Vermont Legalizes Gay Marriage...Constitutionally - Open Thread

Regardless of where you are in regards to marriage between people of the same sex (as I mentioned here, I am against it, Vermont constitutionally passed legislation legalizing such marriages. Vermont is the only state to have made them legal in the method approved of by conservatives, through the legislative process (and without a prior ruling by the state courts), while the other three, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Iowa, made gay “marriage” “legal” by judicial fiat via those courts’ questionable reading of the equal protection clause (as I also mentioned in my other post, the definitive case disallowing a gay couple to get a marriage license, Minnesota’s Baker v. Nelson from 1971, completely rejected the use of the equal protection clause as a claim for gay marriage).

In any event, it’s good that Vermont did things properly. Remember fellow conservatives, process is important with the various levels of government in the United States. It is the process that helps guarantee our liberties.

Consider this an open thread.