Neither Incompetence nor (Alleged) Criminality a Bar to Geithner Confirmation

With apologies to Harold Ramis:

ARMY RECRUITER: Have you ever been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor? That’s robbery, rape, car theft, [tax evasion,] that sort of thing?

JOHN WINGER: Convicted?


WINGER: No. Never convicted.

And with that, Tim Geithner was convicted for tax evasion confirmed to be the new Treasury Secretary by a vote of 60-34, including 10 Republicans. So now we have a guy who has "issues" paying…you know…federal taxes…and who will now be in charge of the Department that oversees the agency responsible for receiving…federal taxes. Irony is certainly ironic. That is on top of the fact that Geithner, as head of the New York Federal Reserve, watched bank after bank slip into the morass created by the federal government over the last three decades, and seemingly did nothing of what the Federal Reserve of New York says it is supposed to do, mainly to "ensure a safe and sound banking system", number 10 on Tom Blumer’s "Top Ten Disturbing Aspects of Obama’s Choice of Treasury Secretary".

Here is what is fascinating. Obama has clearly taken actions on some things that are an extension of the policies of the Bush administration, although I would have to say much of that will change down the road (I’m not going to get into that here). So while some of the new administration’s policies might be considered, in some small way, similar to what a 3rd Bush Presidential term might look like, it sure looks as if Geithner’s "reign" over the Treasury could easily be considered "Paulson II". For someone who emphatically states that he doesn’t want his administration to copy the mistakes (as he sees them) of the prior administration, this looks to be more of the same; in this case, the more of the same mistakes. Like I said, irony is certainly ironic.

Allahpundit has the list of the 10 Republicans who voted for confirming Geithner:

  • Corker
  • Cornyn
  • Crapo
  • Ensign
  • Graham
  • Gregg
  • Hatch
  • Shelby
  • Snowe
  • Voinovich

Allah notes that amongst the Democrats, only Byrd and Harkin voted against the confirmation. Snowe, Voinovich, Gregg, even Hatch, don’t surprise me. The other Republicans voting for confirmation have disappointed me greatly.

Allah had guessed that the vote would be about 70/30, figuring that 10 Republicans would help confirm Geithner. He also challenged anyone to guess that Geithner would get less than 70 votes. He was right about the 10 Republicans, but Moe Lane at RedState had said the vote would be about 63/36. Moe’s "clairvoyance" allowed him to gloat about his "amazing abillities" for taking the under (Congratulations, Moe).

That leaves Eric Holder for the one remaining big position (as far as I know) left to confirm, that of Attorney General. I wonder who will stand with RINO Arlen Specter and the usually more reliable conservative John Cornyn when the Senate Judiciary Committee votes on the Holder confirmation, and in the full Senate when the issue is handed over to them.