MI Morning Update 10-29-08

6 Days until Election Day

October 29, 2008



The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.



FIGHT TO THE FINISH TOUR CONTINUES…Republicans are going to fight to the finish.  Despite the chances pundits and the media are giving us, Republicans are running strong campaigns in Michigan. From now until Election Day, I will join Republicans from across Michigan to make phone calls, knock on doors, rally support, and keep the Democrats in check. We have to make sure we are turning out every Republican voter and continue spreading our message to undecided voters. Yesterday we hit Delta Township, Lansing, Flint, Grand Blanc, Lapeer, Port Huron, Frasier, Sterling Heights and Brighton…all on day one!  Michigan Republicans are fighting to the finish!

V-BLOG TOUR AROUND MICHIGAN…please take a few minutes to check out our v-blogs from various Victory Centers as we completed our "Fight to the Finish Tour" throughout Michigan.  Michigan Republicans continue to be excited and ready to fight for our principles and ideals.  Check the various v-blogs here.

GRANHOLM PLAYS THEOLOGIAN…BISHOP RESPONDS ON BEHALF OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH…Governor Granholm couldn’t help play a Catholic theologian after playing a tax cutting reformer Governor…and forces one of our Bishops to respond to her interpretation of the church’s teaching.  See his comments below.

STRYKER STRIKES AGAIN…Billionaire Jon Stryker and his Coalition for Progress are once again spending millions to buy a liberal legislative majority that will rubber-stamp his radical Left agenda.  This is the second consecutive election cycle where Stryker has attacked Republicans, spending a total of $10.6 million in the last two cycles.  Michigan is not for sale!  Stryker’s radical liberal agenda has been ignored by previous legislatures, so Stryker is now buying a government that will put his interests over the people of Michigan’s.  Click here for more information on how much Stryker has spent and where.

CONGRESSIONAL & STATE REP CANDIDATES NEED YOUR HELP…in the final days of this campaign, we need to make sure we get all our fellow Republicans out to vote.  It’s not just for the McCain/Palin ticket, but we have critical races down ticket that need our support.  Please talk to your friends and neighbors…there will be some close races across Michigan and every vote counts.

JOIN US…DON’T BE FOOLED…IT’S CLOSER THAN THE PRESS IS PITCHING…GRASSROOTS VOLUNTEERS NEEDED…as we reorganize Victory Centers and Call Centers around the state, volunteers continue to make calls, knock on doors, and make contributions to fight for Republican candidates up and down the ticket.  Please check this link for a Victory Center near you.  We need you now, more than ever.

TEAM "BRAIN DRAIN" ANNOUNCES  "GET OUT THE BRAIN DRAIN" ….GOTBD is coming to your city…Please join Republican Youth from across Michigan SATURDAY NOVEMBER 1st and SUNDAY NOVEMBER 2nd in two convenient locations for our final push! All Party activists young and old are welcome to help us defend our most valuable natural resources: Our college graduates.

In West Bloomfield: Amy Peterman’s Office
Near the corner of Maple and Orchard Lake
Address: 5640 Maple Road, #304
Candidates: Pat Dohany, Amy Peterman, Gail Haines, Shelly Taub, David Law
RSVP: Anthony Markwort: [email protected] 517-243-5961
In Downtown St. Joseph: Candidate Contact Center
Address: 413 State St., St. Joseph, MI 49085
Candidates: Sharon Tyler
RSVP: [email protected] 517-331-5631
TWITTER…we are on our Fight to the Finish Tour as we hit Victory Centers and campaign headquarters for our final push to Election Day.  Follow the excitement on Twitter and our blog…we’ll be posting updates regularly at 





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BISHOP RESPONDS TO GOVERNOR…The Most Reverend Earl Boyea, Bishop of Lansing, issued the following statement on October 27, 2008 in response to recent comments by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm:

In a Sunday address in Grand Rapids, Governor Jennifer Granholm incredibly said of Proposal 2 "As a Catholic, I can say to be pro-cure is to be pro-life." Of course, Catholics and all other responsible citizens will continue to seek cures for disease and injury. But to imply that Proposal 2 is a valid expression of Catholic principles is shocking. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Proposal 2, which goes before Michigan voters in a week, would give an unrestricted license to those who perform destructive experiments on human embryos. While the Catholic Church strongly supports legitimate forms of stem cell research and all other proper forms of scientific inquiry, the Church also teaches that it is always immoral to destroy a human embryo. For that reason, the Catholic Bishops of Michigan have taken a strong position in opposition to this well-funded assault on human life.

Saint Paul reminds us that we must preach the Truth in season and out of season. The Truth will never go unspoken. To be in favor of Proposal 2 is not to be pro-life. A well-formed Catholic conscience would never lead a person to support Proposal 2 "as a Catholic."






The following stories and more are available at my Articles of Interest online.





15-year-old Receives Voter I.D. Card

Carl Wheeling, a 15-year-old freshman at Sexton High School, was walking home from school in early October when he was asked if he wanted to register to vote.

"She didn’t really ask me my age, so I guess I signed it or whatever," Wheeling said.

Wheeling doesn’t remember what organization the volunteer was from, but he does remember writing down his actually birth date.

" I wrote down the truth; February 9, 1993," Wheeler said.


Judge rules Ohio homeless voters may list park benches as addresses

Tuesday,  October 28, 2008 1:32 PM

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – A federal judge in Ohio has ruled that counties must allow homeless voters to list park benches and other locations that aren’t buildings as their addresses.

U.S. District Judge Edmund Sargus also ruled that provisional ballots can’t be invalidated because of poll worker errors.

Monday’s ruling resolved the final two pieces of a settlement between the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.


