Left Beclowns Themselves, Tear At Each Other

This isn’t a big story but is highly amusing. John Mackey is the co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, Inc. The other day, Mr. Mackey penned an op-ed that showed up in the Wall Street Journal; his piece was critical of the notion of a new health care entitlement from the government while offering some ideas he believes could work better (I’m sure Mackey’s “fishy” ideas have been sent to [email protected]). Read the whole thing, but that isn’t what I want to cover. Some on the left have determined that Mackey has committed the “mortal sin” of not being “progressive” and have called for a boycott of Whole Foods; however, Desidero at TPM (yes, that TPM) takes fellow “progressives” to task. But it doesn’t just end with the post; the whole thread is chock full of nuggets that are…well…delicious.

Here’s how Desidero begins:

You would think someone building up a successful Green business from scratch, promoting vegetarian living, healthy foods, bringing it to new neighborhoods across the country would be something of a Progressive hero.

You’d be wrong.


Well, today, Mackey has earned the scorn and ire of the Progressosphere by doing the one thing that leftists cannot tolerate – he expressed his opinion. Not just any opinion – one that disagreed with the common agreed upon wisdom of the left, which is that we need to reform health insurance this year or else, though we don’t know exactly what’s going to be in it but it won’t be single payer or have a public option and Big Pharma contributions will be capped so the industry doesn’t suffer too much and whatever else gets watered down in bill writing and in committee and in reconciliation.

Desidero goes on explaining how Mackey runs his business, and how well the man treats his employees (the health benefits are really good). Desidero then adds a few more digs at the left.

But it gets fun in the comments. The first one out of the box has these complaints:

Personally I find his position on healthcare, while not surprising given his love of Milton Freidman, absurd. A total anti-thesis of what he professes whole foods to stand for.

Now I do not shop Whole Foods because for me it is too expensive.


As to one of our own, hardly since he isn’t a liberal or a Democrat.

Desidero comes back with this:

He worked his butt off to bring healthy vegetarian resources to places where there were none. While lots of people had co-ops, I can’t think of anyone who’s done more to make healthy food a sustainable model of any significance outside a college campus. And he’s given work to more people with progressive values than you’ve likely ever met, including full health care to the 89% of the employees working 30 hours or more.

If he’s not skinning old people and feeding dope to babies, I don’t see any good reason to punish the guy just because he spoke his mind.


The Progressive movement – closer to Nazis than imagined. Maybe we should have enclaves for those who don’t think like us. Why exactly are Progressives upset at Conservatives for acting much the same way?


Faux Progressives could get mad at Obama for this backroom deal with Big Pharma, but no, they save their ire and pickets for irrelevant targets.

Another commenter:

Its great that the free market system worked out for him – not so much for the rest of us – which is entirely the point. He has every right to opine at will, but if his opinion assists the GOP in their attempt to tank the public option, then I’ll repeat: he can take his whole food and shove it… along with the reusable bag it came in.


Once upon a time in America, people in positions of power were of the “opinion” that it was perfectly alright to burn women at the stake. Perhaps we might have avoided all that if someone had just called a boycott.

Desidero answers:

The free market worked out for him and the people who work in his stores and the people who shop in his stores.

What horrible deed has Mackey done? He provides a good work environment (as noted, one of two Fortune 500’s in the “best 25 places to work” in 2005) and good health insurance and healthy food to customers. And you bring up “burning women at the stake” as the angry mobs gather around him to burn him.

Lunacy. Sheer lunacy. Meanwhile, the medical/insurance/pharmaceutical industries are eating our lunch on health reform. It’s so over.

It gets better. As has been mentioned by someone, “more please”. Like I said, delicious. Go read the whole thing.

(H/T: Darlene at PW)