Ron Paul Gets One Thing Right

By  Matt Rooney | Cross-Posted at The Save Jersey Blog

I genuinely believe that Ron Paul is crazy, Save Jerseyans. He’s the only GOP candidate whom your esteemed Blogger-in-Chief probably couldn’t support in the general election. Close question. Wouldn’t pull the lever for Obama either; more likely, I’d write in “Don Rumsfeld” just to prove a point.

The biggest problem with Dr. Paul is his distressing foreign policy naivety; his entire worldview is predicated on the WILDLY incorrect assumption that America’s antagonists will simply begin to “back off” if we break camp and withdraw within our own borders. Forgive my cynicism, Dr. Paul, but I’m skeptical that an absence of U.S. military instillations in the Middle East will make the jihadists any less likely to stone women, straps bombs to children or turn commercial airliners into missiles. Or seek Israel’s destruction, assuming Dr. Paul even cares.

In fact, I’d bet you would see an emboldened movement to carry global jihad to new frontiers. Some more “traditional” enemies of democracy, like totalitarian Russia and Communist China, would interpret America’s strategic retreat as an open invitation to disregard their neighbors’ sovereignty and build less-benign empires. It’d be an abject disaster for the cause of individual freedom and economic liberty.

But Dr. Paul is right, in an indirect way, about the righteousness of one particular form of non-intervention: Chris Christie’s decision to abstain from a late entry in the GOP race was of no benefit to the Paul campaign.

As much as I respect the Governor’s abilities, getting into the presidential primary with (under?) three months until the Iowa caucuses might’ve unintentionally destroyed the Republican Party’s near-term chances to recapture the White House.


It’s all speculation at this point; however, candidate Christie might’ve had just enough time to siphon votes away from Romney but not enough juice to build a national network capable of dethroning his adversaries. The end result could have been weird upsets in key states capable of unnecessarily prolonging the primary phase. An unsettled primary heading into the summer months would be bad for the GOP and very bad for the country, too, assuming you agree with me that defeating Barack Obama is the best outcome for America in 2012! Convention floor fights were a fine and fun thing when you didn’t need a cool billions dollars to prevail.

So congratulations, Dr. Paul; even a broken clock like you is right twice a day. Chris Christie’s decision not to intervene in the presidential race may’ve sealed Barack Obama’s fate as a one term president.


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