MI Morning Update

56 Days until Election Day

September 9, 2008


"They say they are not going to tax you and your family just businesses. So as long as you do not buy food from a grocery store, gas from a gas station or get a paycheck from a business you have nothing to worry about." – Sen. Fred Thompson


OBAMA IN MICHIGAN…more empty promises.  The best way to describe his program is as "Granholm’s failed policies" here in Michigan, which has kept us in a single state recession for 6 years.  You can’t tax and spend your way out of a recession.  Eventually, someone has to pay the bills.

If you like what Jennifer Granholm has done for Michigan, you’ll love what Barack Obama will do to America.

OAKLAND COUNTY GOP DINNER…SPECIAL GUEST…CINDY MCCAIN…the Oakland County GOP announced that their special guest of honor and speaker for their 119th Annual Lincoln Day Dinner is Cindy McCain.  The OCRP dinner will be held this Saturday, September 13th at the Centerpoint Marriott in Pontiac on Square Lake Road just off of I-75. For tickets, please call OCRP Headquarters at 248-655-0501.

MSNBC ANUZIS vs BREWER…discussing the issues that effect Michigan on how you win Michigan’s Independent and Reagan Democrat voters.

A SOLDIER’S MESSAGE TO OBAMA…here is a youtube message prepared by a veteran who fought in Iraq to Senator Obama…a must see minute in a half message.

TOO FUNNY NOT TO WATCH…one of the funniest video’s about "the" Obama living legend, prepared by the Daily Show…He Completes Us.  You’ve got to check it out.

THE BIG SHOW…every Tuesday morning, Democrat State Chair Mark Brewer and I go head to head on WJIM with Michael Patrick Shiels.  We discuss the issues of the day the The Big Show is heard statewide on many local stations.  You can hear it online at http://www.wjimam.com/article.asp?id=505870

EYE ON MICHIGAN POLITICS…today on www.WWJ.com Tuesday September 9th from 10 a.m. until noon John Truscott, Greg McNeilly, Kerry Ebersole and Todd Cook will talk with: Former Congressman Joe Schwarz, Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans and Former press secretary Bob Berg. Topics will include presidential race, Detroit and the mayor’s scandal, and the stem cell ballot proposal. 

RUSSIANS STILL IN GEORGIA…apparently the Russians could care less about international law, the United Nations or any other generally accepted rule of law.  They will sign anything that is to their advantage and then violate and ignore anything when it benefits them to do so.  The world should act and prepare accordingly…this is NOT a good thing.

R.I.P. DONNA THAYER…long time Midland County GOP activist Donna Thayer passed away this weekend.  Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.





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Reform plan kept off ballot

Supreme Court upholds ruling that package would make too many changes to Michigan Constitution.

Gary Heinlein / Detroit News Lansing Bureau

LANSING — The Michigan Supreme Court ruled Monday that a wide-ranging proposal to scale back state government is too broad to be put to a statewide vote Nov. 4.

Its 6-1 decision upheld the Aug. 20 ruling of the Michigan Court of Appeals that banned Michigan’s elections bureau from going ahead with ballot language for the Reform Michigan Government Now proposition. Its backers had collected the required number of petition signatures.

"The instant proposal would alter or affect some 19,000 words of the Michigan Constitution and would alter or affect some 28 sections of this constitution, including four separate articles, thus affecting each of the branches of state government," the high court’s majority said.

Auto industry tunes up loan pitch on heels of Mae, Mac takeover

Ford exec: Credit crunch a burden


KANSAS CITY — Ford Motor Co. took the auto industry’s pitch for $50 billion in federal loans to the heartland Monday, stressing that the troubled credit markets make such loans even more essential.

Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s top manufacturing executive, told journalists attending the Society of American Business Editors and Writers fall conference in Kansas City on Monday that the federal government’s takeover of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac further highlights the need for support for automakers when it comes to access to capital.


Conyers to ‘evil’ media: ‘Leave me alone!’


If incoming Detroit City Council President Monica Conyers wants to persuade residents that she has learned to control her temper as she prepares to lead the council, Monday was a bad start.

Conyers, after exiting the elevators on the 13th floor of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, stormed into council offices ranting at the news media.

"You are all evil!" she shouted. "Please leave me alone!"


Obama assails McCain on economy in Michigan visits

9/9/2008, 1:51 a.m. EDT
The Associated Press

FLINT, Mich. (AP) – Pounding hard on a theme he hopes will win the hearts of Michigan voters, Democrat Barack Obama on Monday accused his Republican rival of wanting to stick with the economic policies that have made it harder for middle-class families to get by.

