Iowa's "Freedom" Further Erodes Americans' Liberties

As seen from the left time and again, and seen here, there is no reason for elections anymore since the will of the people doesn’t matter. Leave it to the left to justify these kinds of outrages in some false notion of “equality”.

Here is the major falsehood from one of them:

…it becomes nearly impossible to make a principled legal argument in defense of laws that prohibit gay people from being married.

We are assuming a law was created by the legal and binding Constitutional process allowing gay “marriage”. That isn’t what happened. What happened is that unelected judges made up a law and a right completely out of thin air, one that doesn’t exist anywhere in the United States, and one that wasn’t voted on by the people.

If the left actually cared about the Constitution, they would actually try to get laws passed through the legislative process, which means they have to defend their reasons and convince people to agree with it. Instead, they find corrupt, anti-Constitutional tyrants to do the work for them.

If anyone thinks a new era of “freedom” is being created, let me just say that I predict, because it happened in California after Prop. 22 was overturned by that state’s black-robed tyrants, that the 1st Amendment, all provisions of it, will be turned to dust thanks to rulings like these. There will be discrimination against people of religious beliefs, and tyrants such as these will let it happen.

This is a victory for the left, but a defeat for America.