MI Morning Update: McCain-Palin a hit in West MI

47 Days Until Election Day

September 18, 2008


MCCAIN & PALIN ROCK WEST MICHIGAN… "The leader of the world will be Detroit Michigan" as McCain addressed the domestic auto industry…John McCain and Sarah Palin were awesome…excited the crowd, answered questions and clearly motivated our "troops" on the ground here in Michigan.  He closed by saying "We need to win the state of Michigan"…yes we can!

HIT OF THE NIGHT…the Democrat who stood up and said she was a Hillary supporter who was going to vote for McCain…and she said there are "millions" of Hillary supporters across this country that will be voting for McCain…don’t believe everything you hear from the media J

MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY ELECTORAL COLLEGE STUDY…Republican John McCain outpaced Democrat Barack Obama last week for the first time since Michigan State University’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research began tracking this year’s likely Electoral College vote. Without votes from the battleground states, McCain’s Electoral College standings rose from 182 last week to 212 this week. Obama’s status fell from 226 to 157 likely Electoral College votes. Together, the 13 states identified as battlegrounds represent 169 Electoral College votes. "This is the most volatile and unpredictable presidential race since 1948," said IPPSR Senior Researcher Nat Ehrlich, Ph.D., who designed the analysis.

NEWT ON SARAH PALIN…this is a video you MUST see.  Newt Gingrich does a great job explaining why the far left Democrats are freaking out about Sarah Palin and don’t know how to handle this "conservative" woman.  Please view it.

COMMENTARY ON SEPTEMBER 11th…I was asked to tape a short commentary for Detroit TV CBS’s "Michigan Matters" that played the week we commemorated the "9-11" terrorist attacks on America.  See it here.

RUSSIAN ARROGANCE GROWS…NOW THREATENING TO SEIZE SWATHE OF THE ARTIC…for oil and gas exploration.  Why not, they can use and expand their current control over much of the worlds energy supply to bully it’s neighbors and the world.

AMERICA NEEDS AN ENERGY POLICY…that will end our dependence on foreign oil.  We need to develop gas, oil shale, clean coal, biofuel, flexfuel cars, wind, solar, hydrogen and nuclear power NOW!  Drill here, drill now and pay less.  McCain has the right plan which would return to the American economy at least $500 billion of the $700 billion a year we send overseas for energy.  Obama opposes this plan.

NOTES FROM JANE…GOP Co-Chair Jane Abraham wrote a column on the blog "fact checking" Obama’s claim of equal pay for equal work…by looking at salary levels in his own office.  Ummm…funny how his own actions are coming back to "bite" him.

ARE WE FIGHTING A HOLY WAR…here is a great historical comparison of Sarah Palin’s response to Charlie Gibson and the rest of the liberal media who just doesn’t get it.

LEVIN WINS "PORKER OF THE MONTH"…Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) today named Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) its September Porker of the Month for attempting to give earmarks contained in committee reports the force of law.  Levin requested 255 earmarks for a total of $301.4 million, which made him the eleventh biggest porker in the Senate. GO Jack GO!

JACK HOOGENDYK FOR U.S. SENATE …to follow the latest on Jack’s campaign to defeat Carl Levin go to: http://www.jackformichigan.org/news/



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Palin Holds the Key to Michigan?

Posted by: Matt Lewis at 4:30 PM

As it becomes more obvious that the election will come down to traditional battleground states such as Ohio and Michigan, this afternoon, I decided to start talking to some folks with an expertise in these states. 

My first call was to my good friend John Dunagan, who served as the Michigan state director for the Bush-Cheney campaign in ’04.  I was surprised to hear that he believes Sarah Palin holds the key to McCain’s chances.

Following is his analysis … Michigan is a Democratic state.  Wayne County (home of Detroit) accounted for 18 percent of the vote in 2004.  With Obama on the ticket this time around, you can expect African-American turn-out to increase.  This time around, Wayne County might account for as much as 20 percent of the vote. 


Presidential hopeful also to make tracks in Grand Rapids 

By Gabe Gutierrez

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain started out his day-long Michigan visit Wednesday with a surprise stop at an Oakland County General Motors Corp. plant. McCain toured GM’s Orion assembly plant Wednesday morning. The plant makes Chevy Malibus and Pontiac G6s.

With his wife Cindy McCain by his side, McCain shook hands with plant workers. But he met some opposition. Several employees showed up to work with t-shirts and buttons supporting Demoratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama


Most questioners happy with responses at McCain, Palin town hall meeting

by Pat Shellenbarger and Emily Monacelli
Thursday September 18, 2008, 12:27 AM

GRAND RAPIDS — As an Hispanic woman and a Republican, Nereida Martinez wanted to know how can she persuade other Hispanics to support the Republican ticket? It’s a question clearly on John McCain’s mind, particularly since a recent nationwide Pew Hispanic Center Poll shows 66 percent of Hispanics favor Barack Obama versus 23 percent for McCain, and their influence on future elections is only expected to grow.

