Did the truth about B Hussein Obama’s plan to push his Muslim beliefs slip out from his precious wife

I just sit here in bewilderment day after day that no one seems to ask why Obama will not produce the name of the hospital he was born at, his birth certificate, his medical records, and his adoption papers from his Muslim step father or his relationship with Louis Farrakhan.

Yet yesterday a bombshell landed, and once again the media ignores it and hopes we will not enable the information to go viral.

Yesterday in an unplanned and unscripted phone call between the African Press International (API) and Michele Obama, she completely unloaded on these guys and all but admits Obama is not American and she does admit he will push the Muslim faith on America. She then goes on to call all whites in America racists and the API should ignore the link between Odinga and Obama, and how Odinga held Corzi against his will to keep him from exposing Obama’s background.

While this is not shocking to me, it does infuriate me this never is heard on any of the mainstream news media.
As long as we cannot get this information to the average American, we will not be able to stop this madness.

The link to the API news story