FRONT PAGE - Liberal Logic: Voter Fraud is Okay, But NOT Voting Soldiers!

Of all the absolutely shameless, crappy and downright evil affronts to democracy perpetrated by Obama/Holder & Co. covered at SaveJersey.com over the last four years, I think this latest atrocity truly takes the partisan cake.

I’m pissed, Save Jerseyans. It is obvious? I really hope so.

And over what, you ask? A lawsuit filed by the Obama campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party back in July that seeks to overturn Ohio’s election law restricting “early” in-person voting during the three day run-up to Election Day.

Why? Get ready for this one: Democrats argue that this particular law is unconstitutional because overseas military voters get extra time!

Coincidentally (ha-ha!), John McCain won 54% of the military vote in 2008. A May 2012 Gallup poll showed Mitt Romney pulling 58% to President Obama’s paltry 34%…

15 individual military groups are up in arms and they have every right to be. Could it be any more obvious what’s going on here???

The historic 2012 presidential election is likely to be decided by the electorally competitive Buckeye state just like it was back in 2004 (when, as an aside, your college-aged Blogger-in-Chief was proudly on the ground in Cuyahoga County fighting like hell for President Bush). We’re used to Democrat playing fast and loose with rules to get their way. I saw it first hand as union members tried to intimidate Bush vols at polling stations!

This time around, however, President Obama and his minions are taking it a step further by deliberately trying to disenfranchise thousands of Ohioans who are fighting overseas to defend our right to select our own leaders.

It’s sad, ironic, and nothing less than outrageous. And he wants us to believe this lawsuit isn’t politically motivated? Give me a break, Barack! Our country may be a too trusting/forgiving when it comes to politicians who used to fraternize with domestic terrorists, but we’re certainly NOT stupid.

But what makes this attack on our troops EVEN WORSE is the fact that Democrats are simultaneously trying to strike down completely-constitutional voter ID laws across the country. You’ve undoubtedly heard about Attorney General Eric “Contempt” Holder’s baseless lawsuit against Texas and his equally asinine “poll tax” analogy. Our neighbor Pennsylvania is also fighting to defend its own voter ID law. And have you heard about the alleged Obama Administration interference in Black Panther voter intimidation prosecutions? It’s another naked outrage and, yet again, one that is transparently political given the availability of ample empirical proof that such laws do not adversely affect minority turnout in any way, shape or fashion. Period, end of sentence.

Disenfranchising men and women in uniform while making voter fraud as easy as pie. How do YOU feel about military votes being scrapped altogether or, alternatively, being cancelled out by fraudulent ones… all thanks to a big money legal campaign conducted by Obama surrogates?

If you can’t bring yourselves to vote Republican in 2012 for any other reason, Save Jerseyans, this particular sad pass is a damn good reason to reject the Party of Obama this November. It’s no longer just a matter of ideological or policy differences. The integrity of our democratic institutions are under direct assault. Our soldiers fight, suffer, sacrifice and die every single day for us. It’s about time that we take a stand at the ballot box for them!