MI Morning Update: McCain-Palin in GR Today; Democrats Culture of Coruption

48 Days Until Election Day

September 17, 2008


"Since the primary prerequisite for handling the presidency is to ignore the immensity of it, a president must find the confidence to do so in self knowledge… Reagan knows himself better than most presidents and has kept his identity separate from politics. Reagan knows who he is and therefore he possesses the first prerequisite for being a good president."
– John Sears


MICHIGAN CHAMBER…Mark Brewer and I had a debate at the Michigan Chamber Conference today…more taxes, more regulation and more of the same was the question.  If you like what Jennifer Granholm has done to Michigan, you’ll love what Barack Obama will do to America.

DEMOCRATS FABRICATE "FORECLOSURE" STORY…just an fyi…state Democrats and Obama campaign officials are perpetuating a story that "foreclosure lists" are being used in Election Day Activities.  Not true, no plans, no discussion, NEVER been raised.  Some left wing blogger floated a story and gullible main stream media picked it up. It’s very disappointing and frustrating…we just have to deal with this incompetence, left wing bias, or blatant stupidity and ignorance of some.

TODAY… REFORM TEAM COMES TO MICHIGAN…GRAND RAPIDS…McCAIN & PALIN…join us Wednesday, September 17 at Grand Rapids Community College at 4:30 for a "Straight Talk Town Hall Meeting". 

DEMOCRATS CULTURE OF CORRUPTION…CHARLIE RANGEL…didn’t pay taxes for some 20 years on income from rental properties he owns.  This is the TOP Democrat on the tax writing House Ways and Means Committee.  Talk about a double standard for you and me…the Democrats aren’t going to walk away from this one very easily.  Let’s see if the press sweeps this one under the carpet???

DEMOCRAT WILLIAM JEFFERSON…another friend of Charlie Rangel, Congressman William Jefferson faces 1-count federal indictment surrounding the almost $100,000.00 in cash found in his "freezer" (not kidding) in his office.  Oh, those clever Democrats.

OBAMA HOLLYWOOD FUNDRAISER…for $28,500 a plate, Obama hosted a fundraiser at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel with film and television executives and stars.  Estimates are that it was the biggest single fundraiser day, raising over $9 million from regular hockey moms, working class people and small business owners…maybe not?  But he’s NOT the candidate of big money according to the press…he’s the "messiah", the "one" that the media has chosen for "us".



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Voters tout Knollenberg in new ads

September 17, 2008

The air wars in Oakland County have begun. U.S. Rep. Joe Knollenberg started airing two cable television commercials this week touting his re-election bid. The Bloomfield Township Republican is facing a tough challenge from former state Sen. and Lottery Commissioner Gary Peters, a Bloomfield Hills Democrat.

In addition to the two ads, which feature constituents who say they’ve been helped by Knollenberg, the veteran congressman has put 25 testimonial videos from residents of the 9th Congressional District on his campaign Web site.

The ad buy comes as Peters and special interest groups also have ads on the air. Also in the race are Douglas Campbell of the Green Party, Adam Goodman of the Libertarian Party and independent candidate Jack Kevorkian, the assisted-suicide advocate.


Candidate haunted by odd campaign video

Of The Oakland Press

WATERFORD TWP. A candidate for state representative is apologizing for a YouTube video that he said he innocently posted online. Scott Hudson, a Waterford Township resident who is running as a Democrat for state representative in the 43rd District, posted a video that shows him talking to a donkey.

In early versions, where a small number of miniature donkeys are crowded around him, he mentioned being seated near an "ass’s ass," and he titled one video, "the Ass Whisperer." Those videos are no longer online. "I apologize if I offended anyone with my video of outtakes released on YouTube," Hudson said. "I removed the video as soon as I received one complaint." Hudson said the project was innocently conceived. The symbol of Democrats is a donkey, he said.


Obama’s ‘Yes we can’ theme needs second act

By Alex Castellanos

In theater, they say the second act is the hardest to write. It requires relentless focus and discipline. The writer must give himself fearlessly to one central idea and never waver, though temptation is the opposite: There are many paths a story can take. So it is in politics, as Barack Obama’s campaign is learning.

The clear campaign of change ran into trouble in Act II when it was tasked with explaining what change actually meant. Obama, as they say in show business, "ran out of script." The wind in his sails stalled in the hot calm of August and he has yet to recover. After John McCain’s improbable resuscitation to seize the GOP nomination, the Arizona senator’s top aides briefed him about his exacting challenge: He would go into the conventions trailing Obama by at least 8 percentage points and then battle back through the fall to parity.


McCain says Obama is ‘making up facts’

9/16/08 5:46 PM EDT  
Sen. John McCain says his rival is "making up facts" and ‘hurling insults" to try to get the upper hand in the campaign now that voters are worried about the nation’s financial meltdown. McCain has been under fire for taking liberties with the charges in his TV commercials, but now he says Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is the one trying to mislead voters.

