Regarding Sunday's vote... and afterwards

Hi y’all-I was unfortunate enough to not be able to make it D.C. with everyone and thought I’d share (okay vent) my thoughts with everyone. Although this seems like a crushing loss to us all-it would appear a vital need for us all (okay,okay ME) is to separate the emotion from the facts.

Fact 1)-We let ourselves get complacent and forgot about our civic duties that were given to us through other’s costly and hard won efforts via the constitution.How many of us were sure to vote but didn’t really do a whole lot of research on candidates or just voted on ballots where there were names we were unaware of,but voted for ,nonetheless because there was an R by their names? How many of us knew the constitution front to back before last year? How many of us paid attention to votes on CSPAN and checked our side’s rhetoric against their voting record. I’d hazard a guess at not many,myself included.As bizarre and uncomfortable as the notion is-Obama handed us a GREAT gift-through his own inept ,deaf and partisan efforts-he managed to do what seemed impossible a year ago-he galvanized an entire nation to shake off their stupor and GET INVOLVED. There will be no more half hearted elections any longer where we vote for the lesser of two evils.We are no longer uninformed and rely on media outlets and pundits to spoon feed us their interpretations and agendas.Many of us rarely if ever used twitter,facebook,or even internet blogs until today. The days of talking with family,friends, and neighbors-even strangers off of the streets are back with a vengeance. We are awake and  we will not be falling back asleep anytime soon, democrats. We are not retreating-we are reloading.

Fact 2) I have never in my life been prouder to be a conservative,our representatives held firm in their resolve and refused to back down. Through our and their strongly held beliefs and the planks of our party-we HELD OUR GROUND and forced Obama to water his HCR bill down so much that it is a weak and feckless piece of paper. His own base got absolutely nothing out of it other than bragging rights that their president FINALLY accomplished SOMETHING after 16 months as President. I suspect that in a month or so-their euphoria will wear off and they will start looking at how they were gamed by their own party. No single payer,no medicare buy-in,no public option,a mandate(payoff) to insurance companies,less health care and the IRS breathing down their backs-reconciliation will only make it worse-YEAH

-it won’t be long before that exploding time bomb goes off in the progressive party.Call your representatives and congressmen and thank them wholeheartedly for their efforts.

Fact 3) There will be no more bills passed in this congress.The republicans to their credit held off the ENTIRE Obama agenda other than this weak version of health care.No immigration bill will make it through the senate without their 60 votes,cap and trade is gone,card check is a thing of the past, and even closing GITMO is kaput. IF reconciliation goes through the senate(and I doubt they will even attempt it),it will take another one to two months off of the docket-that brings us into June-it is an election year-there will be no more bills passed because of the need for members to get back into their districts to campaign(er,plead with their constituents). That buys us time-we will use every single second of it.

Fact 4) We must now take one to two days to cry in the closet,down a bottle of Jack,or beat an inanimate object up(may I recommend chopping wood,kneading bread, or the rifle range?-my personal favorite is screaming while I mow the lawn,but alas,the grass isn’t up yet.THEN ,we MUST jump full board into the upcoming election. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES-We will make darn sure that Obama and the dimwit, deaf democrats will learn this the very hard and painful way. Candidate research is especially important . Everyday,all day make it a goal to talk to at least three new people regarding conservative principals-a lot of people don’t know what they believe and go along with the crowds-we need to stem that tide. I plan to walk neighborhoods,go to churches,grocery stores and public events and hand out literature.If it is a fair,a community event, at a restaurant-whatever get your talking points out and start talking. We are all already doing that-we need to KEEP doing that,myself included.

Fact 5) It is time to tune out the media chatter for the next week,ignore the bragging from left wing news media who will be sure to inflate polls,hype the democratic message, and report breathlessly on their chosen one. Their desperation for something,ANYTHING good to report tells us all we need to know. Instead,turn your eyes to your families, take a hard look at your finances and tighten your belts as much as possible for any upcoming economic disasters that could befall us, and continue going to church and praying. We will get through this one second at a time,one minute at a time and one day at a time. In the military,our wives group has a saying-“We can’t all be strong all of the time,but we can borrow strength from each other when we need it” the same applies here. In the wise words of none other than YODA himself,”there is no try-you either do it or you don’t” but we all know sometimes we need a little support from others to get it done. Our founders did it,facing MUCH steeper odds and we can and WILL do it too.It is the end of the first quarter in a four quarter game,the dimwits won the first round,we will win the other three.

Fact 6) Every time Obama has tried to impose something unconstitutional it has come back to bite him hard. We saw him try to sign a treaty in Copenhagen and be forced to retreat because of Senator Inhofe and many others outing him,we saw him try to write an executive order for the EPA that congress refused to fund, we saw him try to bring terrorists to trial in NYC only to have congress refuse to fund it, we saw him try to pass an unconstitutional DEEM AND PASS strategy for health care only to have his own party members refuse to go along.These are all good signs,but I doubt they are the end of his misbegotten actions to subvert our constitution. The Marines have a saying I love” Once is happenstance,twice a coincidence,three times is enemy action.” Make no mistake-he IS the enemy of our constitution-we need to fight tooth and nail to frame his attempts in the most negative and embarrassing light as possible. Take pride in being called the “party of no” and become the” party of hell no. ” They make it easy because of their over reaching-We all need to keep an eye on these kinds of things so we can get the word out-the HERITAGE FOUNDATION is very good at researching this stuff-check them often and then tell us all about it-so what if it’s old news-push it out there, there are always going to be people who have not heard and can continue to spread the word.

Fact 7) Obviously venting (okay preaching) keeps me sane-I hope I haven’t offended anyone, these are my views and writing them down hardens my resolve and sharpens my mind-I mean no ill to anyone (other than the dimocrats, natch). Onwards and upwards,SAYOUNG

P.S.just for full disclosure, I used to be a political pollster and am manipulative by nature-just saying 🙂