The Party of Reagan is Dead; Short Live the Trump Party


Charlie Sykes was a long-time conservative radio host in Paul Ryan’s state of Wisconsin.   For years he’s been a principled conservative voice and Never Trumper.    He’s written a book looking at his own failings with respect to creating conditions that have allowed Trump to survive this far.


I have not yet read his book though I hear excellent things about it.   Here’s a short video from Mr Sykes, expressing some of the sentiments in his book:



If your reaction to watching this is that Sykes is a RINO turning into a liberal, is your mind closed to principled thinking?   Trump has no principles, the only reason we suspect he is even a Republican is because he attacks democrats with impunity.     On principles, if someone can propose an idea which is not of your party but agrees with your principles this is something that President Reagan would be open to as common ground.   And not just be open for 5 minutes at a time or when he’s on TV.

If you’ve read my previous post…   100% truth is hard but coo-berated truths are the most powerful.

When we can acknowledge what is literally true and hard- sometimes we are going to agree with moderates and democrats too.  It’s natural and to fight this is fighting reality.    In the short-term, day-to-day Trump survival party we see the constant strife that comes from seeing every situation and discussion as binary.