MI Morning Update

 57 Days until Election Day

 September 8, 2008


Obama vs. Obama…can’t just use "one" quote with him…

Obama: "I’ve said that we need to increase the size of our military, which politically, if it got to the floor, probably would pass. But there, as you know, [are] a whole bunch of folks on the left who think that that is a waste of money. I think it’s important for us to do." (ABC’s "This Week," 9/7/08)

Obama: "I will cut tens of billions of dollars in wasteful spending. I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems. I will not weaponize space. I will slow our development of future combat systems, and I will institute an independent defense priorities board to ensure that the quadrennial defense review is not used to justify unnecessary spending." (Sen. Barack Obama, Caucus For Priorities Response, 10/22/07) 


MICHIGAN IS EXCITED…in the last 72 hours, I’ve received more calls and emails about where to volunteer, where to get signs, where to pick up a bumper sticker and how to make contributions than I have in any given week of the campaign.  Michigan voters and Republican are excited…ready for the campaign ahead.  Join us!

One Victory Center reported over 400 people came in during the day asking for lawn signs!

JUST LISTEN TO THE RHETORIC…"change" is NOT a destination and "hope" is not a strategy.  I’m not sure how long America will buy into the Democrats shallow spin.

DEMOCRATS ARE SCARED…wow, what a round or morning talk shows Sunday as Democrats threw everything they could at the McCain-Palin ticket.  It’s clear they are worried about the initial response from America, as the latest Zogby poll shows McCain-Palin reform ticket leading Obama-Biden by 4%.  Gallup just released another poll with McCain up over Obama by 3%.  I would have never guessed that given the political environment.

OBAMA WANTS TO CHANGE AMERICA….McCAIN WANTS TO CHANGE WASHINGTON…I think as we now get to the specifics of what McCain’s vision for America is versus Obama’s vision (rhetoric) is…this race is going to be a very close race.

NANCY SKINNER…PAID SURROGATE…on this weekend’s "Off the Record" she all but admitted she was "offered" the job of paid surrogate by the Democrat Party to get out of the race with Gary Peters.  Central Michigan University pays Peters to campaign and the Democrat Party pays Skinners not to run…got to love it.

WHERE TO VOLUNTEER AND PICK UP SIGNS…STICKERS…see the list of Victory Centers below.  I have included the name of the Victory Center Director, their phone numbers and contacts.  Each center has reported increases in activities, volunteers and drop in for signs and stickers.  Republicans are fired up…and Independents and Hillary Democrats are joining us too!  See where to go below.





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Here is where to call and come volunteer, make calls, and/or pick up a lawn sign or sticker:

Brighton… Phil Kraft …(517) 993-7334…[email protected]

Kent… Chris Bradley…(517) 610-1260…[email protected]

Livonia… …(517) 610-1446…[email protected]

Macomb… Janice Nearon…(517) 610-9046…[email protected]

Traverse City… Brandon Darin…(517) 610-9877…[email protected]

Kalamazoo… Cassandra Basore…(517) 993-7128…[email protected]

Genesee… Mike Tellgia…(517) 610-1507…[email protected]

Ottawa… Chad Fauske…(517) 993-7313…[email protected]

Ann Arbor… Justin Zatkoff…(517) 610-1516…[email protected]

Jackson… Nicholas Diggs…(517) 993-7121…[email protected]

Lansing… John Witt…(517) 993-7128…[email protected]

Wyandotte… Pricsilla Parness…(517) 993-7288…[email protected]

Farmington Hills…Matt Chisholm…(517) 214-6106…[email protected]

Newago…Charlene Chansler…(231)92402735…[email protected]




The following stories and more are available at my Articles of Interest online.



McCain Moves Ahead, 48% to 45%

McCain enjoying increase in support following convention

PRINCETON, NJ — The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update shows John McCain moving ahead of Barack Obama, 48% to 45%, when registered voters are asked for whom they would vote if the presidential election were held today.

Convention lifts McCain over Obama

By Susan Page, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Convention has given John McCain and his party a significant boost, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken over the weekend shows, as running mate Sarah Palin helps close an "enthusiasm gap" that has dogged the GOP all year.

McCain leads Democrat Barack Obama by 50%-46% among registered voters, the Republican’s biggest advantage since January and a turnaround from the USA TODAY poll taken just before the convention opened in St. Paul. Then, he lagged by 7 percentage points.

Local Republican Congressional candidates see lift after GOP convention

Posted by Art Aisner | The Ann Arbor News September 07, 2008 00:30AM

Both local Republican U.S. congressman with contested campaigns left the Republican National Convention feeling positively unified behind a strong ticket and looking for a little lift in their respective races.

