RNC Transition Team Report


After some 8 weeks of work and countless hours of meetings, research, analysis and discussions…the RNC Transition Team presented their findings and 100-Day Plans to Chairman Steele.  The last reports were presented this last Thursday.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele asked 10 RNC members from around the country and recruited a number of “politicos” and “consultants” to help analyze exactly what the RNC did…what it should do…and propose a 100-Day Plan to implement a new, fresh approach for the RNC.

I was most impressed with Michael’s initial meeting with the team where he challenged us to leave no stone unturned and not to be afraid to “think outside the box”.  He wanted us to challenge the status quo and just because things were done one way, it didn’t mean it had to be done that way going forward.

He created 7 sub-committees that analyzed various aspects of what the RNC does…those included Finance, Administration, Political, Education, Technology, Communications, Strategy and Legal.

Each group interviewed staff, reached out the other RNC members for their input and insight, put together current and suggested organizational charts, budgets and objectives.  Each group proposed a 100-Day Plan with timelines and goals to move the process forward.

Much of the analysis involved reaching out to the grassroots for comments and help.  I think it’s impressive that over 8,000+ activists from around the country provided insights, suggestions, comments and ideas…even plans and proposals.  Many volunteers just jumped in and did all they could to help Steele get all the input he should have as he prepares to implement his plans and strategy.

As of this week, Chairman Steele was presented with everyone’s final recommendations, suggestions and comments.  Needless to say, Michael and Jan have some “heavy reading” to go over this weekendJ

Overall I think the process was very productive and instructive.  Many great ideas and suggested were put forth.  The Chairman’s challenge is to go through this huge volume of information and recommendations and put forth his vision and plan on how to move our party forward and organize our troops nationwide.

I have to say, I feel confident Michael Steele has taken the time, made the effort and reached out to all that were willing to help put together a plan to lead us to victory.  The challenges are great, the obstacles formidable and the opportunities boundless.

As Chairman Steele implements his plan, builds him team and reaches out to the grassroots for help, I hope all of us join together to help move our party forward.

It was an honor to be part of this process and I look forward to working with and supporting Chairman Steele as we rebuild our great party and movement.

See my original post here: http://www.thatssaulfolks.com/2009/03/27/rnc-transition-team-report/

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