MI Morning Update 9-4-2008

61 DaysUntil Election Day

September 4,2008


“I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a "community organizer," except that you have actual responsibilities.”

“We tend to prefer candidates who don’t talk about us one way in Scranton and another way in San Francisco.”

“But listening to him speak, it’s easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform – not even in the state senate. “

Governor Sarah Palin…REPUBLICAN candidate for Vice President


PALIN…KNOCKS IT OUT OF THE PARK…GRAND SLAM… Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave a powerful and eloquent speech – and became the first woman to address a Republican convention as the party’s presumptive vice presidential nominee

Governor Palin electrified the convention and left zero doubt that she is qualified, experienced and ready to be the next vice president of the United States. She took her critics head on and and dispatched them with the poised and focus of tested leader sure of her convictions and ability. Barack Obama and Joe Biden, look out: Sarah Palin is in the house!

I guess I’m a “Palin conservative”…someone Reagan conservatives can relate to!

MULHERN ATTACKS PALIN…HYPOCRISY…OOPS, I guess only Harvard graduates are capable of doing more than one thing at once. Sexism at it’s highest…see more details below.

CONVENTION ACTIVITIES…BREAKFAST…Michigan born and raised Governor Mitt Romney was the hit of yesterday’s breakfast crowd. He was kind enough to hang around and shake hands, take pictures…and gave one of the most compelling speeches as to why we need to elect John McCain our next President.

Andy McCain told some great stories about his dad and spent some extra time visiting with various tables and thanking Michigan volunteers for all they do. After his remarks, he stayed around and took photos with many of our volunteers and activists.

Congressman Bob Portman made a strong case for John McCain’s election. He fired up the crowd and talked about how important Michigan and Ohio were going to be.

MICHIGAN BUSES ROLL FOR HURRICANE RELIEF EFFORTS….for two days in a row, Michigan volunteered to help prepare relief packages to be shipped to areas of need. We took our own buses down to the convention center, organizing our delegation to pitch in and do our part for our friends down south hit by the storm.

This was a great additional effort to the blood drive we hosted with the Red Cross the day before.

I’m proud to say we took Senator McCain’s message to heart…America First!

EVENING CONVENTION…what a great evening as Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Ruday Giuliani and Sarah Palin make it one of the best political days of the year.

Sarah Palin’s speech was clearly the highlight. She is clearly ready for prime time.

MICHIGAN RALLY…Please join John McCain, Cindy McCain and the Vice Presidential Nominee, Governor Sarah Palin at a Road to Victory Rally on September 5th in Sterling Heights, MI. The doors open at 3:00 p.m. and the program begins at 5:00 p.m. As the Senator, Mrs. McCain and the VP Nominee continue the momentum traveling across the country after next week’s National Convention, they would be delighted to have you join them at this rally.

Please pick up a free ticket to join us. You can reserve a ticket to pick up at one of our ticket distribution centers by following this link or email us at [email protected].

KILPATRICKS…DEMOCRATS…SCANDAL….please, just get it over with. Do what it takes to put this behind us. The City of Detroit needs to move on. The state of Michigan needs to move on. More than anything, we need leadership to help turn things around.




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First Gentleman Dan Granholm Mulhern, criticizing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for being a working professional woman, seem to ignore the fact that his wife and mother of his children is the governor of the 10th largest state in the nation.

I’d hate to be Dan Mulhern when his wife comes home from a long day at
the governor’s office. I sure hope the Governor’s residence has a comfortable dog house, because I think Dan is going to be using it for a while.

Mulhern went on to WJR-AM’s "Frank Beckmann Show" as a surrogate forDemocrat Presidential Nominee Barack Obama to continue the Democrat’smear campaign against Governor Palin. In particular, Mulhern personallyattacked Palin and her family. Listen to the full interview here.

To listen to Dan Mulhern’s interview, you have to ask whether he’s lost grip of his senses. One wonders if Dan Mulhern forgot the fact that he’s only got a job, because he’s married to the governor, who also happens to be working mom?


The following stories and more are available at my Articles of Interest online.

