I Vote for America

I think McCain needs to change tactics here and get back on track.  “Issues” obfuscate reasonability.  A long-standing Truth is obvious, campaign rhetoric serves political expediency, but only Integrity propels Action.  I have read 3-4 sixty+ pages of analysis from various Economic think-tanks that are dissecting both Obama’s tax and economic plans, as well as McCain’s.  These Economists can’t really come to much of a consensus themselves as to which plan is most beneficial.  I am not an Economist, so I just go with my heart and cannot begin to proclaim that I am some intellectual expert on the matter.  BUT………we CAN remember WHO WE ARE!  We are Americans!  What does this mean?

It used to mean that this was a country that was “of the people, by the people, for the people”, that had its founding principles rooted in a Judeo-Christian Ethic.  Over the course of the past 40 years, Democrats have sacrificed our Principles on the alter of political expediency to expand their base.  We can no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance in school.  We can no longer use the word God in our schools. Our currency is under attack for saying “In God We Trust”.  The term “B.C.” is now viewed as politically incorrect nomenclature and will soon be changed to B.C.E.  (Before Common Event).  This was not a “common event”, this was Before Christ………we are Americans, that is what WE believe!All people have an invitation to come live in America.  It is a privilege.  This privilege gives ALL people the right to practice their Faith, to speak their language, to partake in their own cultural heritages……..but it does NOT give the right to anyone to tell Americans that we must sacrifice OUR principles, OUR heritage,  in servitude of theirs!  This is OUR country………this is what WE believe.  We are Americans!

When a person, or a Nation, loses their principles, they become psychoneurotic.  Narcissistic to be more precise.  We are adrift on a dark and dangerous sea, and we have no anchor, no harbor, no refuge.  The myriad of issues that face this Nation are far too complex and numerous to be reconciled over the 1-2 terms of anyone’s Presidency.   It is only Principles that shine a beacon of light upon a dark sea, they are our guide through murky waters. This being said, the one thing that we KNOW, is that John McCain is an American.  I don’t view McCain-Palin as the second coming of Christ that will wave a magic wand and make everything alright again. But I do know this……they will serve America with Honor and Integrity.  They will do their BEST because they know Right from Wrong.

Our government assumes a parental role in our society.  They are supposed to an example of Truth, of Honor.  When I was a young kid; the son of a West Point graduate high ranking Army officer; President Kennedy was in office.  Whenever Kennedy appeared on TV, my Dad made us stand up and place our hands over our hearts.  He made us show respect. He made us honor America and what we stood for. Do you remember those days?  What happened?

The Vietnam War, Watergate, and many social issues, served ultimately to reveal that our government was corrupt.  We lost our Heros.  Our “parents” came under scrutiny, and they are the worst examples of parenting one could possible imagine.  They hold us to standards that they themselves either ignore or abuse.  Within our individual homes, when the mirroring of the parents is abberrant, they raise some really goofy kids that are socially maladaptive in one form or another.  We have a toxicity in our Society that is pernicious and destroying us at our core.

McCain and Palin have “principles”.  Principles preceed ‘issues’, they are the yardstick by which one scrutinizes various issues and determines their merits as either serving the Right, or serving the Wrong.  Without principles, you are susceptible to ideologic fads, political expediency, and all manner of immoral temptations.

We need a Swift Sword of Integrity to cut through the corruption of Government while ignoring “special interest groups” that have torn this country apart.  We need the Government to hold itself to the same standards that they hold its people too.  We need a Government that treats OUR money, as if it were their own.  More then any other issue discussed, we need exactly what McCain said…….”I will find these abusers, and you will know their names”!

 McCain has an entire lifetime serving his country.  His patriotism is unquestionable.  Irrespective of the plethora of issues that face this country, a vote for McCain-Palin is a vote for ethics.

Pinciples are the flame that is never obscured by the smoke.  McCain is a man that has demonstrated time and time again that he will stand up for his Principles, even if it means going against the Party mainstream.  Palin reputedly is cut from the same ilk.  I don’t even agree with McCain on some of his issues (abortion, immigration), but I support a man of principles.  While both Republicans and Democrats alike are pointing their fingers at everyone else for our current economic crises, the REAL problem resides within the Halls of Government itself.  The abusers of the system were spawned from the system that created them.  

Our economy will gain its biggest boost not by intitiating this plan or that plan, but by cleaning up the misappropriation of our money and by the courage to do what is best for America.  Who will do this?  Who has shown the courage that they are a Man of their convictions?  I vote for McCain-Palin..I vote for principles that will best serve America.