MI Morning Update 8-12-2008

84 DaysUntil Election Day

August 12, 2008


RUSSIA CONTINUES SLAUGHTER OF GEORGIANS…in an unprecedentedshow of aggression, Russian troops are indiscriminately bombing andkilling thousands of civilians in it’s attempt to wipe outU.S. ally Georgia.  The world in shock and can only stand byand watch, as the old Russian bear emerges, with KGB Colonel Putinin charge. Collateral damage?  Where’s the outrage??? Somuch for change.

McCAINSTATES… “Russia’s aggression against Georgia isboth a matter of urgent moral and strategic importance to theUnited States. The implications go beyond their threat to ademocratic Georgia. Russia is using violence against Georgia, inpart, to intimidate other neighbors such as Ukraine, for choosingto associate with the West.”

LESSONS FROMGEORGIA…since there is NOT much the western world can/willdo to stop the aggression by despots and bullies, we should atleast help arm our allies so they can try and helpthemselves.  Who’s next…Taiwan, Isreal, new NATOmembers or the Ukraine?  Talk about shock andawe!?!

RUSSIA GONEWILD…now what?  Here are two good op-ed pieces worthreading…one by Congressman Thaddeus McCotter and the otherWilliam Kristol.


McCAIN vsOBAMA…so who do you trust to have the experience andjudgement to lead the free world during these troubled times? I think having Obama on vacation in Hawaii is  not all thatbad.

HOUSE REPUBLICANSACT ON KWAME KILPATRICK…if the Democrats in Michigandon’t turn out the lights like Pelosi did inWashington.  Michigan House Republicans called on HouseSpeaker Andy Dillon to take up the three House Republican measuresaimed at forcing the removal of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick andpreserving the credibility of the state of Michigan.  WillDillon and the Democrats act???

HOT AIRBALLOON…protesting higher gas prices…see options inFarmington Hills and Kalamazoo…more informationbelow.

RUBYCHERRY…passed away this weekend.  Ruby was one of ourfaithful GOP volunteers who always showed up at the headquarters inLansing to help with mailing or any other way she could. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

MICHIGAN GOP STATECONVENTION INFO…here is the information on our upcomingState Convention to take place Saturday, August 23rd.



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REMEMBER HITLER…AND THEWEST…The parallels are uncanny . . . .Hitler claimed theSudetens were “Germans” and Putin claims the SouthOssetians (and Abkhazians) are “Russians” . . . Hitlerclaimed the Czech “committed atrocities” againstGermans in the Sudetenland, and the Russians claims Georgian“atrocities” against Russian“peacekeepers”, and in September 1939, when the Polessaid the Germans had staged the “murder of German borderpatrols” on the Polish border, the Germans said “ThePoles are spreading lies, and the western press is mouthing theirlies.”
KGB Colonel Putin appears to be a good student of history.

BREITBART REPORTS: Swarms of Russian jets bomb Georgiantargets

TBILISI, Georgia (AP) – Swarms ofRussian jets launched new raids on Georgian territory Monday andGeorgia faced the threat of a second front of fighting as Russiademanded that Georgia disarm troops near the breakaway province ofAbkhazia.
While a senior Russian general insisted that Russia has no plans topress further into Georgian territory—its troops are now intwo breakaway provinces—the order to disarm carried thethreat that Russian-sponsored fighting would spread.

The new air forays into Georgia—even as Georgian PresidentMikhail Saakashvili on signed a cease-fire pledge—appeared toshow Russian determination to subdue the small, U.S.-backedcountry, which has been pressing for NATO membership. Russia fendedoff a wave of international calls to observe Georgia’s pleas for atruce, saying it must first be assured of Georgia’s retreat fromSouth Ossetia.

The United States is campaigning to get Russia to halt itsretaliation and American officials have accused Russia of using thefighting to try to overthrow the Georgian government. PresidentBush, who has encouraged Georgia’s efforts to join NATO, said hespoke with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the Russianpresident.


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Georgia ‘overrun’ by Russian troops as full-scale ground invasion begins

Georgian officials tonight claimed the country had been ‘overrun’ by Russian troops after a full-scale ground invasion.