The New Life of the Grand Old Party

By Jonah Goldberg
National Review

St. Paul, Minn. — The biggest “prize” so far in the quest to destroy Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s vice-presidential candidacy is the “news” that her unmarried daughter is pregnant. I have little to say about that because I don’t think the press should be saying much more about it.

But what is remarkable is how little that or other revelations matter to the GOP rank and file. Simply put: They love Sarah.

This is my sixth Republican National Convention, and I’ve never seen anything remotely like the excitement Palin has unleashed. Some compare it to the enthusiasm for Ronald Reagan in 1976 or 1980. Even among the cynics and nervous strategists, there’s a kind of giddiness over John McCain’s tactical daring in selecting the little-known Alaskan.

Sarah Palin Has the Energy Answer

By Larry Kudlow

The number-one economic issue this election is gasoline prices at the pump. The tax-hike effect of surging oil on global markets that has translated to a huge spike at your local gas station has drained the economy of its vitality. It has damaged consumer purchasing power, made it tougher to pay mortgages on time, worsened the credit crunch, raised the inflation rate, undermined corporate profits, and thrown stocks into the first bear market in five years.

Of course, with all the political hoopla from the Denver Democrats, it’s easy to forget the populist revolt against high gas prices at the pump. Sen. Obama never mentioned skyrocketing pump prices or their devastating economic impact on ordinary working-class folks. But this is the energy election. It will determine our future peace and prosperity. And Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has the energy answer: Our abundant country can produce more energy at lower cost if government gets out of the way.

Coming from the natural-resource rich state of Alaska, Palin is an experienced energy expert. She knows more about the economics of energy than senators McCain, Obama, or Biden. And in this year of the oil-shock economy, Palin’s role will be absolutely crucial. “Obama is way off-base on all that. I think those politicians who don’t understand that we need more domestic supply of energy flowing into our hungry markets [are] living in la-la land. And we’re in a world of hurt if they’re agenda continues to be to lock up these safe, secure, domestic supplies of energy.”

Sarah Palin and a new feminism

By Kathryn Jean Lopez

St. Paul — “Sarah Palin is a huge threat,” Laura Ingraham explained to a receptive audience in a packed ballroom at the Crowne Plaza here on Tuesday afternoon.

Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin was supposed to appear Tuesday at the “Life of the Party” gathering of the Republican Coalition for Life, starring Phyllis Schlafly, but had to cancel the night before. Palin was to be the recipient of the group’s “Life of the Party” award for commitment to life. A member of Feminists for Life, as many now know, her youngest son suffers from Down syndrome; an estimated 90 percent of children diagnosed with Down syndrome in the womb are eliminated.

The first-term Alaska governor is otherwise a relative unknown to this crowd, but what they know about her is already a motivator for an infectious enthusiasm here.

Clinton aides: Palin treatment sexist


ST. PAUL, Minn. — Sarah Palin found some unlikely allies Wednesday as leading academics and even former top aides to Hillary Rodham Clinton endorsed the Republican charge that John McCain’s running mate has been subject to a sexist double standard by the news media and Democrats.

Georgetown University professor Deborah Tannen, who has written best-selling books on gender differences, said she agrees with complaints that Palin skeptics — including prominent voices in the news media — have crossed a line by speculating about whether the Alaska governor is neglecting her family in pursuit of national office.

“What we’re dealing with now, there’s nothing subtle about it,” said Tannen. “We’re dealing with the assumption that child-rearing is the job of women and not men. Is it sexist? Yes.”

“There’s no way those questions would be asked of a male candidate,” said Howard Wolfson a former top strategist for Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Sarah Palin and the Two Americas

By Thomas Lifson

Liberals have long lamented the existence of two nations in America. They are right to do so today, but in a way they never meant. It is not the divide between rich and poor which soon will be causing serious pain on the left. Sarah Palin’s pending nomination for Vice President is exposing the depth of the cultural divide between Middle America and the leftists who have taken over the education, media, and cultural establishment of our country.

