MI Morning Update

 79 Days until Election Day

 August 17, 2008


McCAIN ON GEORGIAN CRISIS… ‘Georgia remains in line for alliance membership, and I hope NATO will move ahead with a membership track for both Georgia and Ukraine. At the same time, we must make clear to Russia’s leaders that the benefits they enjoy from being part of the civilized world require their respect for the values, stability and peace of that world. … As I told President Saakashvili on the day the cease-fire was declared, today we are all Georgians.’

LESSONS FROM GEORGIA…since there is NOT much the western world can/will do to stop the aggression by despots and bullies, we should at least help arm our allies so they can try and help themselves.  Who’s next…Taiwan, Israel, new NATO members or the Ukraine?

MICHIGAN MATTERS…taped "Michigan Matters" with Carol Cain, which will air this weekend. "Michigan Matters" airs Saturday on CBS Detroit at 11 a.m. and is repeated on Sunday on CW 50 at 11:00 a.m.  We talk about McCain, Kwame and Russia.

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ABC’s "This Week" – Secretary of Defense Robert Gates discusses the on-going conflict between Russia and Georgia.  Former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney will also be a guest on the show.

CBS’ "Face the Nation" – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice discusses the on-going conflict between Russia and Georgia.  The show will then feature Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Indiana Democratic Senator Evan Bayh in a potential veep showdown.

NBC’s "Meet the Press" – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice discusses the on-going conflict between Russia and Georgia.  The show will then feature Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Virginia Governor Tom Kaine in a potential veep showdown.

CNN’s "Late Edition" – Secretary of Defense Robert Gates discusses the on-going conflict between Russia and Georgia.  The show will also feature a debate between key Congressional supporters of the Obama and McCain campaigns; Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Eric Cantor (R-VA)

"Fox News Sunday" – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice discusses the on-going conflict between Russia and Georgia.  The show will also feature a potential vice presidential debate hosting former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge and Democratic United States Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

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Republicans, Democrats choose sides as reform ballot issue awaits Tuesday court hearing

by Peter Luke | Lansing Bureau
Saturday August 16, 2008, 5:38 AM

LANSING — The fate of a politically popular sweeping change proposed for Michigan’s constitution could be decided in court before it reaches the November ballot.

While the rollback of the 2000 pay raise for elected officials is the headline change, the Reform Michigan Government Now initiative represents a broader partisan political battle that pits Democrats against Republicans.

Before that battle can be fully joined in the fall, however, a legal fight will have to play out.

Mich., Fla. soon could get full voting rights

8/16/2008, 2:45 p.m. EDT
The Associated Press

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Last year, Michigan and Florida Democrats were being told they would lose all their votes at the Democratic National Convention if they moved up their presidential primaries.

Now, the same committee that stripped Florida and Michigan of their delegates for violating party rules by holding early primaries is poised to suggest those delegates regain their full voting powers when the Denver convention starts in eight days.


Kilpatrick should resign before Granholm rules

It’s better for Detroit if the mayor leaves voluntarily

There’s very little left of his political fate that Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick can control, except for one thing: He can leave office voluntarily, rather than wait to be forcibly removed. Even Kilpatrick, who has stubbornly clung to his job for seven months while his legal troubles escalated, must recognize the inevitable. If he doesn’t, someone close to him should tell him the truth: He won’t be mayor much longer.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm, acting on a request from the Detroit City Council, will begin removal hearings on Sept. 3. Now that she’s started the process, it’s hard to conceive of any outcome other than the governor ordering Kilpatrick to go.

Kilpatrick’s legal woes a costly distraction

Citizens suffer as mayor’s quagmire siphons leaders’ attention from economy

Kwame Kilpatrick is not the most important person in the world, nor even in Michigan.

Only he seems to think so.

How else can the embattled mayor of Detroit justify in his mind everything he is tying up by clinging to office — the city, the courts, the county, the business community, the governor’s office, the attorney general’s office, regional issues, now even the leaders of the city’s churches have to pause in their important work to meet and confer on what’s to be done about Kwame M. Kilpatrick.

Obama slams Thomas; McCain slip may haunt


LAKE FOREST, Calif.-Given the sharp words exchanged between their campaigns in recent weeks, John McCain and Barack Obama put on a good show of civility Saturday at their first joint appearance of the all-but officially begun general election race.

Midway through the forum at Saddleback Church, McCain joined Obama on stage. The rivals, who have spent the summer quarreling as much over the definition of "celebrity" as the details of their policy proposals, exchanged a "man hug," a handshake followed by a one-armed embrace. Smiling and tieless, they took their place on either side of the Rev. Rick Warren, the evangelical preacher who brought them together.

Obama says pointed abortion query "above his pay grade"

DALLAS – U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama side-stepped a pointed query about abortion on Saturday by "mega-pastor" Rick Warren during a televised forum.

Asked at what point a baby gets "human rights," Obama, who strongly supports abortion rights, said: "… whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question  with specificity … is above my pay grade."

He went on to reiterate his view that it was important to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.

Pelosi OKs drilling vote, but at a price

By PATRICK O’CONNOR | 8/16/08 10:59 AM EST 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will grant the Republicans’ their big wish this campaign season – a vote on offshore oil and gas drilling – but only if the GOP accepts a few of her own demands.

Pelosi’s decision to relent on the drilling issue, laid out with new clarity in Saturday’s Democratic radio address, illustrates the political pressure Democrats are feeling this campaign season. But the legislative menu Pelosi envisions includes a number of offerings that Republicans have considered unpalatable, a clear indication she will force the GOP to give up a lot in exchange for more domestic oil and gas exploration.

McCain coy about running mate

He again pushes for nuclear plants

Sen. John McCain was mum about chances of his selecting Michigan native son and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as his vice presidential running mate during a campaign stop in metro Detroit last week.

But the Arizona legislator did have glowing things to say about the former Bain Co. CEO, whose name continues to be mentioned as a possible running mate.

"Mitt won millions of Republican voters, including here in Michigan where I’m sorry to say he beat me" in the state’s GOP presidential primary, McCain said.

Georgia: Let’s not start World War III

By Mike Jackson
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 17/08/2008

When the Cold War ended, there was a great sense of euphoria in the West and in the non-Russian republics of the Soviet Union. The nuclear sword of Damocles had been lifted, democracy had prevailed, peace dividends could be taken.

The non-Russian republics of the erstwhile union seized the opportunity to obtain their independence from Russia: the political map of eastern Europe, the Baltic, central Asia and – particularly – the Caucasus changed radically.

The end of the Cold War exposed the futility and pretence of the ideology which had underpinned the Soviet Empire – and also the falsity and pretence of the allegedly unified political construct that was the Soviet Union.

Bush tells Russia to get out of Georgia

Aug 16, 7:28 PM (ET)


CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) – President Bush warned Russia on Saturday against trying to pry loose two separatist regions in Georgia and said Moscow must end military operations in the West-leaning democracy that once was part of the Soviet empire.

Bush told reporters at his Texas ranch that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s signing of a cease-fire plan with Georgia was "a hopeful step." But Russia’s vision of Georgia without the provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia was a nonstarter, the president said.