Sharon Angle IS TIED with dirty Harry

According to the latest from Rasmussen, Angle has now tied with Reid. Color me shocked, I have to wonder if  Reid’s internal polling is showing something similar and this is why he put out his mosque comment? Too funny that after all of the money and negative advertising dear Harry has thrown at Angle nothing seems to stick for very long. Sometime in the last week, Angle was able to seize the narrative and force Reid to respond to her instead of her campaign having to defend every remark,etc. It’s all downhill from here for Reid- and in the larger picture, it is all downhill for the entire democratic party since Obama’s mosque debacle. The dems and media tried to paint the repubs as having nominated extreme candidates and were trying to run with that narrative until Obama opened his yap, and once again, changed the entire news cycle with his pandering. I can’t decide who looks worse here-Reid,Obama, the dems in general, or the media for being slobbering sychophants? I’ll choose option E- all of the above.

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