Nationalized health care is a great idea, let's take it even farther

Nationalized health care is a great idea. We all need health care at one time or another. And it’s become so expensive that none of us can afford to pay for it – at least not after we pay for our housing, food, clothing, transportation, vacations, jewelry, college education, and taxes. I think the government taxpayers should pay for everybody’s health care. And since I don’t have much income I won’t have to pay for my health care; I’ll get it for free.

But let’s not stop at health care. There are many things more important than health care. We all need food, clothing, and housing. Houses are even more expensive than health care. If I can’t afford to pay for my health care, how could I possibly pay for my own housing? Part of the cost of houses is due to speculators and part is due to the profit that greedy construction companies make on something that everybody needs. I think the government should nationalize the housing industry; take over all construction companies so that nobody will have to pay the terribly high cost of houses.

We should copy some of the great ideas in the Health Care bill:

* Let’s give a government-appointed Housing Advisory Council the ability to determine a standardized house;
* Establish three tiers of standardized prices, as well as the total dollar value of furnishings relative to a national average;
* Mandate relative prices for people with different incomes;
* Give the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development authority to set a maximum percentage of administrative expenditures and profits for construction companies;
* Require plans to provide incentives for certain styles of housing; and
* Give State “Gateways” authority to redistribute resources among contractors to account for the income distribution of their customers.

And food is even more important than either health care or housing so let’s give the Secretary of Agriculture authority to decide what kinds of food we are allowed to eat – and how often we can have parties with more expensive kinds of food. And the government should also determine a standard size food portion for restaurants in order to fight obesity

We’ll have the Secretary of Transportation decide the mix of autos, bicycles, walking, buses, hitchhiking all around the country. Of course, more walking would be good for our health and more bicycling would be good for the environment. There would be great synergy in having the government decide all these things for us.

The Secretary of Energy will decide how much propane, electricity, oil, natural gas, nuclear, windmill, solar, hydroelectric each individual and business can consume. We’ll bring back ration cards to control the outrageous costs of energy.

And finally we’ll have the Departments of Education and Labor tell all of us what we’ll be trained to do and where we’ll work. Of course, we’ll have to reestablish the draft to make people become doctors after the government makes health care so unprofitable and bureaucratic that doctors leave the profession. And we’ll have to retrain everybody in the pharmaceutical industry because new medicines are just too expensive. We won’t use them because they contribute to the high cost of health care.

Just imagine all the ways government could improve all our lives! This could be the start of a brave new world.