President Hope N. Change to Reform Government Spending by Cutting...Defense Spending...During a War?

How many remember this:
Dukakis on a tank

Since Carter, every Democratic President and Democratic Presidential candidate has targeted the Department of Defense for major cuts in spending in order to make a claim at being fiscally responsible, even though they also want to be seen as serious about the nation’s security. Usually, like the hapless Michael Dukakis, they show themselves to be pure hypocrites and are rejected outright. But some hide their disdain for the military better than others. President Obama did just that. And now, Obama’s going to wreck the military, and national security, in the name of “fiscal responsibility”.

As is typical, Reuters has to add this piece of tripe:

Obama, who inherited a $1.3 trillion budget deficit when he took office on January 20,…

Just so people actually understand what happened, Obama inherited a deficit he helped create, most of which came as part of TARP.

Here is Obama spreading the big lie:

…said wasteful spending was a problem across the government, but he zeroed in on the defense industry and costly weapons projects hit by “delay after delay.”

“The days of giving defense contractors a blank check are over,” Obama told reporters in a briefing on his reforms.


Obama said he was ordering a reform of the way the government did business, a move he said would save taxpayers $40 billion a year and help cut the budget deficit, which he has forecast will hit $1.75 trillion for the 2009 fiscal year.

Congress passed the $1.1 trillion dollar Porkulus (interest included), will pass a $410 billion spending bill that contains 9000 earmarks (that Obama will not veto), and Obama wants to increase health care spending by $634 billion. Where is the reform? Oh that’s right; when the left, which includes Obama, finds that the real definitions of words don’t fit in with their agenda, they change the definition of those words; look at the left’s definition of the word “choice”, which is only relevant when referring to abortion. The phrase “reform of the way government does business” comes to mean defense spending cuts rather than an actual reform of the way government does business. What is more maddening is that the United States is still in a war, a war that increasingly appears to look like Obama doesn’t actually want to win.

I think it is now safe to say that Obama has become the nation’s “liar-in-chief.” It is up to Republicans in Congress and in government to start listening to those of us, and especially those conservatives who command great audiences (Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham, Coulter, Levin, Beck, Hewitt, Gallagher, etc.), to get ideas for how to really give this country back to the people. And to do so while still being able to keep the country safe. These Republicans need to figure out how to reach the American people in order to get the unconstitutional and lying left out of office in Congress, then to target Obama and the White House. It hasn’t helped that new RNC Chairman Michael Steele has done a lousy job to get this going, but fortunately it’s early enough to get past these mistakes to get the ball rolling.

(Hat tip: Ace)