Rick Perry's Political Judo

As I have said before, it constantly amazes me to watch what the media describes as “experienced” senior campaign advisers fail to follow through and do their research. “Know thy enemy” is the first rule of politics 101 and yet supposed ” unbeatable” campaign influence peddlers have failed to learn this lesson when it comes to Rick Perry. I t is downright amusing to watch the show.
My husband is a Texan,born and bred. Our active duty son is stationed in Ft Hood ,Texas and even though my husband is also active duty and we are stationed in Georgia-he still never misses a vote-albeit absentee. To understand the mindset of a Texan is easy- they are straight talkers ,no political correctness needed. There is no need to couch your words carefully because it would be considered a negative here. These men and women are hard workers,usually God fearing,take no crap, give it to me straight kind of people. I challenge the premise that people from other states are any different for the most part.
Perry is the epitome of the above listed adjectives. There is no need to gild the lily and no desire to “become” a DC accepted politician. There are a few of us on this board who are Texans and we have had front row seats to The Perry Campaign in action. He always follows the same MO. Long before a candidacy has even been announced, his team has gamed out a variety of different tactics. All of Perry’s written words,bills signed,public statements,past friendships,etc. have been scoured with a fine tooth comb. Expected opponents records,written statements,public speeches,statements,bills, etc have also been gone through just as precisely, and like a prosecutor preparing for a high profile court case, for each perceived negative of Perry’s, a counterpoint from the opponent’s own actions in the past has been identified and enlarged upon. Once this has been accomplished,it s show time.
Perry’s people will either leak something Perry has said that is “damaging” in the past or will leak something written to the media. It is either this or it is said in a debate or press conference. His campaign will give the opponent the time (perhaps a day,perhaps a week) to pontificate,make numerous statements to the media,put out an op-ed or a flier and then BOOM! out of no where comes the carefully researched counter punch from the Perry team. They will usually do it in the most public and splashy way-guaranteed to knock the opponent on his/her knees. He/or she will either have to back up their past actions or restate or renege on the ones just uttered. The opponent will have to have a hinged spine in order to whipsaw back and forth trying to re-cover. The opponent forgot to check for long term consequences before he JUMPED for the bait so temptingly hanging out there. I have witnessed this happen to both Karl Rove and to David Axelrod’s candidates.
Perry wrote his book with eye popping statements specifically designed to encourage these exact responses. Romney and Bachmann are fools to have fallen so easily for a tactic they could have so easily seen coming if they hadn’t written Perry off as “unelectable” or “too much of a bomb thrower.” Self inflicted wounds are so often fatal and in Romney’s case-he will either have to re-iterate what he wrote in his book or follow through with the words he rushed out this week. Either option is guaranteed to make him look even more indecisive,more of a flip flopper and more and more like just a typical politician who say or do anything to get elected. His words to HANNITY last week were the most telling-“Sean- you just can’t SAY those things and get elected.”  Bachmann would be wise to rein in her campaign and go in another direction entirely, and yet she won’t and it will destroy her credibility as well. Political Judo-where the candidate sets a trap,lets his opponent fall in,entangle themselves in a web created by their own words and actions. Another commenter came up with that statement but they work so well that I have used them here. Watch the show start to unfold and see if Perry’s tried and true tactics don’t play out exactly like I have written here. For the record though,he is my guy.