Or at least, it appears that is how he sees himself. As a supporter for Cain, this week has been a real eye opener. He was my second choice, but now has fallen to the bottom,below Bachmann if not completely off the list. I am somewhat at a loss to explain the past week’s actions unless I come to an unseemly conclusion that one of these scenarios is the truth:
1.) Cain was never serious about running for president, he was all along planning to be appointed Romney’s VP. It does not escape my notice that Romney owns Clear Channel Communications, which I believe, until recently, was Cain’s employer as a radio talk show host, whether or not this has any relevancy is up for debate. It still must be given some thought. Both men are business men,both are used to making back room deals- I believe I read somewhere that Cain even admitted in an interview that he and Romney had made a deal not to go after each other, which makes no sense if you consider there will only be ONE nominee and at some point  ,if Cain is serious, he will HAVE NO CHOICE but to go after Romney. Was he planning on going after Perry to challenge his conservative creds and after finishing him off, dropping out of the race for whatever reason,leaving Romney as the only candidate left standing-hence crowning himself as a kingmaker? Sounds loony, but what else makes sense?

2.) I read that Cain runs his campaign with basically a skeleton staff. I also read that after the last debate and straw poll win, that Cain’s communication adviser resigned and took her senior assistant with her. That absolutely baffles me. I cannot come up with a rational explanation for why a campaign adviser would leave a campaign after such a big win and leave him with no one to lead his communications team. Maybe SHE might resign based on reason’s having nothing to do with the campaign, but why would she take her senior assistant too? It doesn’t add up. Thus it tends to make me think these gaffes and participating in the racial smearing of a fellow Republican for political gain are either the product of an inexperienced political naif or the calculated attempts at gaining media coverage,albeit very,VERY,badly carried out in process. This plan might have been why this women packed up and left wanting no part of it. Cain is not a politician, so up until yesterday, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, a little bit of extra space to feel his way around the political stage. Then I watched him say he would support the voter’s choice of a nominee and would give everyone ELSE 100 percent ,except Perry. He went one further by stating he wouldn’t even entertain being Perry’s vice president if asked, anyone else but Perry. At that point,his campaign rocket that had been on the ascent, did a complete nose dive and crashed hard into the ground before bursting into all consuming flames. ARE these the actions of a rookie, or are they the actions of a cold mind trying to remove another candidate no matter what the consequence. It is clear that Cain does not just want to get the nod as the sole conservative, he wants to DESTROY Perry,ruin any political chance he has now or even in the future-PALIN STYLE. His actions speak louder than words. I can’t help but come to this conclusion but the real question is WHY?

3.) This leads me to my very last glimmer of an idea. It could be all wrong, it could not, but I think it has something to do with the Fed. Perry wants to get rid of the Fed, wants it audited and it’s books and members made public. We all know the Fed is compromised of the very wealthy banks,etc, it has even been said that some of those banks are foreign and some of those banks took government bail outs. People just don’t know WHO. Cain was the head of the Fed in Kansas, was for TARP and is against auditing the Fed. He did not like Perry’s remark about Bernanke printing more money and creating inflation, and his 999 plan amounts to a tax increase of 9 percent in addition to whatever other taxes you pay in your state and cities, thus supposedly keeping down inflation and perhaps allowing the fed to print MORE. But how about you keep down inflation by not printing more money instead? Could some of the big banks be behind Cain’s vehemence toward Perry? Much finer minds then my own could ponder this more deeply and come to an entirely different conclusion and I would welcome, in fact seek their input.

4.) ORRRR, Cain might, indeed, have decided to throw caution to the wind, and destroy all good will towards him and his campaign, by going extremely negative on a fellow candidate because he mistakenly thinks the tea party and conservatives who support him WANT to see that directed at OTHER Republicans, INSTEAD, of Obama. Where he could have gotten that idea is beyond me and shows an incredible lack of understanding of the feeling in this country. We don’t want to see one conservative participating in racially smearing another conservative. We don’t want to see intentionally misleading statements(soft on immigration) made  by a man who prefaces his statement with the line “I have not read all of his positions on immigration yet….BUT”, and we certainly don’t want to see a candidate actually FOMENT the rise of a third party candidate by saying he wouldn’t support a nominee 100 percent. That just screams of an amateur, someone without the necessary thinking capacity to realize when he has been played for a fool by the media and others. I would really appreciate other’s views on this, am not afraid of criticism, or debate.