House Republicans Stand Firm, Vote Against Porkulus; Bill Passes House - UPDATE

Here’s the roll, 246-183. Every Republican that voted went against it (176; 2 didn’t vote). A big thank you from me to John Boehner and Eric Cantor for lining up against this travesty, along with every other Republican (Rep. Price, Rep. Shaddeg, etc.) who presented the American people with all the ethically questionable activity by the Democrats in getting this bill passed, and for standing for America and not for special interests.

Seven Democrats voted against it:

Bobby Bright, Alabama
Peter DeFazio, Oregon
Parker Griffith, Alabama
Walt Minnick, Idaho
Collin Peterson, Minnesota
Heath Shuler, North Carolina
Gene Taylor, Mississippi

Heath Shuler was ripped on by Reid’s staff earlier this week. Glad to see he didn’t get cave under pressure. One Dem, Lipinski, voted Present.

It’s on to the Senate, and the cloture vote may come today. Make sure Collins, Snowe, and Specter know how House Republicans stood against Porkulus and that they need to stand with all Senate Republicans and vote against cloture. Otherwise, America will be in a world of hurt. For years.

UPDATE: Via Slublog, I put in the full names and locations of the Democrats.