Obama Bear Hugs “Arab Spring” But Disses the “Republican Fall”

By Matt Rooney / Cross-Posted at The Save Jersey Blog

Tuesday’s historic Republican victory in NY-9 may have come as a surprise to some, Save Jerseyans, but not for those of us who witnessed the Christie Revolution firsthand back in 2009. American voters have been mightily ticked off for awhile now!

The legitimate shock, if there is one, is reserved solely for those who disregarded our warnings of a year earlier, way back in 2008, when we said then-Senator Obama could be the most dangerously ideological president of the United States since our own state’s most famous screw up, Woodrow Wilson, gave himself a stroke trying to force the ill-conceived “League of Nations” down America’s throat. And how did that work out, by the way? Ask an 80+ year old Polish national or your GI grandfather. RIP, Henry Cabot Lodge.

And ideology is the key to our current problems, folks. My overarching point is that President Obama’s chronic detachment from political reality can’t be diagnosed as “tone deafness” at all. He just doesn’t give a damn when we’re upset because he never intended to serve us in the first place! This is about an agenda enacted at any cost. Consider how since December 2010, we’ve witnessed civil wars, revolutions, or uprisings in approximately seventeen Muslim countries. Many foreign policy wonks, military experts, talking heads and elected officials alike cautioned that these geopolitical transformations may not go the way of our own American Revolution; said countries are, after all, populated by pre-industrial islamists and not Enlightenment era liberals. That didn’t stop our Commander-in-Chief from gleefully embracing the spirit of this so-called “Arab Spring” without verifying the revolutionaries’ identities!

And then reality began to set in. Things began to look less rosy as the rebel fighters removed their headscarfs and began the process of governing. In the region’s largest country, Muslim Brotherhood-backed Egyptians stormed the Israeli embassy and announced plans to implement Sharia law instead of secular democratic reforms. Over in Libya, where the President elected to involve American troops directly, these “freedom fighters hailed as heroes on CNN and MSNBC have begun rounding up black people and… you guessed it! Initiating Islamic reforms.

Taken alone, the worst you could say about Obama’s approach is that it’s niave, or reckless. Or both. Bad enough qualities for a leader to exhibit, right? Then you consider how the Administration and its allies who have been so willing to blindly embrace the “Arab Spring” have nevertheless dismissed out of hand the peaceful, reasoned appeals of Tea Partiers and taxpayers in their own country!

I’ll call it the “Republican Fall” for contrast purposes. New Jersey and Virginia in 2009. The federal and state houses in 2010. And yes, NY-9 special on the eve of Election Year 2012. Republicans and now huge numbers of Democrats, too, are rejecting this President’s warped agenda in increasingly loud and united demonstrations of political will at the ballot box. We’ve asked him to stop mortgaging our future and, like Bill Clinton before him, slow his roll and give the electorate a chance to think.

Yet the President’s answer to spreading domestic unrest is to unveil another massive, “we’ll pay for it later” jobs bill that he knows will never pass! Why? Because it’s a cynical, hyper-partisan gesture to make the GOP look like obstructionists. His agents dismiss voters as simpleton “tea baggers” and “racists,” the later charge without any basis in reality whatsoever. Some folks over in the policy wing of DHS consider them domestic terrorists. A few unions goons have even declared war on those who would defy the President’s authority!

So maybe it’s the spending that is catalyzing events like NY9. Perhaps it’s the blatant disregard for constitutional principles and our allies abroad. There’s plenty to hate right now about the direction of our country. Personally, I think Americans are starting to understand that this President is much more willing to trust undercover jihadists half way around the world then his own people right here at home. And it offends their sense of everything good, right and just about this great country. It scares them. And they don’t plan to tolerate it for much longer.