A Woman's Insane Liberal Guilt

Katrina Browne is a filmmaker. Apparently, her ancestors were Yankee slave traders (from Rhode Island). Because of her liberal guilt, America must continue its never-ending apologies to African-Americans for slavery. One of the things that is amazing to me about those on the left is that they will mention the Civil War in passing when discussing slavery, then move on to Jim Crow. Browne does that here:

Slavery benefited immigrant families, even after the Civil War. Millions of Europeans flocked to the “land of opportunity” for jobs in a booming economy built largely on unpaid labor. Immigrants struggled when they arrived but then found routes to prosperity closed to African-Americans for a century after slavery as a result of official and unofficial segregation.

I have no doubt that this woman has no idea of the amount of blood spilled during the Civil War (about 320,000 white Union soldiers were killed, and about 40,000 black Union soldiers were killed). It isn’t enough. And as is typical with leftists in everything they politicize, it is never enough.

It seems to me that people like this want the whole country to enable them so that they can continue to share in their guilt. I ain’t buying it. My ancestors didn’t come to this country until the early parts of the 20th Century, long after slavery was abolished, so this moonbat can forget me helping her to assuage her own self-imposed guilt.

Get over it.

By the way, she donated to Obama’s campaign. Why am I not surprised.

(Hat Tip: Lucianne.com)