Amid reports that Moscow forces had taken the town of Gori – andwere marching on the capital Tsblisi – Georgian soldiers appeared to bein full retreat.

Troops were apparently in complete chaos as a full-scale rout pushed them back through the countryside.

Meanwhile, the civilian crisis intensified with thousands ofrefugees fleeing the  seemingly unstoppable  advance of the Russianarmy.

Will Russia Get Away With It?


In August 1924, the small nation of Georgia, occupied by Soviet Russiasince 1921, rose up against Soviet rule. On Sept. 16, 1924, The Timesof London reported on an appeal by the president of the GeorgianRepublic to the League of Nations. While “sympathetic reference to hiscountry’s efforts was made” in the Assembly, the Times said, “it isrealized that the League is incapable of rendering material aid, andthat the moral influence which may be a powerful force with civilizedcountries is unlikely to make any impression upon Soviet Russia.”

“Unlikely” was an understatement. Georgians did not enjoy freedom again until 1991.

Today, the Vladimir Putins and Hu Jintaos and Mahmoud Ahmadinejads ofthe world — to say nothing of their junior counterparts in places likeSudan, Zimbabwe, Burma and North Korea — are no more likely than wereSoviet leaders in 1924 to be swayed by “moral influence.” Dictatorsaren’t moved by the claims of justice unarmed; aggressors aren’tintimidated by diplomacy absent the credible threat of force; fanaticsaren’t deterred by the disapproval of men of moderation or refinement.

Bush Questions Moscow’s Motives

By Karen DeYoung
Washington Post Staff Writer

President Bush said yesterday that Russia’s military attacks in Georgia may be designed to unseat the pro-U.S. government there, a move he warned would represent a "dramatic and brutal escalation" of a conflict that American officials have begun to describe as a return to Cold War-style aggression

In a brief and unusually stern Rose Garden statement shortly after his return from the Beijing Olympics, Bush called Russia’s actions "unacceptable in the 21st century." He urged Moscow to withdraw its forces from Georgia and accept a European peace plan.

But beyond a reference to damage inflicted upon "Russia’s standing in the world," Bush made no mention of any potential consequences if Russia fails to comply. As European leaders began shuttling between the Georgian capital of Tbilisi and Moscow and French President Nicolas Sarkozy prepared to travel there today, the administration was searching for options to deal with a crisis it described in the most dire terms.

McCain condemnation upstages Bush

By Edward Luce and Andrew Ward in Washington

It took four days and a growing chorus of criticism from conservatives before George W. Bush on Monday matched John McCain’s tough stance on Russia. Having on Monday morning again been upstaged by the Republican presidential candidate, who had called for the US administration to come together with its allies in “universal condemnation of Russian aggression” in Georgia, Mr Bush finally followed suit.

In a late afternoon statement following his return from the Olympics in Beijing, Mr Bush accused Russia of a “dramatic and brutal escalation” in Georgia with the aim of overthrowing its “duly-elected government”.

The statement, which was noticeably tougher than the administration’s previous comments on the crisis, followed a phone call on Sunday from Dick Cheney, the vice-president, to Mikheil Saakashvili, the Georgian president, in which he said that “Russian aggression must not go unanswered”.

What to do about Moscow’s attack against its neighbor

Thaddeus G. McCotter
Monday, August 11, 2008

The invasion of Georgia by Russia last Friday confirms that a new generation of Lenin’s "useful idiots" are alive and well. Senator Charles Schumer,apparently now a lead negotiator for Russia, recently opined thatRussia could be persuaded to support stronger sanctions against Iranif, in return, the United States refused to share its anti-ballisticmissile shield with our allies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

In support of his deal to feed CEE to the revanchist Russian bear,Senator Schumer claimed our missile shield "mocks Mr. Putin’s dream ofeventually restoring Russian hegemony over Eastern Europe."

