MI Morning Update - Stimulus Scam - RNC Tech Summit - Gov. Haley Barbour to Speak at MI GOP Convention

630 Days until Election Day

February 10, 2009



"So then you get the argument, ‘well, this is not a stimulus bill, this is a spending bill.’ What do you think a stimulus is?  That’s the whole point."

Obama warned Republicans not to "come to the table with the same tired arguments and worn ideas that helped to create this crisis." Americans, he said, "did not vote for the false theories of the past, and they didn’t vote for phony arguments and petty politics."

President Barack Obama on the Stimulus Scam


STIMILUS SCAM…the $838 billion so called "economic stimulus" bill backed by the Obama White House survived a key test vote in the Senate on Monday despite strong Republican opposition, and Democratic leaders vowed to deliver legislation for President Barack Obama’s signature within a few days.  The vote was 61-36, one more than the 60 needed to advance the measure toward Senate passage on Tuesday.  More Democrat spending, Democrat’s deficits, and Democrat’s debt for your children and grandchildren…I guess that’s "Change" you can count on?

RNC TECH SUMMIT…Chairman Michael Steele has asked me to head up the transition Team’s effort on bringing new technologies and tactics to the RNC.  We are in the process or reviewing and analyzing the current operation.  We also called for a Tech Summit where we are bringing interested parties together to share ideas, make suggestions, and present their perspectives of what and how we could do more.  If you’re interested, join us.  For more details click here

If you can’t attend in person please send thoughts via e-mail to [email protected] and put "Tech Summit" in the subject line, or call 202-863-8728.

GOVERNOR HALEY BARBOUR…to kick off our state convention Friday night.  We will also have WJR’s Frank Beckmann there who will discuss "what media bias?".  All Friday night!  For more information see the next paragraph.

MRP STATE CONVENTION…Just a quick note to let you know that the Michigan Republican’s website has been updated with State Convention information.   For your reference in directing potential delegates to the site, the address is: http://www.migop.org/event.asp.

CPAC 2009 Timeless Principles, New Challenges…Register today for the largest gathering of conservative grassroots activists in the country! The American Conservative Union Foundation is pleased to invite you to participate in the nation’s largest annual gathering of conservatives. The 36th Annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will be held on February 26-28, 2009.





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Just get ready to pass this tax bill and deficit on to your children and grandchildren…ONLY 13% of the so called "stimulus bill" creates jobs.




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Dangers of the Stimulus Bill

by  Gary Wolfram


There are many reasons to oppose the so-called stimulus bill and none of them are partisan.   An obvious one is the haste with which Congress is acting on a bill that is in excess of 700 pages and spends hundreds of billions of dollars. It is being rushed through both the legislative process with little or no input from the minority party legislators, much less the general public. The so-called Senate compromise was not available to most Senators until past 11 pm on Saturday night and yet a vote is expected by Tuesday at the latest. 

Even if the Keynesian theory behind the bill — the recession is being fed by lack of consumer spending and this can be rectified by government spending — is correct, the lack of analysis of such a major piece of legislation is dangerous.  To put this in perspective the compromise Senate amendment, at $827 billion, is about the amount of U.S. currency in circulation.  The entire federal budget did not reach $827 billion until 1984.  We may remember that the last time Congress rushed through a massive spending bill, the TARP legislation, the result was not what Congress had intended.


GOP playing vital role in stimulus bill

Twice in recent weeks President Barack Obama has reminded Republican members of Congress that there was an election in November, and he won. That’s true. There’s no disputing that Obama now gets his mail at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C.

But those GOP members of Congress also were elected by the people, and their voters have certain expectations of them. Their role this week is to provide vigorous opposition to a stimulus bill that is losing its mission.

Obama wants at least some Republican support for his stimulus package, the price tag of which is likely to approach $900 billion by the time it’s finished. The measure passed the House without a single Republican vote, and the president hopes for more bipartisanship in the Senate. He’s urged senators not to play politics.

Pelosi’s Indefensible Bill

For Barack Obama, a cautionary tale of audacity.

Historians tell us it was Roman custom to place a slave in the chariot behind a conquering hero, there to whisper warnings about the fleeting nature of fame amid the accolades of adoring crowds.

Barack Obama is no stranger to the cheers of roaring crowds. If his prime-time press conference last night is any clue, moreover, he intends to use this personal popularity to help Congress get a stimulus bill to his desk quickly. As he does, those who wish his presidency success might do well to whisper in his ear two words of tempering wisdom: "Nancy Pelosi."

