Tell Me Your Favorite Man Bashing Commercial

In the spirit of HALLOWEEN, we are having a BASH at our house tonight and a game we have come up with is “name your favorite man bashing t.v. commercial.” We’ve all seen them- the immaculate woman turns around to see her husband bring the 500 lb muddy sheep dog tromping in on her just cleaned spotless carpet-the idea you are supposed to take away is that the loveable doofus man who presumably PAID for the spotless white carpet is too stupid to realize that bringing the dog in covered in mud might result in a situation, but,never fear,because the woman has thought ahead and bought a carpet cleaner especially to clean up after her clueless husband and kids. There are hundreds and if you can’t think of a man bashing commercial,hit me with a man bad woman good t.v. show. Tool Time, According to Jim-you get the drill.