"Let’s have some straight talk," McCain said in Vienna, Ohio. "Sen. Obama is not interested in the politics of hope. He’s interested in his political future, and that is why he is hurling in insults and making up facts about his record. Today he claimed that the congressional stimulus package was his idea. That’s news to those of us in Congress who supported it. Sen. Obama didn’t even show up to vote.


GRCC preparing for McCain and Palin

By Marc Thompson

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain and his running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, will hold a town hall meeting Wednesday in Grand Rapids. The event will take place at the Ford Fieldhouse on the campus of Grand Rapids Community College. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. with the event beginning at 7 p.m. Stay with 24 Hour News 8 and WOODTV.com for complete coverage.

It will be the first town hall meeting in the country for McCain and Palin since they accepted the nominations at the Republican National Convention on September 1. GRCC officials say the McCain campaign office distributed some 3,500 tickets, including 500 for GRCC students faculty and staff. Classes will go on as scheduled Wednesday.


Wall Street’s Woes Challenge Both Candidates


In his reaction to the Wall Street meltdown, John McCain is playing the part of Teddy Roosevelt, man of the people: Don’t use taxpayer money to bail out greedy financial titans, he says, and don’t be afraid to regulate Wall Street. Barack Obama is playing the part of — well, Barack Obama, man of change: This mess proves what I’ve been telling you, he’s saying, that the team in charge of the economy has to get off the playing field. Oh, and I saw this coming, and they didn’t.

That’s the picture that emerges from the campaigns’ initial reactions, and conversations with some key advisers, in the wake of Wall Street’s weekend walk on the dark side.

The common thread in the two campaigns’ reactions is the recognition that when household names such as Lehman Brothers Holdings and Merrill Lynch are going down the drain, the problems on Wall Street can’t be ignored on the campaign trail. In fact, those woes, long removed from the economic debate, now figure to be a fixture in the campaign’s last 50 days.


Rangel Won’t Step Down as Panel Chair During Probe

By Christopher Lee
Wednesday, September 17, 2008; A11

Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) will not give up his powerful committee chairmanship while he is being investigated for possible ethics violations, a decision supported by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the congressman’s lawyer said yesterday."Mr. Rangel has not considered, nor has it ever been on the table, that he would step aside from his current position as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee," Lanny Davis said.

Rangel, 78, has faced increasing pressure to vacate his committee post while the House ethics committee conducts inquiries into his financial and tax filings, real estate deals and fundraising for an academic center that bears his name. Pelosi, who met with Rangel on Monday, said Tuesday: "I see no reason for Mr. Rangel to step down."

Ken Spain, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said Democrats have "embraced the politics of corruption with open arms." Rangel acknowledged last week that he failed to disclose and pay taxes on at least $75,000 in rental income from a villa in the Dominican Republic that he has owned for 20 years — a house financed, in part, with a no-interest loan. He has said he would amend his returns and pay back taxes of more than $10,000.


House OKs drilling; GOP calls it ‘hoax’
Many fields remain off-limits

Sean Lengell
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Democrat-led House, facing voter outrage over high gas prices, late Tuesday approved a bill allowing some new offshore oil drilling, though critics say the plan would still leave most known underwater oil fields off-limits.

The bill, which would include $18 billion in tax incentives over 10 years for alternative energy and energy- efficiency improvements, passed by a vote of 236-189. But the vote fell significantly short of the two-thirds majority needed to overcome a threatened White House veto. And it’s uncertain whether and when the Senate will take up the bill.

Still, with the November elections looming, Democrats are hoping to use the vote as proof they are serious about increasing the nation’s domestic oil supply.


Kilpatrick takes 5th 82 times
Newspaper says it advances claim for texts, but mayor’s side disagrees

September 17, 2008

Following the lead of his former chief of staff, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination 82 times Tuesday during sworn testimony in a newspaper Freedom of Information lawsuit.

"I’m asserting my Fifth Amendment privilege," Kilpatrick said repeatedly in response to questions from newspaper lawyers about whether he exchanged text messages with former chief of staff Christine Beatty, whether he has signed a city policy warning city employees that their text messages were public records and whether his wife, Carlita Kilpatrick, or father, Bernard Kilpatrick, had text-messaging devices.

During the 80-minute session at a downtown Detroit law office, the mayor also refused to discuss individual text messages between him and Beatty, who invoked her Fifth Amendment right 61 times during a deposition Sept. 3 in Southfield.

Special election set; Bing makes a move

September 17, 2008

The Detroit City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to hold a special election to fill the remainder of resigning Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s term, putting pressure on potential candidates to make their move.

One such possible candidate, businessman Dave Bing, changed his voter registration from his home in suburban Franklin to an apartment on East Jefferson in Detroit.

Candidates must file for the Feb. 24 special primary by Oct. 14. The top two finishers in the primary will advance to the May 5 special general election. Bing did not return a message seeking comment, but the Southfield Township Clerk’s Office said it had been notified Bing changed his registration to a Detroit address. The Secretary of State reported a change in Bing’s driver’s license address to the Detroit location.

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