MI Morning Update

55 Days until Election Day

September 10, 2008


"You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them…And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." – Sen. Barack Obama


VICTORY CENTERS…as Michigan grows in importance nationwide as the key "bell weather" state in America, we will be increasing our Victory Centers over the next couple of weeks to number over 30 statewide!  We are committed to doing everything we can to deliver for the McCain-Palin ticket this November!  We need your help.

BROOKS PATTERSON & DANIALLE KARMANOS …held fundraisers in Oakland County last night.  Brooks is Oakland County’s Executive who many ponder "what it would be like if he were governor" as many yearn for leadership.  Danialle Karmanos is running for Wayne State University Board of Governors, had a great turn out of the who’s who in the metro Detroit business community supporting her efforts to help make WSU a great urban university. Michigan Republicans were again, fired up!

LAWYERS vs NON-LAWYERS…Obama and Biden are lawyers…McCain and Palin are not…another great reason to vote for McCain-Palin.

NEWT ON DETROIT…Newt Gingrich tries to start an "honest conversation" about the failure of the city of Detroit.  A powerful conversation about what is going wrong in Detroit…only like Newt can tell it.

RUSSIANS STILL IN GEORGIA…INCREASING TROOP PRESENCE…VIOLATING THE LASTEST FRENCH BROKERED AGREEMENT…apparently the Russians could care less about international law, the United Nations, or any other generally accepted rule of law.  They will sign anything that is to their advantage and then violate and ignore anything if it benefits them to do so.  The world should act and prepare accordingly…this is NOT a good thing.  If we can’t defend our friends…at least we should help arm them to defend themselves.

JACK HOOGENDYK FOR U.S. SENATE…to follow the latest on Jack’s campaign to defeat Carl Levin go to: http://www.jackformichigan.org/media.htm

SLATECARD…AN EASY WAY TO CONTRIBUTE TO OUR FRIENDS…Slatecard was designed to allow easy, online way to contribute and support our candidates for federal office. Please take a minute to check it out…and hopefully help.





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Cindy McCain in Pontiac Saturday

PONTIAC — Cindy McCain, wife of the Republican presidential nominee, will headline the Oakland County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner on Saturday.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Marriott at Centerpoint, 3600 Centerpoint Parkway in Pontiac. Tickets are $65 per person or $720 for a table of 12. For information or to order tickets, call the county party headquarters at (248) 655-0501.

Cindy McCain was most recently in Oakland County last month, when the McCain campaign made stops in Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills.

Effort to recall Dillon is headed to ballot


The recall of the highest-ranking Democrat in the Michigan Legislature, House Speaker Andy Dillon of Redford Township, got the green light from a federal appeals court Tuesday and will appear on the ballot Nov. 4.

The recall election will be the first aimed at a state lawmaker to reach voters since two state senators were recalled in 1983.

Dillon was targeted for his role in last year’s decision to raise state taxes to balance the budget. His name also will appear on the ballot as a candidate for re-election to another term.

Pelosi to push for billions in loans to automakers

White House says it’s writing rules


WASHINGTON — The Bush administration took a step Tuesday toward backing up to $50 billion in loans sought by the auto industry on the same day that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she’d push for approval of the aid package.

The U.S. Department of Energy said it had begun writing the rules for how the money would be lent, a move that makes it more likely that the industry could start borrowing during the next few months, if it can navigate the election-year politics on Capitol Hill and gain the president’s full support.

Michigan’s congressional delegation met twice Tuesday to map a strategy for getting the money through Congress in less than three weeks.

State energy bill will hit consumers hard

The Detroit News

Michigan has no hope of returning to economic growth if it chokes off its energy supplies or makes electricity prohibitively expensive. That truth should guide lawmakers this week as they struggle to reach a compromise on a comprehensive energy plan for the state.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm and House Democrats are asking for an energy bill that, among other things, would mandate 10 percent of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources — wind, water, biofuels, etc. — by 2015 along with a 5.5 percent requirement for reducing overall energy use.

The bill would end the subsidization of household electricity bills by industrial customers. And it would allow utility companies to overrun the cost of construction projects by 17.5 percent without returning to the public service commission for approval.


State reform proposal again gets put in its proper place — off the ballot

September 10, 2008

Looks as if Michigan Democrats will have to try to take control of state government the old-fashioned way — by wining elections. The state Supreme Court on Monday upheld a Court of Appeals ruling blocking a Democrat-designed overhaul of the state Constitution from the Michigan ballot this fall.

