Obama Plan Paying Off Already

Obama Plan Has Already Boosted IRS Tax Collections“:

“The president’s plan is simple but ingenious,” said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, “He targets wealthy individuals who filed inaccurate tax forms, cheating the government out of tens of thousands of dollars. Then he just nominates them for cabinet positions. They suddenly see the error of their ways, and they cut checks for the full amount owed, plus interest.”

No wonder rich liberals want to raise the tax rates on the wealthy. They don’t pay them anyway. At least not until they get picked for a Cabinet position in the Obama administration.

Genius. Sheer genius.

You know, if Joe the Plumber hadn’t paid back the taxes he owed, Obama might have considered him for a job in the administration. We’ll just never know.

Life imitates art [emphasis mine]:

You.. can be a millionaire.. and never pay taxes! You can be a millionaire.. and never pay taxes! You say.. “Steve.. how can I be a millionaire.. and never pay taxes?” First.. get a million dollars. Now.. you say, “Steve.. what do I say to the tax man when he comes to my door and says, ‘You.. have never paid taxes’?” Two simple words. Two simple words in the English language: “I forgot!

UPDATE: Considering it’s part of the Chicago Way to have the dead be registered Democratic voters, it makes sense that maybe Al Capone should be dug up and put into an appropriate Cabinet position.  After all, Obama is looking for a Commerce Secretary, and Capone was an expert on Commerce.