An Open Letter to the Delegates of the 2016 National Republican Convention

Dear Delegates,

Congratulations on your selection to represent the Republicans of this great nation, the United States of America. You follow in the foot steps of great men who were for freedom and opportunity for all Americans. Men that rejected the notion that one man should enslave another. To be sure, starting a new party took great courage, a path that wasn’t sure to be successful. The ideals that are enshrine in our Declaration of Independence, and guaranteed in our  U. S.  Constitution demanded it so, that all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Declaration teaches us that there are extraordinary times when  our conscience speaks to us, and we must deviate from a path that seems certain, to another more rightest. As it was in 1854, it is now time to reaffirm, that we are the heirs of many of the ideals and principals of the first Republican Party,  the Democratic Republican Party of Thomas Jefferson, that we are for republicanism over elitism, that the rights of the states and of the people will not be subjugated by a federal authorities or a privileged class. That people may live out and engage in a free and open economy, with the expectation that unreasonable barriers will not be placed in our way, to prevent the achievement of our dreams.

In just over a month, you will be gathered in Cleveland, to select the next standard bearer of our party. This year, as in 1854, we are at a crossroad. What are the ideals that our party stand for. Is it Republicanism, to limit the intrusion of the federal government in most aspects of our daily lives, or are we for an ever more active and energetic federal administration, limiting our liberties in every way practical. Are we for crony-ism, and allow a frequent purveyor of it to represent us. Are we for freedom of trade, or do we need a commissar to dictate our costs. Are we for the respect, or do we follow someone who shows no respect for others. Are we for truth, or do we stand by and pretend our presumptive nominee is an honest person. Are we for knowledge, or do we just ignore the ignorance of Donald Trump. Are we for high morals and values, or are these just antiquated ideas of the past. Are we a party of personality and cult, or are we a party that stands for the rights of people and has the moral clarity to lead them.  The answer to every one of these questions is just as easy as the last, Does Donald J Trump have the high moral character necessary to be President of the United States.  I believe the answer to this final question is no.

I have spent a good part of my life with my wife raising three daughters. We have raised them with the necessary ingredients to enable them to live out their lives as productive, loyal, honest, caring, motivated, conscientious, and hardworking members of our society. They have also been proud members of our party. When thinking back, I can honestly say that what we taught our daughters, and the fine people they have become,  is the antithesis of the characteristics that Donald Trump displays. When questioned recently by my daughters, individually, about what my take was on the primary and Donald Trump, my answer had to be never Trump. My answer wasn’t only not a surprise to them, but was expected. Because if I believed any different, it would have been in stark contradiction to everything I had raised them to believe. My question to you the delegates, what have you taught your children, that has commonality with Donald Trump. For our sake, I hope your answer would be not very much, if anything at all. Ask yourself, what would Donald Trump teach our society. I would hope that we would never have to learn the answer to that question.

To be candid, I supported perhaps the most conservative of the candidates. Which is natural, because I am among the most conservative of our party’s members. I also believe our current situation demands bold action. I’m not in opposition to Donald J Trump because my candidate lost. As in the last 5 or 6 elections, I supported our nominee even though they weren’t my first choice. I would support the presumptive nominee if he possessed high moral character. This year it is clear to me that Donald Trump fails this test. What happens at our convention in a little over a month from now, will largely effect the future of our party, and of our nation. It is my hope that you will have the courage to vote your conscience, and have the wisdom to see the truth in what I had to say.



GOP Member at the Crossroad