TONIGHT: Christie Goes to CATO

By Matt Rooney | Cross-posted at SaveJersey.com

Ever on the move, New Jersey’s favorite conservative governor will travel to Washington, D.C. tonight to address America’s leading libertarian think tank.

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) is slated to deliver the keynote address for the Cato Institute’s Milton “Friedman Prize Ceremony” at the Washington Hilton beginning at 7:00 p.m. The award’s 2012 recipient, dissident Chinese economist Mao Yushi, is a vocal critic of China’s communist, anti-human rights government; in fact, there was some doubt as to whether he would even be allowed to leave China to attend the event. Cato frankly couldn’t have come up with a more topical selection given the ongoing Chen Guangcheng drama.

Just thank God every night that you’re an American, Save Jerseyans!

The Institute has been particularly complimentary to Governor Christie who, while not a citizen of a communist state per se, has certainly fought his fair share of central planners and corrupt pols. In April, Cato’s Michael Tanner penned a piece for NRO.com titled “Christie the Prophet” following Christie’s viral “couch potato” comment. Last fall, Gene Healy pondered whether the “Corpulent Christie May Be the Guy to Slim Down America.” Yeah, I’d say it’s more than a crush!

We’ll have details of the speech when they become available…


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