Gregg Withdraws From Commerce Nomination

Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) has just withdrawn his name from consideration to be the next Secretary of Commerce. Via Hot Air, Michelle Malkin has Gregg’s statement [emphasis mine]:

“However, it has become apparent during this process that this will not work for me as I have found that on issues such as the stimulus package and the Census there are irresolvable conflicts for me. Prior to accepting this post, we had discussed these and other potential differences, but unfortunately we did not adequately focus on these concerns. We are functioning from a different set of views on many critical items of policy.

“Obviously the President requires a team that is fully supportive of all his initiatives.”

As I had mentioned in another post (click on the picture below):

If Obama wanted a “yes man” to run the Commerce Department so that the census can be done the way Obama wants it done, then he could have picked another tax-challenged toady to the job. If Gregg has any self-respect, he should withdraw his name from the position immediately, and then tell Obama where he can put the job offer.

It’s good to see that Gregg has plenty of self-respect and dumped Obama’s request like a box of rocks.

Once the story broke that Obama was going to try to hijack the census, I figured Obama’s selection of Gregg was in fact extremely cynical, another of his softball attempts to show that he’s “so bipartisan”. Every conservative saw through the selection for what it was, a crock.

This is the third Obama nomination to fail, and the second for Commerce Secretary. As noted by Morrissey:

This is an embarrassment for Obama, and might imperil the stimulus package, if Gregg has any influence over the waverers.

I’m not so sure, but you never know. Obama stepped into this one big time.

Considering the kind of person Obama seems to want for the job of Secretary of Commerce (or any other job in the administration, for that matter), this guy is still available: