Reflections on Hermain Cain

I’ll be upfront and say I am  Rick Perry fan, having lived in Texas and under his governance and been pretty much satisfied with his tenure. However, I am also a big fan of Herman Cain , and have been since I first saw him on Sean Hannity’s show years ago. I like his business sense and candor as well as his support for Israel. I can see myself supporting Cain very easily should he get the nomination, I just have doubt that he actually will. All polling aside, this is still a two man race, Michele Bachmann has just been replaced by Herman Cain. Of course, should Perry not be able to recover(and having seen him in action in prior years, I have no doubt he can),this might become a race against Cain and Romney.
To look at the two, you can already see the headlines being written by the RINOs in the media-” Herman Cain is a good business man, but Romney has business experience AND executive experience”, unfortunately for Cain, I agree with Rush- the RNC establishment does NOT want a conservative to get the nomination. Should Cain gain traction over Perry, they will attack him just as viciously, go after his experience, his health ruthlessly, his lack of foreign policy chops, compare his inexperience to Obama’s. You know it will happen ,folks.Romney will not hesitate to push others to trash Cain, as his goal is to use the conservatives to take each other down and try to be the last man standing.
Now, having explained how I feel about the above, I am frankly MYSTIFIED as to why Herman Cain would tell Wolf Blitzer last night that if Perry was to become the nominee that he could not support him because of illegal immigration. He COULD however, support Mitt Romney if he double pinkie promises to repeal Obamacare. That is a stunning statement to make. Mitt Romney will promise anything to anyone to get the nomination-it would require an extensive flow chart to keep track of Romney’s many flip flops over the years. He has taken two or more stands on basically every issue in the last twenty years.You cannot look at his past doings with clear eyes and not see that track record. Therefore his promises are what Mary Poppin’s termed as “pie crust”-easily made and easily broken depending on which way the polls or political winds are shifting. His spine is steel, it is just hinged and well greased to sway to and fro.
Cain made a SERIOUS error with his statement to Blitzer, the Hispanic vote will now pull away from him as will any who research into the issue and draw their own conclusions as to the validity of the texas law and how it is being framed. Cain will drop precipitously in the polls because of it ,mark my words. People are turning to  Cain because they do not WANT or TRUST Romney and CAIN has not resorted to name calling and criticism, the absolute worst thing he can do at this point is to crater any momentum he has by starting to trash other conservatives. I am starting to get the feeling,(my own FWIW) that Romney is talking to the other candidates behind the scenes and getting them to try and take down Perry for him,Perry hurt himself with the immigration thing, but Bachmann,Santorum, and Cain are also starting to attack him and it eventually ends up hurting THEM. Don’t they have a shred of foresight to see that they are winnowing the field of themselves-the CONSERVATIVES in this race. That would leave Romney, who is NOT a conservative-not really even a republican, to become our nominee. ANOTHER John McCain.ANOTHER Bob Dole, ANOTHER GHWBush. i don’t know if Mitt is promising these people cabinet positions or what,but to believe any promises he makes to them shows a lack of character judgment. Furthermore, at least to me, if shows the willingness to sacrifice one’s own principles to get ahead politically. Bachmann did it with the Gardisil and mental retardation lie, Santorum did it with the immigration attack, and now Cain is coming perilously close to doing it himself with this Blitzer statement. all to Romney’s gain.
This isn’t an epsiode of Survivor where the players make alliances and back stab,and double cross each other all for money- this is our COUNTRY. We can’t afford to have conservatives railing against each other and not Obama, destroying all the other conservatives in the race, and giving the DNC years worth of ammunition against our eventual nominee,meanwhile, the wolf in sheep’s clothing(Romney) hides behind his grin and waits in the balcony for the gnashing of teeth and bloodshed to finally be over so he can walk in , throw on the conservative mantel and claim to be the only adult in the room worth electing. How would he change his tune in the general I wonder to gain independents, now that the “fringe hard right” has been taken out during our primary and he is our nominee? The conservative party and our country will lose because this country will not elect Mitt Romney, simply put, he cannot win the south or any state that has gun’s rights as a major plank of their state. Neither could Chris Christie. Romney flops, Obama wins, our country and the world stumbles the way of ancient Rome and we have only ourselves to blame for playing foolish,petty,childish games and destroying everything we have fought for in the process.