MI Morning Update 10-24-08

11 Days until Election Day

October 24, 2008



"Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."

"We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added." (redistribution of wealth)

– Ronald Reagan…and he didn’t even know Obama.


COMEBACK KID…anyone who thinks it’s over, hasn’t paid attention to John McCain’s political career.  Yes, he’s the underdog…the press has written him off…Obama is measuring the curtains in the White House…and the Democrats and the left are giddy about their chances of winning the White House.  It aint over until it’s over…and Michigan Republicans aren’t giving up either!

OBAMA RECESSION…STOCK MARKET ANTICIPATES…the various stock market indexes are starting to anticipate the effects of a possible Obama victory and pricing that possibility into the market.  Hence the nervous bouncing around of the various major indexes as investors fear higher spending, higher taxes, detrimental regulation and a sustained recession under the policies Obama has already promised.  The stock market and futures markets are good forward indicators of fear…and the markets clearly fear an Obama presidency…and rightfully so.

VICTORY CENTERS…I visited several Victory Centers and attended events on behalf of Congressmen Joe Knollenberg and Tim Walberg.  These are key seats the Democrats are targeting and we need to do all we can to help them get out our vote!  Thanks again to all – for all you do.  I love the excitement and commitment around our state!

NORC…I closed last evening off at the North Oakland Republican Club monthly meeting.  As always, some of our best volunteers and activists joined us for a last chance to get fired up and put in that extra effort in the closing days of the campaign!  After campaigning throughout the day and evening, many showed up for an update and friendship ready to fight no…Michigan is NOT giving up!

GRANHOLM WON’T SAY NO…MIRS reported that Granholm wouldn’t rule out going to Washington if Obama is elected.  That might be the "best" economic development news we could have…I think the one thing she would be qualified for is a position in an Obama Administration.

If you like what Jennifer Granholm has done to Michigan, you’ll love what Barack Obama will do to America.  A single state recession is just not "fair"…"redistribute".

NORTHERN MICHIGAN BUS TOUR…RALLIES FOR McCAIN/PALIN CAMPAIGN IN MICHIGAN THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY…join the fight to defeat the Obama/Biden ticket here in Michigan.  I want to let you know the  Our Country Deserves Better Committee’s tour to "Save Michigan"is coming through the state. They are conducting 10 rallies across the Upper and Lower penninsula this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Check you email box for more info.

DON’T BE FOOLED…IT’S CLOSER THAN THE PRESS IS PITCHING…GRASSROOTS VOLUNTEERS NEEDED…as we reorganize Victory Centers and Call Centers around the state, volunteers continue to make calls, knock on doors, and make contributions to fight for Republican candidates up and down the ticket.  Please check this link for a Victory Center near you.  We need you now, more than ever.

MICHIGAN YOUTH MAKING A DIFFERENCE!…COLLEGE REPUBLICANS STATEWIDE JOIN "TEAM BRAIN DRAIN"…our Michigan Youth Counts! effort, designed to stop Michigan’s "brain drain" was in Macomb County this weekend helping several key state and local candidates. "Team Brain Drain" made over 2000 calls, knocked over 1,600 doors, and worked 110+ man hours this weekend for our Republican candidates. Next week, "Team Brain Drain" will be in Battle Creek and St. Joe.  For more information please contact Program Director Anthony Markwort at: [email protected].





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Michigan GOP Senate leader calls program to boost absentee voting illegal, asks Attorney General to investigate

Posted by Peter Luke | mlive.com October 23, 2008 18:28PM

LANSING — A Republican legislative leader says a program designed by county clerks to boost absentee voting by college students is illegal and has asked Attorney General Mike Cox to determine if it should be blocked.

First-time voters who registered to vote by mail or through a third-party organization must under Michigan law apply for an absentee ballot in person so local clerks in the jurisdiction they are registered can verify their identity.

Helping students to avoid that drive back home, 66 of 83 county clerks across Michigan have cross-deputized each other. That allows a college student with a voting address on the other side of the state to have their identify verified by the clerk in the county where they go to school. The student then can mail in an absentee ballot application from her college residence.

Walberg raises $158K in October, as congressional race goes down to the wire

Deb Price / The Detroit News

WASHINGTON — Freshman Republican Rep. Tim Walberg, facing a stiff re-election fight in Michigan’s south-central 7th Congressional District, raised $157,766 in the first two weeks of October, according to his latest federal documents filed Thursday.

The latest haul brings the Tipton lawmaker’s total raised this election cycle to $1.65 million. He’s spent nearly $1.4 million to defend his seat.

Entering the critical final weeks to election day, Walberg reported having $412,389 in cash on hand.

Texts validate Kilpatrick’s removal

Salacious messages are reminder that character counts for officials
The Detroit News

There’s only one reason to read the disgusting text message exchanges between disgraced Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief-of-staff/lover Christine Beatty, and that is to validate his removal from office.

