Obama Settin' the Country Up for Card Check

President Barack Obama, who I don’t believe has ever held a union job in his life (at least not since he got out of college), has benefited greatly from campaign funds from the biggest unions in the country, as have Democratic candidates for all kinds of offices, and for many decades. As part of his political “education” in the “Chicago Way”, he wants to pay back his benefactors immensely. During an announcement of starting Gaffe-Master B (VP Joe Biden) on some crusade called the “Middle Class Task Force”, and channeling his inner Jimmy Carter discussing the state of the economy, with despairing and depressing language to elicit fear in order to get the American people to support the porkfest he calls the misnamed “Recovery and Reinvestment Act”, Obama said this:

“I do not view the labor movement as part of the problem. To me, it’s part of the solution,” he said, to a round of applause. “You cannot have a strong middle class without a strong labor movement.”

Obama doesn’t see unions as part of the problem. It is obvious he hasn’t seen the state of the Big Three U.S. automakers, companies the previous administration saw fit to temporarily bail out (two of them anyway) of their financial mess, and may very will get bailed out again by this administration in order to keep them from going bankrupt (not liquidated, but restructured; this would actually be better for the companies and the whole country, as has been stated many times). While the UAW isn’t wholly responsible for the ills of these companies, after all the management of the automakers could have negotiated for better labor agreements, they are definitely part of the problem. With two of the Big Three, they received tax dollars, and in return, were required to submit plans showing how the companies would return to profitability. But because the labor costs are so high in comparison with foreign auto companies that manufacture cars in the United States, the management of the Big Three needs help from the UAW in order to make their plans successful; unfortunately, the UAW said no way. They are part of the problem. That is except to Barack Obama and every Democrat who receives pallets of campaign cash from the big unions, including the UAW.

As important as unions have been over the last hundred years or so, and in some cases still are, the vast majority of workers in this country aren’t part of a union, nor do they necessarily want to be. But have no fear, Card Check will soon be here; that is, another misnamed bill, the “Employee Free Choice Act” (EFCA). This lovely little piece of work, which has gone down twice before, allows union thugs to force employees of a company to accept “union representation” without so much as a secret ballot; the union will know who doesn’t want to be “protected” by them. This legislation, if you can call it that, is so bad that even a liberal like former Sen. George McGovern has come out strongly against it.

There it is. When President Obama says unions aren’t part of the problem but part of the solution, you are seeing the Chicago Way in action. He’s using fear in order to garner support for the multi-generational theft in the “Recovery and Reinvestment Act” the House passed earlier this week, and getting started with his set up for the fascistic EFCA.

One other thing. President Obama made it a point to chastise the bonuses received by the heads of the financial companies that took TARP money which, on the surface, they really shouldn’t have done. Funny thing, though; I’ve never heard a peep from Obama about the tens of millions of dollars in bonuses taken by Fannie Mae leaders Jim Johnson, Jamie Gorelick, or Franklin Raines as they were running that enterprise into the ground. Oh, that’s right; they were giving Obama economic and financial advice during his campaign.