I don’t consider myself an expert on polls whatsoever,that would be Neil Steven’s purview. However, I did pull up the internals on the Winthrop College poll showing Perry only leading Romney by about 4. It’s actually quite interesting to put it mildly. Let’s take a look-

1552 registered voters interviewed by phone by college kids. 596 were Republicans and Republican ‘leaners’. In other words, 2/3s of those surveyed were not Republican, nor indies who lean Republican (read: not conservative), nor will they vote in the Republican primary.

To repeat-That means that out of the 1552 voters interviewed-956-were not going to be voting in the Republican primaries at all! 75 percent were democrats in this poll and yet somehow, Perry STILL has a four point lead. This poll also has a margin of error of nearly 5 percentage points which pretty much makes it junk off of the top,IMHO. I find it mighty curious that in South Carolina,for Heaven’s sake!, this college couldn’t find 1552 registered REPUBLICANS to put in their poll of the REPUBLICAN PRIMARY? Why the need to muddy the waters by adding in any democrats at all,let alone 2/3 of the sample? Unless, your goal was to make a headline for your college? Perhaps to make it appear as if there is a possibility of a Romney surge in that state? I’ve seen some establishment type republicans jump on this poll in near desperation. I always look at precisely WHO these types are and they are always the same cast of characters-Karl Rove(axe to grind),Dick Morris(paid adviser who Perry turned down),Trinko from National Review,ETC,ETC. Pretty much whatever these three spout off, I consider the exact opposite to be the case in reality. So far all three rant and rave about SSN being a dead weight albatross around Perry’s neck-everyone but these three know that not to be the case and yet they repeat it ad nauseum and will look for ANY tiny little speck of hope,regardless of credibility,to back up their claim.
If South Carolina votes for Romney,I will donate my house to charity. That simply is not going to happen,if you live in the south -you simply know the feeling of the people here,not only is he a Yankee(believe me that matters),he enacted Romneycare(death knell in the south for his campaign),his position on abortion changes repeatedly(deal breaker), and he obviously PANDERS-no straight talk or uncomfortable truths that you have known in your gut all along but were just CHOMPING AT THE BIT for a person in a position of authority to say out loud. I have looked at this poll in all ways possible and it is clear to me that it was put out to push a meme. It is junk,however, I would be quite curious to see how DEMOCRATIC primaries in the different states would play out if 2/3 of the voters polled were actually REPUBLICAN voters who wouldn’t be able to vote in said primaries regardless,so their opinions absolutely made no difference anyway. Yes,QUITE INTERESTED,INDEED.