The announcement of Palin’s selection by Senator McCain last Saturday reportedly triggered outright laughter in newsrooms across the land, a nearly unanimous opinion that she would be a disaster for McCain. To the sort of people who believe themselves sophisticated citizens of the world and feel a sense of pride at saving the planet by purchasing carbon offsets, a woman who has borne five children is incomprehensible. Add in moose-hunting, a champion snowmobiler husband and a pregnant 17 year old daughter, and the phrases "white trash" and "trailer trash" are deployed.

A desperate race is underway, with the liberal media scampering to define Sarah Palin to the public as a dangerous religious fanatic and naïve hick, some kind of back woods primitive incapable of effectively discharging the awesome job of president, soon to be thrust upon her as John McCain expires right after his inauguration. Tonight, Governor Palin will have her opportunity to speak directly to the American people, and thanks to the blizzard of critical coverage, she will be no doubt attract an enormous audience.

Right Has No Problems With Palin’s Troubles

by Linton Weeks – NPR

If you think the steady drip-drip-drip of disclosures about Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is crippling her candidacy, come to St. Paul.

There is no telling where the Palin story will end, but here at the national convention in Minnesota — where she is scheduled to speak on Wednesday night — the party faithful are ignoring verified revelations and vicious rumors. So far they are gung-ho about the Alaska governor. And whenever any naysayer says nay, many Palinites reply with a resounding, "Yea!"

Rep. Deborah Pryce of Ohio tells a breakfast group at the Crowne Plaza that she is excited about John McCain’s selection of Palin. "I am a pro-choice moderate Republican," says Pryce, but she admires the anti-abortion Palin. "She has lived her values," Pryce says of Palin. "She holds them and she lives them."

Black Republicans torn over Obama

Nolan Finley, The Detroit News

ST. PAUL, Minn. — There are African-Americans scattered throughout the crowd of Republicans inside the Xcel Center, but you have to squint to see them.

Henry Hatter of Flint is one of just 36 blacks among the 2,380 convention delegates, and he admits that even for him, a lifelong Republican, the decision to stick with the GOP in year when an African-American tops the Democratic ticket was a struggle.

"I would be disingenuous if I said I’m not wrestling with this," says Hatter, 71, a retired General Motors engineer who gave his heart to the GOP after shaking hands with Dwight Eisenhower on the City Hall steps in seventh grade.

Granholm’s hearing hinges on plea


Day 2 of Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s removal hearing against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick begins this morning — maybe.

"We will potentially reconvene tomorrow morning — potentially — after some proceedings in the morning," Granholm said Wednesday after more than seven hours of testimony in the Cadillac Place state office building in Detroit. "There is no notice to you as to the specific time. Most likely around 10. Just letting you know."

Intense media attention over the hearing Wednesday morning gave way to a sudden and dramatic shift back to Wayne County Circuit Court after Prosecutor Kym Worthy’s office released a statement that Kilpatrick would plead guilty at 5:15 p.m. Wednesday to an unspecified number of criminal charges in connection with the text message scandal.

The promised plea hearing, just as abruptly, was canceled, then tentatively rescheduled for 9 a.m. today.

Mayor has played enough games

BY Laura Berman

The word on the street is that Kwame Kilpatrick doesn’t want to go to jail.

Who does?

Detroit’s nominal mayor — his job hanging by the threads of 10 felony counts and a historic hearing to remove him — is like a smart-mouthed teenager trying to outmaneuver the principal by phoning his parents and suing the school district.

For a year now, as lawyer Michael Stefani testified for hours at Wednesday’s Cadillac Place hearing, the mayor has pretended that his cover wasn’t blown away by the winds of SkyTel’s text messages.

He’s postured and protested to constituents that he loves the city too much to leave.

"Men often kill the thing they love," the City Council’s lawyer, Bill Goodman, countered in his opening argument before Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Obama says Kilpatrick should resign

The Detroit News

A spokesman for the campaign of Democratic Sen. Barack Obama said Wednesday, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick should step down from office.

"Senator Obama believes that Mayor Kilpatrick’s ongoing troubles and the serious charges against him have been a distraction that the city cannot afford," said Obama spokesman Brent Colburn when asked Wednesday night.

"(Obama) believes it is time for the mayor to step aside so that the city can move forward and get back to business."