"We’ll help him and he’ll help us, there’s no doubt about it," said U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Tipton, referring to GOP presidential nominee John McCain. "I think his message will truly resonate with people who want to have reform in Washington. He’s not afraid to take anyone on."

Mich. Legislature appears close on energy plan

9/8/2008, 1:00 a.m. EDT
The Associated Press

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Lawmakers may be close to finishing up a state energy plan, but that’s not stopping critics from going after details of a requirement in the bills to use more renewable energy.

Although making Michigan less reliant on traditional sources of electricity is seen as a laudable goal, the timeline and price tag of the new renewable requirements are causing disagreements.

Critics say the bipartisan plan being negotiated is "unforgivably expensive." They wonder why customers would be charged more up front before seeing extra green power.


Cockrel, Kilpatrick to meet for ‘smooth transition’

Mark Hicks / The Detroit News

DETROIT — City Council President Kenneth Cockrel Jr. is slated to meet today with Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to review plans in preparation for Cockrel to succeed the mayor.

"They’ve each been working" on plans, Daniel Cherrin, Cockrel’s spokesman, said Sunday. "Tomorrow, they’ll see where to go."

Mayoral spokesman James Canning said agenda details were not available Sunday, but the meeting scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. in City Hall would "begin the transition."

Kilpatrick scandal carries national implications

September 8, 2008

Even with Kwame Kilpatrick in the slammer, Barack Obama will be dogged by the scandal that brought down Detroit’s mayor. For starters, Kilpatrick won’t be around to lead the get-out-the-vote effort in dependably Democratic Detroit, which could be decisive in the toss-up state of Michigan, where Obama clings to a slim lead over John McCain.

But beyond the mechanical breakdown, Kilpatrick’s salacious, headline-commandeering controversy has inflamed the racial tensions that have rived this region. Detroit is 81% black and the poorest city in America, according to new census data, while the surrounding suburbs are 81% white and include some of the most affluent enclaves in the country.


Obama’s verbal slip fuels his critics

Christina Bellantoni
Sunday, September 7, 2008

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Sen. Barack Obama’s foes seized Sunday upon a brief slip of the tongue, when the Democratic presidential nominee was outlining his Christianity but accidentally said, "my Muslim faith."

The three words — immediately corrected — were during an exchange with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on "This Week," when he was trying to criticize the quiet smear campaign suggesting he is a Muslim.

But illustrating the difficulty of preventing false rumors about his faith from spreading, anti-Obama groups within one hour of the interview had sliced it out of context and were sending it around via email. They also were blogging about it.


Small-town residents boo media with McCain

POSTED September 05 2008 3:02 PM BY Joseph Curl

CEDARBURG, Wisc. — Hundreds of angry people in this small town outside Milwaukee taunted reporters and TV crews traveling with Sen. John McCain on Friday, chanting "Be fair!" and pointing fingers at a pack of journalists as they booed loudly.

On the first leg of the "McCain Street USA" tour — which will take the Republican presidential nominee and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, to small towns across the heartland — the 30 or so reporters and crew were walking back to their buses to join the McCain motorcade when hundreds of townspeople started yelling.

Sarah Palin really is ‘the real deal’

By David Keene
American Conservative Union | 9/5/08 5:32 PM

As the word that Sen. John McCain was about to name Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate began to leak out early last Friday, conservatives were ecstatic and the mood of those converging on St. Paul began to change.

Many of those arriving to attend this year’s Republican National Convention were less than enthusiastic about their nominee for president. But they headed home ready to work their hearts out for him and Palin.

The conventional wisdom is that few people vote for or against a candidate for president because of the vice presidential candidate. The last time a running mate made the winning difference was arguably 1960 when Lyndon Johnson tipped the scales in favor of John F. Kennedy by delivering Texas "the old-fashioned way."

An Apostle of Alaska

We know the outlines-the moose-hunting mom who juggles BlackBerrys and kids. But what does she believe? The real Sarah Palin.

John McCain was not her dream pick. Only a year ago, when the Republican primaries were just beginning, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told NEWSWEEK that she wasn’t enthusiastic about anyone in the GOP field. McCain was languishing at 7 percent in the polls. Mike Huckabee was reduced to playing his electric bass to get attention. Palin, driving with a NEWSWEEK reporter along the highway from Anchorage to Wasilla, said she could understand why the country was enthralled by the race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. "When you talk about the Republican Party needing appealing candidates, darn right they do!" she said. "The Democrats, whether you like them or not … there is some dynamic there, and it’s something that the Republicans I think have lacked for some time."

Palin had a lot on her mind in summer, with the kids out of school and a state to run, and didn’t think she’d have time to focus on the race for a while. "I’m not overly excited yet," she said. "I will probably do what every American does and that’s really get plugged in, tuned in to what’s going on, when the field is set and that means there will be someone who stands out."