If there was any doubt before about how well off Detroit is without Kilpatrick, it is certainly gone now.

The raunchy messages that traveled back and forth between the pair on their city-owned pagers reveal in graphic detail a sexual affair carried on while both were married to other people. If nothing else, they confirm the extraordinarily poor judgment of Kilpatrick, not to mention a lack of maturity and moral character.


New text messages have some asking why Beatty rejected deal


What were Christine Beatty and her defense lawyer thinking when they rejected a plea deal from the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office?

It was a question many people were asking Thursday after hundreds of embarrassing new text messages were released showing ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Beatty, his former chief of staff, discussing their sexual escapades, the mayor’s wife and children, and city business from 2002 to 2004.

Prosecutors filed the messages in a legal brief in July to challenge claims by Beatty’s lawyer that the messages weren’t hers. A judge this week ordered the release of the texts.

AP Poll Says It’s Neck and Neck

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 10:01 PM

WASHINGTON – The presidential race tightened after the final debate, with John McCain gaining among whites and people earning less than $50,000, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll that shows McCain and Barack Obama essentially running even among likely voters in the election homestretch.

The poll, which found Obama at 44 percent and McCain at 43 percent, supports what some Republicans and Democrats privately have said in recent days: that the race narrowed after the third debate as GOP-leaning voters drifted home to their party and McCain’s "Joe the plumber" analogy struck a chord.

Three weeks ago, an AP-GfK survey found that Obama had surged to a seven-point lead over McCain, lifted by voters who thought the Democrat was better suited to lead the nation through its sudden economic crisis.

McCain for President

By Charles Krauthammer
Friday, October 24, 2008; A19

Contrarian that I am, I’m voting for John McCain. I’m not talking about bucking the polls or the media consensus that it’s over before it’s over. I’m talking about bucking the rush of wet-fingered conservatives leaping to Barack Obama before they’re left out in the cold without a single state dinner for the next four years.

I stand athwart the rush of conservative ship-jumpers of every stripe — neo (Ken Adelman), moderate (Colin Powell), genetic/ironic (Christopher Buckley) and socialist/atheist (Christopher Hitchens) — yelling "Stop!" I shall have no part of this motley crew. I will go down with the McCain ship. I’d rather lose an election than lose my bearings.

McCain kicks off ‘Joe the Plumber’ tour

By LISA LERER | 10/23/08 7:22 PM EDT 

SARASOTA, Fla. – John McCain stopped at a series of small businesses along central Florida’s I-4 corridor on Thursday, hoping to win-over economically-anxious voters with a bus tour through one of the Sunshine State’s most buffeted and hotly contested regions.

"We shouldn’t be taxing our small businesses more, as Senator Obama wants to do. We need to be helping them expand their businesses and create jobs," said McCain, continuing several days of attacks on the Democratic candidate’s economic plans.

Obama Wants Social Security to Be a Welfare Plan

Imagine this: Barack Obama proposes a Social Security payroll tax cut for low earners. Workers earning up to $8,000 per year would receive back the full 6.2% employee share of the 12.4% total payroll tax, up to $500 per year. Workers earning over $8,000 would receive $500 each, with this credit phasing out for individuals earning between $75,000 and $85,000.

This tax cut would make an already progressive Social Security program even more redistributive. Under current law, a very low earner receives an inflation-adjusted return on his Social Security taxes of around 4%. That’s a good return, given that government bonds are projected to return less than 3% above inflation. A high-earning worker, on the other hand, receives only around a 1.5% rate of return. Under Sen. Obama’s proposal, returns for very low earners would rise to around 6% above inflation — about the same return as on stocks, except with none of the risk. Compounded over a lifetime’s contributions, the difference in the "deal" offered to workers of different earnings levels would be extreme.

Greenspan Concedes Error on Regulation

Published: October 23, 2008

WASHINGTON – For years, a Congressional hearing with Alan Greenspan was a marquee event. Lawmakers doted on him as an economic sage. Markets jumped up or down depending on what he said. Politicians in both parties wanted the maestro on their side.

But on Thursday, almost three years after stepping down as chairman of the Federal Reserve, a humbled Mr. Greenspan admitted that he had put too much faith in the self-correcting power of free markets and had failed to anticipate the self-destructive power of wanton mortgage lending.

"Those of us who have looked to the self-interest of lending institutions to protect shareholders’ equity, myself included, are in a state of shocked disbelief," he told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Iran holding American student in prison

CAIRO, Egypt – An American university student in Iran to visit family and research women’s rights has been arrested and held in prison for more than a week, rights group Amnesty International said.

Esha Momeni, a student at California State University, Northridge, was driving on a highway in Tehran when she was stopped by authorities who said they were traffic police, the London-based Amnesty said.