"You don’t have to tell the people of Flint or the people of Michigan that our economy is not in good shape," the Illinois senator told about 300 people gathered at Mott Community College in Flint. "You do need to tell John McCain – because just a few weeks ago he said the economy was fundamentally sound."

Obama made his fourth and fifth stops in Michigan in nine days, hitting the cities of Flint and Farmington Hills with a message tuned to the hardship caused by the state’s 8.5 percent unemployment rate, shrinking wages and falling home prices.

Palin Should Strike Fear in Democrats

By Jack Kelly

"You arrogant ass! You’ve killed us!" So said the executive officer of a Soviet submarine to his captain in Tom Clancy’s novel "The Hunt for Red October" after the captain had recklessly fired a torpedo that homed in on his own sub.

NBC’s David Gregory must have had similar thoughts as he noted, ruefully, that the news media’s assault on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin boosted substantially the television audience for her acceptance speech Wednesday night.

The Sixty-Day War

With one hastily made decision, John McCain upended the presidential race. An investigation of the bloody new political realities

By John Heilemann Published Sep 5, 2008

By the time Sarah Palin took the stage last week at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, her selection as John McCain’s running mate was looking like an even bigger gamble than when he’d announced it a few days earlier-and, hoo boy, that was saying something, since from the outset it seemed as if McCain had laid down his life savings on a million-to-one shot. The reaction of professional Republicans to the Palin pick fell somewhere along a continuum between shock and incredulity. Her résumé was tissue-thin and lacking even the faintest trace of national-security credentials. McCain barely knew her. The process by which she’d been vetted was hasty, half-assed, haphazard. Her rollout began with the announcement, on the first morning of the Republican convention, that her teenage daughter was pregnant. A steady drip-drip-drip of revelations about her past associations (with a Jews-for-Jesus preacher, a fringe political party, Pat Buchanan) and alleged ethical transgressions had the press scenting blood in the water. Reporters quickly hightailed it to Alaska. So did teams of Democratic opposition researchers and Republican lawyers. "It’s the worst mishandling of a V.P. choice since McGovern tapped Eagleton," said a prominent GOP strategist. "I’ll bet she is off the ticket inside of ten days."

The Media Plan to Destroy Palin

I was on C-SPAN on Saturday talking about media coverage of the campaign. They double-teamed me, with "progressive" Faiz Shakir and former NBC News journalist Marvin Kalb arguing that Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin should start going on shows like NBC’s "Meet the Press" to prove she’s worthy of the nomination. I said that would be a trap and politically suicidal.

The announcement has since been made that Governor Palin will sit down with ABC’s Charles Gibson for an interview this week. Democrats will be counting on Gibson to spring a trap on the Republican vice-presidential candidate and make her look like an ignorant buffoon on some issue or another.

Congress warms to new oil drilling


WASHINGTON (AP) – Senate Democrats promised a series of votes next week on offshore oil drilling as Republicans agreed Monday to let the Senate proceed on a defense bill that had been bottled up because of partisan disputes over the country’s energy priorities.

Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said he is ready to take up two proposals that would allow limited oil and gas drilling 50 miles off Florida’s Gulf coast and in the Atlantic off four southeastern states as well as a broader Republican drilling bill.

"We are offering Republicans multiple opportunities to vote for increased drilling," declared Reid, addressing what has become the biggest energy issue in Congress as well as in the presidential campaign.


Democrats must learn some respect

By Clive Crook

Published: September 7 2008 19:03 | Last updated: September 7 2008 19:03

This article is not the first to note the cultural contradiction in American liberalism, but just now the point bears restating. The election may turn on it.

Democrats speak up for the less prosperous; they have well-intentioned policies to help them; they are disturbed by inequality, and want to do something about it. Their concern is real and admirable. The trouble is, they lack respect for the objects of their solicitude. Their sympathy comes mixed with disdain, and even contempt.

The Vanishing Republican Voter

Published: September 5, 2008

I LIVE IN WASHINGTON, in a neighborhood that is home to lawyers, political consultants, television personalities and the chief executive of the TIAA-CREF pension fund. Not exactly an abode of the superrich, but the kind of neighborhood where almost nobody does her own yardwork or vacuums his own floor. Children’s birthday parties feature rented moon bounces or hired magicians. The local grocery stores offer elegant precooked dinners of salmon, duck and artichoke ravioli.

Four miles to the southeast there stretches a different Washington. More than one-third of the people live in poverty. Close to half the young children are overweight. Fewer than half the adults work. The rate of violent crime is more than 10 times that of the leafy streets of my neighborhood.