While Martinez did not specifically ask about illegal immigration, that was the question McCain answered. "We tried twice to pass comprehensive immigration reform and we failed because the American people did not believe that we would secure the borders," he said. "So we obviously have to secure our borders but we also have a temporary worker program that works, so people can come here and work temporarily and return to the country they came from."


Will Obama appear at U-M game?

September 18, 2008

The day after next Friday’s first presidential debate Democratic nominee Barack Obama will be back in Michigan. That first debate — on Sept. 26, at the University of Mississippi — will focus on domestic policy, suggesting that the economy will be the biggest talking point of the night.

The campaign couldn’t say where or exactly when Obama will be in Michigan on that Saturday. Here’s a guess though: That Saturday afternoon in Ann Arbor about 110,000 or so people will be gathered to watch the University of Michigan football team play the University of Wisconsin Badgers.


Gun control target practice

Donald Lambro
Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gun control has suddenly emerged as the toxic issue of the 2008 presidential campaign, endangering Barack Obama’s appeal among Democratic blue-collar and labor union households.

The freshman Illinois senator has a long record of favoring gun bans in Chicago and Washington, D.C., and a raft of other gun control bills that are anathema to gun owners, hunters and sportsmen alike.

He insists now he supports Second Amendment gun rights to keep and bear arms that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld when it struck down the D.C. gun ban in June. But he refused to join 77 of his colleagues who signed a friend of the court brief to end the weapons ban and remains sympathetic to a broad range of gun ban statutes.


Dems file suit against GOP over challenge to voters

By Charles Crumm
Journal Register News Service

Oakland County Republicans dismissed a lawsuit filed by Democrats Tuesday as a campaign ploy. Democrats and the Barack Obama campaign filed a lawsuit in federal court to prevent using foreclosure lists to challenge voters at the polls, a practice Republicans deny exists.

Meanwhile, the state Republican Party announced intentions to begin libel proceedings against a blog it says misquoted Macomb County GOP Chairman James Carabelli about the use of foreclosure lists unless there’s a retraction by the Michigan Messenger. "Obviously the Obama campaign has become desperate here," Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis said. "The polls are tightening here and nationally and this is a must-win state for the Democrats.

Hackers break into Palin e-mails
Post ‘grabs’ on Internet

Kara Rowland
Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hackers broke into a Yahoo e-mail account belonging to Republican vice-presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin, turning up personal e-mails and photos from state officials and family members. The McCain campaign verified the breach and strongly condemned "a shocking invasion of the governor’s privacy and a violation of law."

"The matter has been turned over to the appropriate authorities, and we hope that anyone in possession of these e-mails will destroy them. We will have no further comment," the campaign said. The leaked e-mails had circulated on the Internet on Wednesday. As of late Wednesday, screenshots were posted on Gawker.com.


Rangel ethics woes take scandal spotlight off GOP

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Democratic congressman who writes the tax code will be meeting the tax collector. Republicans couldn’t be happier.

Rep. Charles B. Rangel of New York, the gravelly voiced chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, discovered that he owes back taxes on rental income from his Dominican Republic beach villa.

Republicans, in the minority in both the House and Senate, desperately needed a new Democratic scandal. Before Mr. Rangel’s ethics troubles became known – and there has been no finding of wrongdoing – the GOP was trailing 7-2 in the most serious corruption tally: lawmakers indicted or convicted since 2000.


Engler calls mayor’s downfall ‘a tragedy’

David Shepardson / Detroit News Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON — Former Michigan Gov. John Engler called the scandal that led to the resignation of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick "a tragedy."

"The whole thing is a tragedy the way it unfolded. It’s not what the city of Detroit needed," Engler, who is president of the National Association of Manufacturers, told The Detroit News on Tuesday night after a speech of the Economic Club of Washington. "It’s been a black eye for the state, too, because all over American people are shaking their heads (saying), ‘What are you guys doing?’"

Engler didn’t second-guess Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s handling of a removal hearing for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. "I don’t give anything very much thought about the past in Michigan," he said. Engler also lamented the state of the economy in Michigan.


Michigan jobless rate rises to 8.9%
August numbers reflect plant shutdowns for summer, manufacturing losses, state agency says.

Louis Aguilar / The Detroit News

Michigan’s unemployment rate continues to rise to dismal heights, reaching 8.9 percent in August, up four-tenths of a percentage point from July, according to data released Wednesday by the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth.

The hike was blamed on the loss of 20,000 factory jobs, many of them tied to the annual temporary summer shutdown of automaker and supplier plants for model changeover. The shutdown extended beyond July into August this year, said Rick Waclaweck, director of the DLEG’s Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives.

"This is terrible," said Patrick Anderson, principal economist of the Anderson Economic Group in Lansing. "We are approaching an unemployment rate outside of recent history. The unemployment rate has hit levels not seen in Michigan since 1991and 1992."

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