Voter rolls stuffed with dead and absent registrants

By Bert Case

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Mississippi’s voter situation is hard to believe. Places like Madison County have over 123% more registered voters than people over the age of 18.

Sue Sautermeister, First District Election Commissioner in Madison County, tried to purge the rolls, but ran into trouble when it was discovered it takes a vote of three of the five election commissioners and the purge cannot take place within 90 days of a federal election.

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is the first to admit the situation with voter registration in this state is terrible.


Schauer, Walberg on attack

7th District candidates battle over economy, Iraq in rousing fourth debate.

Mark Hornbeck / Detroit News Lansing Bureau

JACKSON — The combatants in the 7th Congressional District tore into each other in a free-wheeling debate Tuesday and found almost no common ground on a host of issues ranging from the economy to the war in Iraq.

The hour-long sparring match between state Sen. Mark Schauer, D-Battle Creek, and U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Tipton, before an audience of a couple hundred at Jackson Community College featured some shouting, frequent interruptions and a series of attacks and counterattacks.

Phrases such as "he just doesn’t get it," "that’s not true and you know it," and "that’s a lie" peppered the lively contest.


Kilpatrick leaves with a wave, but little remorse

Ex-mayor begins 120-day sentence

In the end, Kwame Kilpatrick went to jail Tuesday showing no remorse, shaking his head as a judge chastised him for his crimes, smiling at family and friends, at times clowning with the prosecutors who helped put him behind bars.

He didn’t drop his defiance even as Wayne County Circuit Judge David Groner called him arrogant and filled with hubris.

The normally effusive ex-mayor also uncharacteristically passed on the opportunity to speak, declining Groner’s invitation to address the court. When Kilpatrick did talk, it was to his family and friends, who crowded into the basement courtroom in the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.


Expanded Number of Battleground States Keeps Candidates Scrambling


The schedules of Barack Obama and John McCain show that both campaigns believe the presidential race remains fluid and close in an expanded number of battleground states in the campaign’s final stretch.

Both men campaigned in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, with Sen. Obama also visiting Virginia, a state Sen. McCain is set to hit later this week. Tuesday afternoon, Sen. McCain visited North Carolina, a state on Sen. Obama’s Wednesday itinerary. Both men were in Ohio on Monday, and Sen. McCain plans to return there on Wednesday.

Sen. Obama, continuing to use his cash advantage, will air a prerecorded, half-hour infomercial on three national television networks during prime time Wednesday.


McCain shows gritty determination in final week


HERSHEY, Pa. (AP) – John McCain repeatedly implores backers to "stand up and fight" these days, showing gritty determination even as many indicators point to a Barack Obama victory and Republicans engage in fingerpointing typical of losing campaigns. "Nothing is inevitable here. We never give up. And we never quit," McCain declares.

A week before Election Day, the Republican is an enthusiastic underdog with what advisers say is a deep personal belief that he still has a chance to stage an upset next week. He has come back from the brink politically and personally before, and they say, he’s resolved to do so again despite steep challenges.


Obama’s New Deal No Better Than Old One

By Michael Barone

With victory in sight, Barack Obama’s supporters are predicting that he will give us a new New Deal. To see what that might mean, let’s look back on the original New Deal.

The purpose of New Deal legislation was not, as commonly thought, to restore economic growth but rather to freeze the economy in place at a time when it seemed locked in a downward spiral. Its central program, the National Recovery Administration (NRA), created 700 industry councils for firms and unions to set minimum prices and wages. The Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA), the ancestor of our farm bills, limited production to hold up prices. Unionization, encouraged by NRA and the 1935 Wagner Act, was meant to keep workers in jobs that the unemployed would have taken at lower pay.


Biden’s Tax Truth

Well, will families making less than $250,000 get a tax cut under President Obama, or not? Senator Obama has been saying this for months, but on Monday Joe Biden put the tax-cut income threshold at $150,000 in an interview with a TV station in his beloved Scranton, Pennsylvania. The Biden campaign later clarified — or at least tried to clarify — the matter by saying that anyone making between $150,000 and $250,000 wouldn’t get a tax cut but also wouldn’t pay higher taxes.

We suspect what’s going on here is more than Mr. Biden’s normal gift of gaffe. As with his admission that a President Obama would quickly be tested by our enemies, the Delaware rambler was stumbling into the truth. An Obama Administration couldn’t possibly pay for a tax cut for 95% of Americans by raising taxes on a mere 5%. Those 5% don’t make enough money, or at least they won’t after they find ways to shelter more of their income when their tax rates rise.


It’s Not Easy Bein’ Blue

America remains a center-right nation-a fact that a President Obama would forget at his peril.

By Jon Meacham | NEWSWEEK
Published Oct 18, 2008
From the magazine issue dated Oct 27, 2008

It was a grand evening. On Thursday, Dec. 5, 1985, at the Plaza Hotel, William F. Buckley Jr. rose to toast the president of the United States on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of National Review. Charlton Heston was the master of ceremonies; the audience included William J. Casey, Nancy Kissinger, Roy Cohn and Tom Selleck. Thirteen months earlier Ronald Reagan had been re-elected, carrying every state in the Union except Walter Mondale’s Minnesota. "As an individual you incarnate American ideals at many levels," Buckley said to the president. "As the final responsible authority, in any hour of great challenge, we depend on you." Buckley was 19 when America dropped the bomb at Hiroshima, he said, and he had just turned 60. "During the interval I have lived a free man in a free and sovereign country, and this only because we have husbanded a nuclear deterrent, and made clear our disposition to use it if necessary. I pray that my son, when he is 60, and your son, when he is 60 … will live in a world from which the great ugliness that has scarred our century has passed. Enjoying their freedoms, they will be grateful that, at the threatened nightfall, the blood of their fathers ran strong."

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