In the public eye as well as on Capitol Hill, the California Democrat has become the mother of all stimulus packages. Whatever issues Mrs. Pelosi may claim with the Senate version, her leadership has defined the direction. Her intransigence has set the tone. And her penchant for excess helps explain why out of 535 members of Congress, only three Republicans seem willing to go anywhere near the thing.

Big jobless numbers, no big answers

February 9, 2009

Even if you are among them, and many people around here are, it’s a little hard to grasp that the number of people out of work last month was a staggering 4.1 million more than in the same month a year earlier. There are 11.6 million people officially unemployed in the United States today; jobs are vanishing at a clip not seen since 1945 and we all know that the real jobless rate – if you count people who have just quit looking or are trying to make it on part-time work or are just working to protect health care benefits – is well above the official 7.6% (10.6% in Michigan.)

There are a lot more numbers that quantify just how bad things are – manufacturing dumped 207,000 jobs last month, the biggest monthly shedding since 1982 – if you can stand to look. But more importantly, everyone keeps saying things will get worse before they get better, even here in Michigan, where things have been the worst of anywhere in the country for a long, long time.

Treasury says automakers’ bankruptcy possible

Mike Ramsey and Tiffany Kary / Bloomberg News

General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC may have to be forced into bankruptcy by the government to assure repayment of $17.4 billion in federal loans, a course of action the automakers claim would destroy them.

U.S. taxpayers take a backseat to prior creditors, including Citigroup Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc., according to loan agreements posted on the U.S. Treasury’s Web site.

If federal officials fail to get a consensual agreement to change their position regarding repayment, they have the option of forcing the companies into bankruptcy as a condition of more bailout aid. The government would finance the bankruptcy with a debtor-in-possession loan, a lender status that gives the U.S. priority over other creditors, said Don Workman, a partner at Baker & Hostetler LLP.


Michigan can no longer pretend and spend

State government leaders lack urgency to deal with crisis, pursue reforms

Tom Watkins

President Barack Obama could have easily been talking about Michigan in his inaugural address when he declared, "Our time of standing pat, of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions — that time has surely passed."

We know the "State of the State"; it is a mess. Michigan, which has led the parade of economic decline for a decade before the nation caught up, has been putting off tough decisions to deal with our structural budget crisis. The special and narrow interests have beaten back attempts of real reform, continuing to pretend and spend as though nothing has changed — when everything has changed.

The spending at the state level, along with the government and school structures at the local level, are unsustainable — and must change. It is about time that our elected leaders catch up with this reality. Change is the most talked about and least acted on idea in Lansing.

Granholm’s energy answer isn’t blowing in the wind

Henry Payne

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In her State of the State speech, Gov. Jennifer Granholm outlined a restructuring of Michigan’s energy infrastructure that aims to meet this industrial state’s future energy needs with wind power. The plan is radical but hardly new. The governor’s policy closely parallels the failed experiment of Denmark — a similar peninsular water state that has invested billions of dollars in wind generation during the last 25 years.

In an interview with The Detroit News after her address, the governor was curiously unaware of Denmark’s experience, even though she toured Scandinavian countries in 2007 and cited them as models of an alternative energy future. But it is crucial that the state understand the lessons of Denmark and the very real limitations of wind power.


More Michigan roads allowed to crumble into gravel, study says


February 9, 2009

More Michigan county road agencies are letting paved roads revert to gravel and taking other drastic measures because of road funding shortfalls, according to a survey released today.

The County Road Association of Michigan said its survey found that 23 counties, mostly in northern or western Michigan or the Upper Peninsula, returned paved roads to gravel in 2008 because they didn’t have resources to keep the pavement in safe driving condition. The year before, only seven counties made that decision.

"We are literally reverting to the stone age," said the association’s director, John Niemela. "Unfortunately, we know this trend will continue unless funding for Michigan’s road agencies is increased substantially."

RNC holding summit to embrace Web 2.0

By Reid Wilson 
Posted: 02/09/09 03:45 PM [ET]

Following two election cycles in which Republicans saw Democrats best them in technological innovations, the Republican National Committee is throwing open its doors to conservative technophiles for a technology summit to get input on how to improve.

Bloggers, Web 2.0 fans and others who see technology as the next step toward reasserting the party will meet at RNC headquarters on Friday and will be given an opportunity to address the new administration for periods of five minutes each.

Planning Victory in Afghanistan

Nine principles the Obama administration should follow.

By Frederick W. Kagan

President Obama has said many times that America must succeed in Afghanistan. He is right, and he deserves our full support in that effort.

Afghanistan is in many respects harder to understand than Iraq was. Even with a good strategy and sufficient resources, success will almost certainly come much more slowly. But as a great man said two years ago, hard is not hopeless.

The keys to finding the right approach lie in nine fundamental principles.