons showing up at tea parties, town hall meetings, and protests as white racists; there was nothing showing Contessa Brewer and the other MSNBC hacks, nor any of the MSNBC behind-the-camera people who authorized the segment, speaking generally at all.

Pressure to force MSNBC to fire everyone involved with that segment needs to happen if they want to consider themselves a legitimate news organization. Heads need to roll at MSNBC for trying to incite a race war. Calderone, in another post he wrote at the POLITICO, shows a letter written by Bill Wilson, the President of the group Americans for Limited Government (ALG), to the heads of MSNBC, NBC, and GE. Here’s the relevant part:

On behalf of the nearly half million members of Americans for Limited Government — and tens of millions of other equally appalled Americans of all races nationwide — I hereby demand the immediate termination of Contessa Brewer, Toure, Dylan Ratigan and any and all others involved in any way with the fraudulent “news” that ran in the 10:45AM segment of your August 18 broadcast.

You network has besmirched the dignity and honor of American people. You have endangered the life of the President of the United States. You have purposely fanned racial tensions. And you have deliberately lied to your own audience.

It is also inexcusable that the rest of the brown-nosing, Obama-shilling, leg-thrilling, Democratic mainstream media hasn’t said a thing about this. What’s even more amazing is that Bill O’Reilly doesn’t seem to have made a mention of MSNBC’s disgusting actions (I haven’t watched “The O’Reilly Factor” in a couple of days, so if I’m wrong and he did mention, please let me know), and he’s in the middle of a “war” of words with the “news” outlet.

Hopefully the words of ALG and the conservative blogosphere will encourage others to demand the firings of Brewer, Toure, Ratigan, and all others involved with that race-baiting segment and get some action on the part of MSNBC to remedy their outrageous and entirely inappropriate “news” reports.

(Hat tip: Hot Air)