The Reform Michigan Government Now! proposal was exposed this summer as a scheme to throw disgruntled state voters some populist bones — shrink government, cut the pay and benefits of public officials — in a bulky set of constitutional changes really intended to knock Republican judges off state courts and give Democrats an unearned parity in the redrawing of political district boundary lines. It was a cynical scheme, plain and simple, reflecting a lack of confidence on the part of Democratic operatives that the party will in the foreseeable future produce the candidates or ideas to take full control of state government.

The state Supreme Court, which would have been cut from seven justices to five had the proposal passed, ruled 6-1 to keep it off the ballot, with the majority offering varied reasons, including the fact that the proposal was too sweeping to be a single ballot question and impossible to reduce to the requisite 100 words for voters to consider in the booth.

Cockrel jumps into mayoral race

Several others undecided; scheduling of 2 special elections delayed

Christine MacDonald and Leonard N. Fleming / The Detroit News

DETROIT — Days after Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick quit midterm, the campaign season to succeed him has begun — and early indications are it could be a humdinger: four contests in 14 months.

Hours after his colleagues postponed for a week a vote on scheduling two special elections, Kenneth Cockrel Jr. — the current council president and incoming interim mayor — Tuesday confirmed his intentions to campaign for the job. For now, he’s running only to fill Kilpatrick’s term that expires Dec. 31, 2009, postponing an announcement on whether he’ll seek a full four-year term. "I’m not planning on going anywhere," Cockrel said. "I will be running in it."

And so could plenty of familiar faces, possibly including Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans, businessman Dave Bing, the Rev. Nicholas Hood III, 2005 Kilpatrick challenger Freman Hendrix, Wayne County official Bella Marshall, former Police Chief Benny Napoleon and Kilpatrick general counsel Sharon McPhail.

The John McCain I got to know

By FRED THOMPSON | 9/10/08 4:34 AM EST 

Although Americans are used to Labor Day campaign kickoffs, this year’s back-to-back political conventions meant exposure to more than the usual number of partisan promises of a bright future and excoriation of the opposition.

So, while most of us who address the national conventions like to think our words will make all the difference for our party and the great American who is our nominee, in reality our speeches usually just blend into a kaleidoscope of impressions the public takes from the week’s events.

That is why, in my own convention speech, I tried to tap into a sentiment already established in the public mind. I talked about John McCain’s remarkable and heroic record as a POW. But I also talked about the John McCain that I got to know while sitting in the desk next to his on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Could Clinton have Palin-proofed Dems?


Republican Rep. Candice S. Miller says Barack Obama had only one shot at Palin-proofing the Democratic ticket – and he missed it when he passed over Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate.

"Every woman in America knows what Barack Obama did to Hillary Clinton: He looked at her and thought, ‘There’s no way I’m doing that,’" said Miller. "If Hillary was on the ticket, he’d be in a much better position to win women voters."

Sarah Palin’s presence – coupled with Clinton’s absence – may be altering one of the great verities of American politics: that women voters overwhelmingly favor Democrats.

Three States Accused of Purging Voter Lists

Tuesday, 9 September 2008, 12:32 pm
Column: Steven Rosenfeld

The states are swapping data files to find duplicate names, but civil rights attorneys say they are not following federal law to remove them.

Election officials in a handful of states appear to be ignoring the federal law dictating the way registered voters may be purged from voter rolls, civil rights attorneys say.

National voting rights groups have contacted officials in Kansas, Michigan and Louisiana in recent weeks because those states appear to be purging registered voters after election officials found duplicate names and birthdays of people on their voter lists and in out-of-state databases, such as driver’s license records.

Russia plans 7,600 force in Georgia rebel regions

Tue Sep 9, 2008 4:40pm EDT

By Conor Sweeney and Oleg Shchedrov

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia announced plans on Tuesday to station about 7,600 troops in Georgia’s separatist regions, more than twice the number based there before last month’s war and a level likely to alarm the West.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said troops would stay in South Ossetia and Abkhazia for a long time to prevent any "repeat of Georgian aggression".

Moscow’s intervention in Georgia last month, in which its forces crushed an attempt by Tbilisi to retake South Ossetia, drew widespread international condemnation and prompted concern over the security of energy supplies.