MI Morning Update 1-19-09


January 19, 2009


“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.


Mackinac Center for Public Policy…Join the 101 Recommendations to Revitalize Michigan group on Facebook. The goal of this 10-page pamphlet is to establish the framework for a statewide conversation over the next two years about how to restore prosperity and freedom in the Great Lakes State. The 101 recommendations consist of one- or two-sentence descriptions of a specific policy proposal, each with a URL for a Mackinac Center study or commentary containing more details.

2009 MICHIGAN REPUBLICAN STATE CONVENTION…On February 20 & 21, 2009 at the Lansing Center Michigan Republicans will hold their leadership elections for our new State Chairman and other leadership posts.

CPAC 2009 Timeless Principles, New Challenges…Register today for the largest gathering of conservative grassroots activists in the country! The American Conservative Union Foundation is pleased to invite you to participate in the nation’s largest annual gathering of conservatives. The 36th Annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will be held on February 26-28, 200

TRACK RNC RACE FOR CHAIRMAN…here is a basic tracking site that allows you to follow who has publically committed to various candidates for RNC Chair:

NEWT GINGRICH…RIGHT MICHIGAN posts the video they recorded of Newt Gingrich speaking at the Mackinac Conference this last year…not a bad commentary. See their commentary and Newt’s commentary about me…



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Obama hosting pricey party in a dicey economy


WASHINGTON – Unemployment is up. The stock market is down. Let’s party.

The price tag for President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration gala is expected to break records, with some estimates reaching as high as $150 million. Despite the bleak economy, however, Democrats who called on President George W. Bush to be frugal four years ago are issuing no such demands now that an inaugural weekend of rock concerts and star-studded parties has begun.

Obama’s inaugural committee has raised more than $41 million to cover events ranging from a Philadelphia-to-Washington train ride to a megastar concert with Beyonce, U2 and Bruce Springsteen to 10 official inaugural balls. Add to that the massive costs of security and transportation — costs absorbed by U.S. taxpayers — and the historic inauguration will produce an equally historic bill.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear . . .
is Obama

By Fred Barnes

Barack Obama is the apostle of hope. But he also arouses the flipside of hope–fear. And while the fear he stirs may turn out to be unfounded, it’s not irrational. People don’t know who Obama really is or where his ideological center of gravity rests, to the extent it rests anywhere. He was a liberal in the Senate and the campaign, a centrist in the transition, and who knows what he’ll be as president. He’s elusive.

I count four separate fears. Whether he’s a crypto-Marxist is not one of them. Neither is the absurd fear that he’s secretly a Muslim, even a closet jihadist. Nor is the groundless claim Obama was actually born outside the United States and isn’t really an American citizen. Forget all those. They’re nonstarters.

He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This is a legitimate fear. Obama throws around numbers like confetti. In the campaign, he said he would create 1 million jobs. After the election, he put out a plan he said would produce up to 3 million jobs. Then in a radio address on January 10, he said the number could reach 4.1 million and said 500,000 would be jobs in the alternative energy field, 200,000 in health care. Does he really believe he can achieve this? The fear is that he might.

GOP drafts ideas on stimulus plan

Kara Rowland

Vowing not to be merely the party of "no," Republicans are offering up their ideas on the economic stimulus package – even if they are likely to go nowhere.

Despite President-elect Barack Obama’s invitation earlier this month for bipartisan ideas, House Democrats already have developed a $825 billion package without any input from the minority party, and are forging ahead with no indications that they will consider Republican proposals.

But those realities, and the fact that Mr. Obama has enough support to push the bill through without a single vote from across the aisle, have not stopped House Republicans from crafting their own alternatives.

Big risk in Obama’s economic stimulus plan

By Rep. Eric Cantor

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Bolstered by wide Democratic margins in both chambers of Congress, the new administration assumes power Tuesday with a broad public mandate to repair the feeble economy.

But with such a free hand over current stimulus efforts comes great danger. Costing at the very least a hefty $825 billion, the plan’s potential for taxpayer waste and special-interest-driven giveaways is enormous.

We Republicans believe we can help mitigate those risks if we are given a meaningful place at the table. President-elect Barack Obama was correct to point out recently that no one party has a monopoly over sound ideas.

Newt Gingrich is a Saul Anuzis fan

Nick De Leeuw

Earlier this morning Joan posted a column saying some awfully nice things about Michigan Republican Party Chairman and RNC candidate Saul Anuzis and for some reason it jump started my memory.

See, Joan isn’t the only person who thinks Saul is a rock-solid conservative and she’s certainly not the only person to go on record saying so.

I shot this video on Mackinac Island during the Republican Leadership Conference in September of 2007. Yes. That’s Newt Gingrich.

Forced to abort

Many women say they have been pressured into abortions they did not want, according to research conducted by the Elliot Institute, a nonprofit specializing in the effects of abortion on women and families.

For years, the pro-choice movement has circulated horrid tales of back-alley abortions performed before Roe v. Wade legalized abortion on demand in 1973. Yet the opposite phenomenon, which has occurred across the nation, is even more disturbing. In a society in which abortion is legal, many women and teens are pressured to abort their child. So how much choice do American women really have over their reproductive capacities?

Women are coerced to abort a fetus by either husbands or boyfriends who do not want the additional responsibility or expense of a child; by parents who are ashamed of a teen pregnancy or who seek to conceal incest or rape; or by counselors, pastors and health professionals who insist this is in a woman’s best interest even when she doesn’t think so.

Balanced budget should be state’s No. 1 priority

If the state’s budget isn’t balanced over the next two years, then every legislator and the governor should vow to return every dime they’ve been paid.

Admit that if they won’t balance the budget, then they don’t deserve to steal the taxpayers’ money.

That should be on the top of the agenda as Lansing returns to business by swearing in a new state House, which now must work with the governor and the state Senate to tackle the many challenges facing Michigan.

Lawmakers, blaze your trails for Mich.

Returning House Speaker Andy Dillon wants comprehensive tax reform and health-care reform to boot.

Returning Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop wants restrictions on the Legislature itself, paired with an end to term limits.

Both Dillon’s and Bishop’s ideas are welcome. Michigan needs tax, health and legislative reform.

Cherry’s "strong record" strikes again

By Nick De Leeuw

It wasn’t even a week ago that John Cherry told the Detroit Free Press that he would be proud to run on the track record he and Governor Jennifer Granholm have cemented over the past six-plus years while offering further the mind boggling quote, "I think she’s got a strong record."

Think the man would like to take those words back? I don’t often, but I’m tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. Not sure how anyone at that level of state government "leadership" could pick up the newspaper these days and find anything to be proud of. But what do I know? Maybe he and I just have really different measures of success.

I mean, what is it exactly that John Cherry claims he’s proud of and pleased to have tied around his neck as he begins his campaign to become Michigan’s next governor?

Israel to pull out of Gaza by Obama inauguration

Amy Teibel and Ibrahim Barzak / Associated Press

JERUSALEM — Israel plans to pull all of its troops out of the Gaza Strip by the time President-elect Barack Obama is inaugurated Tuesday, but only if Hamas militants hold their fire, Israeli officials said.

Thousands of troops have left Gaza since Israel declared Saturday its intention to unilaterally halt fire after a devastating, three-week Israeli onslaught. Gaza’s Hamas rulers ceased fire 12 hours later. Large contingents of Israeli soldiers have kept close to the border, prepared to re-enter the territory if violence re-ignites.

A swift troop withdrawal would reduce the likelihood of clashes between militants and Israeli forces that could rupture the truce.