MI Morning Update 10-3-08

32 Days until Election Day

 October 3, 2008



"I’ve always been proud of my country."

-Governor Sarah Palin, during her closing remarks of last night’s debate.


PALIN…wow…she knocked it out of the park.  I’m not sure how she could have done much better…she was strong, direct, knowledgeable and personal.

As Rick Davis said: "Tonight, Governor Palin proved beyond any doubt that she is ready to lead as Vice President of the United States. She won this debate, putting Joe Biden on defense on energy, foreign policy, taxes and the definition of change. Governor Palin laid bare Barack Obama’s record of voting to raise taxes, opposing the surge in Iraq, and proposing to meet unconditionally with the leaders of state sponsors of terror. The differences between the Obama-Biden ticket and the McCain-Palin ticket could not have been clearer. The American people saw stark contrasts in style and worldview. They saw Joe Biden, a Washington insider and a 36-year Senator, and Governor Palin, a Washington outsider and a maverick reformer. Governor Palin was direct, forceful and a breath of fresh air."

On the other side, it was clear that Governor Granholm had done an excellent job preparing Joe Biden for the debate as he advocated for higher taxes on citizens and businesses, an even more bloated government, and many other measures that will continue to cost Michigan jobs.

KISSINGER IN TOWN…Dr. Henry Kissinger was in Dearborn today on behalf of the McCain-Palin ticket.  He was insightful, honest, and very impressive.  He delivers a powerful argument of why we need to make it "President McCain".

McCAIN PULLS OUT OF MICHIGAN…SORT OF…the McCain campaign announced they were shifting resources and staff out of Michigan to other targeted states.  Other states "today" offer a better opportunity for the campaign and they decided to shift their strategy.  We do NOT agree.

Michigan Republicans kicked into overdrive last night.  We had a series of conference calls and meetings with activists and donors, coming up with our own plan on how to implement a "Michigan strategy" for McCain and the rest of our ticket.  This is a team effort from our perspective.  McCain will lead our ticket, as we make sure we elect and re-elect Supreme Court Justice Cliff Taylor, U.S. Senate candidate Jack Hoogendyk, Congressmen Knollenberg and Walberg and our State House of Representative candidates.  More info later.

We will have a revised plan in effect by next week and are NOT conceding an inch to the Obama campaign or any Democrats in Michigan.  This is a battleground state, the numbers always tighten up and we will bring the McCain campaign back to Michigan by our own efforts statewide. Michigan Republicans are in to win!

Thanks to all for you for your continued support and never ending commitment to help turn Michigan around.  Together, we can make a difference!

BARACKBOOK vs FACEBOOK…here is a clever spoof on a "facebook" like page for Obama and his "friends".  Check it out.

MICHIGAN MATTERS…I taped "Michigan Matters" with Carol Cain, which will air this weekend. "Michigan Matters" airs Sunday on CBS Detroit Channel 62 at 11 a.m.  This week Dem Chair Mark Brewer and I talk about Hoogendyk, Taylor, Knollenberg, and Walberg.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED…IT AINT OVER UNTIL IT’S OVER…we are going to keep as many Victory Centers open as possible and need more volunteers to make phone calls, knock on doors and put up lawn signs.  The response has been overwhelming, but Michigan will be the key battleground state and we need EVERY person willing to help in anyway they can.  Thanks again for all you do!  For more info click here.





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No further commentary today…but we’re ready for a fight!





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Palin recaptures the magic, but will it work?


[email protected]
October 3, 2008

ST. LOUIS – For a single night at least, Sarah Palin was back, the homespun hockey mom voters once fell for hard.

She delivered a forceful but folksy debate performance designed to exorcise the memory of her recent disastrous TV outings – as someone who could bring soccer-sidelines common sense to a confused capital, the same appealing delivery that sent her approval ratings soaring just five weeks ago.

But just because it worked once for Palin doesn’t mean it will work again.

And a lot has changed since her debut acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention – most notably a financial crisis that has made voters feel like they’re not ready to take a chance with a relative novice like Palin.

The Palin Rebound

Published: October 2, 2008

There are some moments when members of a political movement come together as one, sharing the same thoughts, feeling the same emotions, breathing the same shallow breaths. One of those occasions occurred Thursday night when Republicans around the country crouched nervously behind their sofas, glimpsed out tentatively at their flat screens and gripped their beverages tightly as Sarah Palin walked onto the debate stage at Washington University in St. Louis.

There she was, resplendent in black, striding out like a power-walker, and greeting Joe Biden like an assertive salesman, first-naming him right off the bat.

Just as the midcentury psychologist Abraham Maslow predicted, Republicans watching the debate had a hierarchy of needs. First, they had a need for survival. Was this woman capable of completing an extemporaneous paragraph – a collection of sentences with subjects, verbs, objects and, if possible, an actual meaning?

Palin Says Democrats Looking Back as Biden Ties McCain to Bush

By Ken Fireman and Kristin Jensen

Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) — Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin combined a folksy appeal to Middle America with relentless criticism of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as she sought to establish her fitness for national office.