It should. Mr. Schumer noted: "[Former KGB Lt. Colonel and currentRussian strong man Vladimir Putin] seeks to regain the power andgreatness Russia had before the fall of the Soviet Union." The SeniorSenator from New York says this like it’s a good thing, failing to notethat this brand of "power and greatness" was premised on the SovietUnion’s authoritarian grip over CEE nations’ peoples; the poignantsavagery of the gulags; and the unpardonable sin of tens of millionsslaughtered in the name of Mother Motherland.

Pelosi indicates openness to offshore drilling vote

By Mike Soraghan

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday night dropped her staunch opposition to a vote on offshore oil drilling in the House.

Republicans, reacting to high gas prices, have demanded a vote on additional oil exploration in the Outer Continental Shelf, where drilling is currently blocked by a moratorium. Until now, Pelosi (D-Calif.) has resisted the idea as a “hoax.” But in an interview on CNN’s Larry King Live, she indicated that she was open to a vote.

“They have this thing that says drill offshore in the protected areas,” Pelosi said. “We can do that. We can have a vote on that.”

The Obama/Wright/Kilpatrick Collision

By Steve Mitchell

Two percent. That’s the percent of voters outside the "Motor City"that have a favorable impression of embattled Detroit Mayor KwameKilpatrick. You don’t have to be a pollster to understand how stronglydisliked Kilpatrick is throughout Michigan.

Sit in any restaurant or bar, and all you hear is people talkingabout Kilpatrick’s troubles. Indicted in March on eight felony countsfor committing perjury during a whistleblower trial that eventuallycost the city about $9 million, the Mayor spent one night in jail onAugust 7th for violating his bond and then was arraigned the next dayfor a new crime. In the latest charges, Kilpatrick is accused ofassaulting two sheriff’s deputies as they were trying to serve one ofhis close friends with a subpoena.

And, what does this have to do with Barack Obama? Although Kilpatrickhas distanced himself from Obama and Obama has distanced himself fromKilpatrick, they are both inextricably linked to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.And, that is Obama’s problem.

AG’s Office: Mayor Violated Bond Again

Reported by: Ann Mullen

(WXYZ) Special Assistant Attorney General Douglas Baker filed a motion this morning to amend Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s bond.

Baker argues in the court filing that the mayor violated his bond by having contact with his sister, Ayanna Kilpatrick, over the weekend at their mother’s home.

State Attorney General Mike Cox charged the mayor with two counts of assault and obstruction of justice last week. Kilpatrick allegedly shoved and cursed Deputy Wayne County Sheriff Brian White, the lead investigator in Kilpatrick’s criminal case in which the Mayor and his former chief of staff, Christine Beatty, are accused of perjury and other illegal acts. At the time of the alleged assault, White was attempting to serve a subpoena on the mayor’s friend Bobby Ferguson. JoAnne Kinney, an investigator for the Wayne County Prosecutor, was with White at the time.

Granholm outlines procedures for mayor removal

The Associated Press

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Jennifer Granholm will preside over a trial-like hearing to decide whether to boot Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office.

The Democratic governor said Monday there will witnesses subject to cross-examination along with exhibits, opening statements and closing arguments at the hearing set to begin Sept. 3 in Detroit.

The Detroit City Council has invoked a little-used state law to ask Granholm to remove the Democratic mayor from office for misconduct by not revealing a confidentiality agreement linked to an $8.4 million settlement in a police whistleblower’s lawsuit.

Government programs like stealing


Edgar K. Browning, professor of economics at Texas A&M University, has a new book aptly titled "Stealing from Each Other."

Its subtitle, "How the Welfare State Robs Americans of Money and Spirit," goes to the heart of what the book is about. The rise of equalitarian ideology has driven Americans to steal from one another. Browning explains that certain kinds of equality have been a cherished value in America. Equality under the law and, within reason, equality of opportunity is consistent with a free society. Equality of results is an anathema to a free society and within it lie the seeds of tyranny.

Browning entertains a discussion about when inequalities are just or unjust. For example, college graduates earn income higher than high-school dropouts. Some people prefer to work many hours and earn more than others who prefer to work fewer. Students who spend 25 or more hours a week on classroom preparation earn higher grades than students who spend five hours.