A New Twist to the Burris Saga; Porkulus to be Signed Today

President Obama is scheduled to sign (or already has signed) Porkulus. Three Senate liberal Republicans, Collins, Snowe, and Specter, let it happen. But so did another key vote, Democrat Roland Burris, Obama’s tainted replacement to be the U.S. Senator from Illinois. As I had mentioned here, Burris voted for both versions that passed the Senate last week. You may ask, so what?

A new twist to the Burris story has come up. Over the weekend, it was learned that Burris was hit up by the brother of Illinois’ former corrupt and impeached governor for $10,000 in campaign funds, a key piece of information he conveeeeniently left out when he testified before the Illinois House during Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment proceedings in January (Burris had submitted an amended affadavit admitting the request).

Now, it turns out that Burris was actually working on raising the campaign funds in order to get the U.S. Senate seat. Ed Morrissey points out how Burris’ own recollection of events keep “evolving”:

So Burris has gone from “no contacts”, to “talking with friends”, to speaking to Blagojevich’s brother but refusing his pay-for-play demand, all the way to playing along with Blago on his “f*****g valuable thing.”

Morrissey goes on to say that there doesn’t appear to be anything illegal being done by Burris with this revelation, especially since there wasn’t an actual payoff by Burris. However [emphasis from original]:

Not only did he fail to discuss the demands from Robert Blagojevich, he also failed to mention that he agreed to them.

Illinois Democrats, including the state’s Democratic Attorney General Lisa Madigan (daughter of Illinois Speaker of the House, Democrat Mike Madigan), are finding this very, very embarrassing, as well they should. It should also embarrass Democrats in the U.S. Senate who caved in to pressure to seat Burris as a U.S. Senator.

As I mentioned above, Burris voted for Porkulus twice when the vote came up in the Senate. Had he not been there, it is very possible Obama would be trying to figure out how to get it passed today instead of being able to sign it into law. Obama and Harry Reid might have had to get both Democrats Sherrod Brown and Ted Kennedy from where they were to vote for the conference report; Kennedy didn’t vote on that day because he was suffering the ill effects of flying in to vote for the original Senate version. But Kennedy didn’t have to fly in since there was good ol’ Roland Burris there to cast his vote for the Porkulus conference report.

Roland Burris is proving to be just as much a problem in Illinois’ political system run by the Democrats, engaged in all the corrupt, unethical, and dirty shenanigans that got Blago impeached. What’s worse, it was Blagojevich who installed Burris, and it was Burris who accepted the tainted appointment. The Illinois General Assembly could have prevented this had they not been afraid of losing their power in a special election, and Harry Reid could have kept Burris out as he said he would do, and didn’t, because he was afraid of being called a racist. Now the country is stuck with a trillion dollar plus spending binge, with the vote of a fraud in the roll.