Her Democratic counterpart, Joe Biden, repeatedly tried to tie Republican presidential nominee John McCain to what he called the failed policies of incumbent George W. Bush during a vice presidential debate in St. Louis last night.

Palin, 44, sometimes used humor in seeking to deflect Biden’s criticisms as backward-looking partisanship that she said gave voters little idea of how he and Obama would govern.


House must pass flawed bailout bill

Senate’s economic legislation is overloaded with goodies

The House needs to quit dithering and adopt legislation that would prop up the nation’s financial system. The Senate has already adopted the bailout bill.

But does every piece of legislation passed in Washington have to look like a Christmas tree — festooned with shiny baubles to buy an isolated vote here or there?

We have a national economic crisis and the Senate loads the bailout bill with a provision to exempt children’s wooden arrows from an excise tax. It almost seems as though the lawmakers aren’t taking the nation’s dire economic crisis seriously.

Bailout gains key converts in House

Vote likely today on $700B revised rescue plan passed by Senate.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis / Associated Press

WASHINGTON — A wave of House converts jumped aboard the $700 billion financial industry bailout Thursday on the eve of a make-or-break second vote, as lawmakers responded to an awakening among voters to the pain ahead of them if stability isn’t restored to the tottering economy.

"A lot of people are watching," Bush pointed out — as if lawmakers needed reminding — and he argued from the White House that the huge rescue measure was the best chance to calm unnerved financial markets and ease the credit crunch. He was calling dozens of lawmakers, a spokesman said.

Black lawmakers said personal calls from Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama helped switch them from "no" to "yes." Republicans and Democrats alike said appeals from credit-starved small businessmen and the Senate’s addition of $110 billion in tax breaks had persuaded them to drop their opposition.

An Everyman on the Trail, With Perks at Home

Published: October 1, 2008

For the millions of voters getting to know him, Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, portrays himself at times as an average guy who takes the train to work, frets about money and basically has led a middle-class life.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your kitchen table is like mine," Mr. Biden said when Senator Barack Obama introduced him as his running mate. "You sit there at night after you put the kids to bed and you talk, you talk about what you need. You talk about how much you are worried about being able to pay the bills."

Mr. Biden certainly can trace his roots to the working-class neighborhoods of Scranton, Pa., and Claymont, Del., where he was raised. But these days, his kitchen table can be found in a 6,800-square-foot custom-built colonial-style house on four lakefront acres, a property worth close to $3 million.

Barack Obama is ‘aloof’ says British ambassador to US

By Toby Harnden in Washington
Last Updated: 10:54AM BST 03 Oct 2008

Sir Nigel Sheinwald, ambassador in Washington since last year, delivered his unvarnished assessment of the White House front runner in a seven-page letter to the Prime Minister, obtained by The Daily Telegraph, just before the Democratic nominee’s visit to Downing Street just over two months ago.

The candid letter, marked as containing "sensitive judgements" and requesting officials to "protect the contents carefully" gives a remarkable insight into how the Foreign Office views the political phenomenon who stunned Mr Brown’s inner circle by defeating their favourite, Hillary Clinton, in the Democratic primaries.

McCain Cancels Michigan Campaign

by  John Gizzi

Just hours after published reports yesterday that John McCain’s presidential campaign was dramatically scaling down its operations in Michigan, the state Republican chairman spelled out to me the unexpected decision that has left Republicans there speechless.

"The reports you’re getting are true," State Chairman Saul Anuzis told me, recalling how at 11:00 a.m. on October 2nd he had received a call from Republican National Committee Regional Political Director Chris McNulty informing him the McCain camp would be "reallocating resources" to Wisconsin and Ohio. 

Anuzis also said that "it would be very difficult to put the Electoral College map together for a [McCain win] without Michigan.  But we’re not giving up."

McCain campaign pulls out of Michigan

Decision alters strategy in race for White House; Move could hurt GOP in other Mich. races

Gordon Trowbridge and Deb Price / Detroit News Washington Bureau

John McCain’s decision to pull his presidential campaign out of Michigan has radically altered the quest for the White House and could harm the chances of Republican candidates down the ballot and across the state.

The decision to end Michigan-specific ads and transfer paid staffers elsewhere means Michigan likely won’t see much of McCain in the waning days of the campaign and likely ends his hopes of becoming the first Republican to win the state since 1988.

Republicans held out for a shift among voters that would reverse the withdrawal. "I have always said that the winds that drive presidential campaign decisions can shift and shift suddenly. I have no doubt the campaign will be back," said state GOP chairman Saul Anuzis.

Senate speeds surcharge’s exit

Dems object, say bills to ease business tax burden will cripple state budget

Gary Heinlein / Detroit News Lansing Bureau

LANSING — The Senate passed bills Thursday to accelerate the phase-out of a surcharge on Michigan’s main business tax, and provide tax relief to an estimated 50,000 Michigan companies.

The passage was a mostly party-line vote led by the Republican majority. Under the more-prominent of the two bills, a 22 percent surcharge on the Michigan Business Tax would be eliminated over a three-year period, rather than over 10 years.

It would drop to 14.66 percent next year, 7.33 percent in 2010 and disappear in 2011. The nine-month-old Michigan Business Tax replaced Michigan’s reviled Single Business Tax.