A President Is Not A Community Organizer

The job of “community organizer” that Barack Obama says was a key stepping stone in his political life is a nebulous position that is hard to define, especially when the left is allowed to define it. They will pull stuff out of their collective tuchus to say that Jesus Christ was the ultimate “community organizer”. But if one looks at what a “community organizer” does, the analogy the left tries to use falls to dust. A proper definition of a “community organizer” is two-fold: 1) they are political activists; 2) they are salesman who try to sell something to some people, but managing that something will be done by someone else, and to be paid for by others who will have no say in the process. Cash-for-Clunkers is a one example of this; it was sold as a way for people to buy new cars that would be paid, in part, by others, the tax-paying population of the United States.

In fact, Obama’s whole tenure as President, as was his time as a state Senator and a U.S. Senator, is nothing more than Obama extending the job of the President to be the Community Organizer in Chief.

Ed Morrissey hits all of the points showing this:

The Obama administration has pushed three extraordinarily large bills in Congress in seven months, and a clear pattern has developed. Obama sets himself as the salesman, but outsources the actual creation of the bill to Democratic leadership in Congress. In each iteration, that Congressional leadership has become more isolated. With Porkulus, they locked Republicans out of the effort to draft the stimulus bill, and with cap-and-trade, they ignored skeptics and moderates in their own party. With ObamaCare, the hard-Left leadership in the House threatened to bypass the committee process altogether in order to keep the Blue Dogs from moderating the direction of reform.

And with his job as Community Organizer in Chief in everyone of these bills, including the S-CHIP expansion and Cash-for-Clunkers, someone else pays for these programs, those paying their taxes into the government.

Morrissey concludes:

Obama’s not leading. He’s campaigning, and doing that on a float of ignorance about the very bill he touts.

What’s worse is his promise of running an open and transparent government as he makes backroom deals with the pharmaceutical lobby to get their support for his Obamacare fiasco instead of engaging the public in the debate with an open forum on C-SPAN. If you haven’t done so, pass this video from Naked Emperor News to others:And remember that little amendment that the Obama administration had Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) add to Porkulus where retaining bonuses were paid out to AIG, and then Obama hypocritically demonized AIG.

His whole Presidency is nothing more than Obama staying out of the nitty-gritty discussions that need to be hammered out with Congress. All Obama has done is make the government look ridiculous with the result being a constant “the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing” mentality. But what can one expect when a President chooses to remain a community organizer instead of being the President of the United States?

By the way, remember to go flag yourself. I know I must with this “fishy” post.