Secrets Hurt Democrats

Growing up in South Georgia I quickly learned that if someone wanted you to know who they voted for in an election they would tell you.  If not, well, you were best to just leave the subject alone.  That’s because voting is a precious personal decision.  When Georgia voters go to cast their ballot in the December 2 runoff, no one will know who they voted for unless they feel compelled to tell someone.  The same should be the case in labor union votes. True elections are conducted with anonymity for voters.  Secret ballots allow people to freely vote their conscience when selecting those who will create and enforce our laws. It is a right so fundamental to legitimate elections that a group of Democrat Congressmen sent a letter to Mexican labor authorities imploring them to institute secret ballots in labor elections. Yet, this past summer Democrats held a press conference to pledge their support for eliminating secret ballot elections in the United States. Why would they do something so contradictory? To me the answer is clear; they want to pay back Big Labor for financing their recent elections. 

Most Americans (87%) believe the current secret ballot election system works fine and would oppose elimination of secret ballot elections. In fact the AFL-CIO still supports secret ballot elections to remove unions because they “provide the surest means for avoiding decisions which are the result of group pressures and not individual decisions.”

Still, union leaders are drastically pushing for such a revamp of current labor election laws.

According to The Australian, “At a conference this year Stern [head of the SEIU] predicted the effect of card check on union membership would be even greater. Unions, he said, would grow by 1.5 million members annually for 10 to 15 years, increases that would fortify union finances.” What about improved working conditions? Improved heath care? No time for that, we have elections to finance.

The fact is this: given the free choice to join a union via secret ballot elections, most Americans loudly and clearly say thanks, but no thanks. That is simply not acceptable for Big Labor and their plans to force unions on all American workers whether they like it or not. And with all those union dues flowing in for political use, Democrats stand to benefit while average Americans get the short end of the stick.

Ladies and gentleman, this is what will happen with unchecked Democrat control of the federal government.

Right now my reelection in the December 2nd runoff might be the only thing standing between this nightmare scenario and ensuring fairness and honesty in labor elections.

Please visit my site, www.saxby.org to learn how we can work together to stop this and ensure the continuation of American ideals and values.