Politicizing Justice

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Sudanese “President” Omar Bashir. Benny Avni of the New York Post says the Obama administration might rethink the idea of having the U.S. join the ICC, which was soundly rejected by both the Clinton and Bush (George W. Bush) administrations:

It’s a bad idea: The ICC is as concerned with politics as with justice – and the people it aims to please are often not America’s friends.

Avni has it absolutely right. If Obama and his minions think about it subjectively, that is as citizens of the United States instead of the world, they would understand that the new President could very well be targeted by the ICC as a war criminal for his actions in Afghanistan and Pakistan, along with former Presidents Clinton and (George W.) Bush (and others).

Read all of Avni’s great piece.

The problem of Obama thinking about having the U.S. join the ICC is that it will do exactly what the left claimed was done by the Bush administration, politicize justice. How often did we hear how the last administration made a mockery of justice with his choices for the various positions requiring Senate consent (Attorney General, U.S. Attorneys, etc.), especially in regards to the non-scandal of the U.S. Attorneys that were let go after serving their requisite four-year terms (as specified by law; I believe all of those U.S. Attorneys served their four years)? Yet, and as noted by RedState’s own Dan McLaughlin, the left, via the despicable John Conyers, is constantly politicizing justice with “hearings” that will accomplish absolutely nothing except provide “red meat” to those who believe being a conservative is a criminal act (McLaughlin also mentions the same type of thing going on with Pat Leahy).

One could believe that the administration might come to understand that the ICC will do nothing to benefit anyone, especially the United States. However, Obama’s arrogance and his huge ego, as well as the egos of many of his closest confidants, may cloud his judgment:

Some in President Obama’s inner circle may assume their actions will always remain beyond reproach (as opposed to the Bushies’), but Obama’s promise to intensify the fight in Afghanistan and other as yet unforeseen actions America may need to undertake could render them as “guilty” in some eyes as Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld.