Bravo General! As a career soldier, I can see the point about not bringing up bad blood while in uniform, to a reporter, and most especially about our CIC-however,knowing generals as I do, I am 100% positive that ALL of these remarks have been said face to face ,behind closed doors as well. From a admittedly jaundiced view, I conclude that the General, frustrated by the “wimps in the white house” and their ridiculous rules of engagement,on again,off again participation and pathetic timetable for making decisions-decided to go straight into the eye of the storm and force the country and president to for once take a stand. McChrystal is a stand up,no nonsense cut through the bull **** kinda guy. Indifference and inaction costs lives- and he’d probably had just about enough of it. In the same way that he forced the narrative on the troop surge by giving a speech in London,he has now shrewdly gone to the one place he can be assured will jump all over it and throw it out there for the entire world to shine a light on-that place would,of course,be the media and most definitely Rolling Stone magazine.How will Obama side step the issue now? Simply firing the general will not fix the core issues, and Obama’s blundering,bumbling,dis jointed ramblings will now be examined even more thoroughly, it would appear that the brilliant general has taken one for the team-the military team to be exact. It was basically the only thing he could have done,everything else would have been swept under the rug and hidden from public view. In the same way that Sarah Palin cannily used the press against itself, McChrystal has shrewdly followed suit-and they aren’t even aware of it yet. I expect he will resign,but the wound has come unstitched and is now a gaping maw-fixing the injury to Obama will be complex,challenging, and must be done in  at an extremely rapid pace-three things Obama fails at again and again. General McChrystal reminds me of Queen Elizabeth the first’s chief adviser- Sir William Cecil- who was perhaps the craftiest,shrewedst man to have ever had the job-he knew precisely how to corral the queen into following his advice by first playing on her vanity, and second by embarrassing her in front of her court-the parallels are amazing and the most amazing part is that neither the media,the pundits, nor the president himself have grasped that they have been played by a master.