The Left Using Race to Turn America Into Cowards

I hate racial classification. Let me take that back. I hate racial classification as it is done here in the United States. Why? Two reasons: 1) we’re all Americans; and, 2) the left controls racial classification. The first reason is pretty self-explanatory. But with that second reason, the left has been allowed to decide what the classifications will be. And if you think I’m kidding, wait until you have to fill out a government form (like when renewing a drivers license) or a job application or a survey and take a gander at what is listed. It will be typical of what I describe below.

The other day, I went over to the Harvard website to take their “U.S. Election 2008 IAT” (IAT – Implicit Association Test). The test wasn’t really bad in and of itself. But with surveys and tests like this, along with many of the government forms we fill out, they always want to know more about our racial and/or ethnic background. I can understand why it’s required sometimes, especially for medical reasons; but beyond that, it only serves to keep Americans divided.

So back to this test. The race and ethnic background requirement was in there, right where I put in my gender, age, education, etc. Here was their list for “Race”:

    American Indian/Alaska Native
    East Asian
    South Asian
    Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
    Black or African American
    More than one race – Black/White
    More than one race – Other
    Other or Unknown

Being that I’m an American who knows my race (I’m not of more than one race), and I’m not any of the first 5 listed, I clicked White. Then I went on to “Ethnicity” and this was the list for that:

    Hispanic or Latino
    Not Hispanic or Latino

I’m an American who is of Greek/Italian/Polish descent. Therefore, I am considered white, and my ethnicity, according to this test, Not Hispanic or Latino.

This kind of classification doesn’t just show up here, but on all kinds of government forms as well. For just about every race/ethnic background they list for a person, there is a cultural/geographic recognition of where that American came from. Except for non-Hispanic whites. It isn’t as if non-Hispanic whites sprang from someplace nebulous, that is unless Europe, western Asia, northern Asia, and Australia have now become some mysterious netherworld. What of whites from Africa, such as the Afrikaaners of South Africa and the Arabs of northern Africa, are they considered African Americans? Of course, that question has already been answered; the left has deemed that only non-whites are classified as African Americans.

What’s worse is that the left will change the rules mid-stream and without prior publication. How many times have those who support the killing of Islamist terrorists been accused of hating “brown people”? Per the above listed classifications, and those on many other forms, whites from western Asia are the same race and ethnicity; but when Islamist terrorists are killed, they somehow get transformed into human beings of a different color.

There seems to be two conclusions that can be drawn from this. One, there is no recognition from the left that we are all Americans first and foremost. That is the worst part about all of this; the left kept harping that President George W. Bush lied about being a “uniter, not a divider”, and never wanting to unite this country, despite the fact that just about all of the left’s actions show they are, in fact, those who are being intentionally divisive. Two, the left isn’t interested in fairness, as these classifications, which they put in, clearly show. I’m not being a victim; I just find it galling, especially as I hear liberals falsely claim the high road on the issue of race.

I’ve mentioned this time and time again, but the left is notorious for talking about how much they love to talk about things, including race. All that talk is just that, talk; they actually don’t talk, but cajole, coerce, and lecture, all without any action that they do anything positive regarding race. We have an Attorney General who dares to make this claim [emphasis mine]:

Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.

Eric Holder’s words are wrong on so many levels that they can’t all be counted here. But being a member of the left, Holder is another in a long line of leftists deliberately attempting to turn us into a nation of cowards. On the one hand, the nation is chastised by the left for supposedly not talking enough with each other about race, discounting the fact that these conversations will take place when people choose, and that is the operative word, to have them. On the other hand, the left will continue to unfairly classify racial and ethnic backgrounds as they see it, as shown above, a classification they put in place; plus, they will change the rules when it is beneficial only to them, not of a benefit to all Americans.

Whenever discussions about race come up, and they will, I think it will be beneficial to point out that regardless of what our background is, we are all Americans. For those in the discussion who are on the left who want to keep making points similar to those made by Holder, don’t let them dictate the rules of the conversation. Point out the racial/ethnic classifications on forms, surveys, and other items that are similar to the one I cited above, telling them you know these classifications came from the left, and are still being used by the left to deliberately divide this country.

Mention the Roland Burris saga as well. Here’s a has-been politician, black, appointed to the U.S. Senate by a disgraced white Democratic leftist governor, Rod Blagojevich, being allowed to stay in his Senate seat despite the fact that he conveeeeniently left out quite a few relevant facts in testimony he gave under oath. Keeping Burris out of that seat in the first place constituted a racist act by some, and those in the U.S. Senate who didn’t want to swear in Burris backed down. Burris let himself get caught up in this mess by accepting what he had to have known was to be a tainted selection by a thoroughly corrupt governor, along with encouraging the use of the “race card” by those who are adept at doing so. Who were the cowards in this situation? Not the whole nation, as determined by AG Eric Holder. Not Blagojevich, who managed to snooker every Democrat in the Illinois General Assembly, the U.S. Senate, and in the White House by naming Burris. Not Burris himself, who will probably remain as a U.S. Senator from Illinois, barring any action, if warranted, by Holder’s Justice Department that will force Burris’ removal. No, the cowards were every Illinois Democrat, especially those who wouldn’t risk losing a Democratic Illinois U.S. Senate seat by calling for a change to the law to hold a special election for the seat (something even Blagojevich said he supported until he figured the Illinois House was proceeding only with the impeachment), and every Democrat in the U.S. Senate and the White House who backed down attempting to keep Burris out of the Senate. Everyone of these Democrats is a picture of cowardice.