Articles of Interest 8-10-2008 Russian Attacks, Kwame in Trouble, Energy Debate, Pelosi Protest

86 Days Until Election Day

August 10, 2008


RUSSIAWATCH…this is a serious matter we should notignore.

ENERGY CONTINUES TODOMINATE THE DEBATE…Americans are upset over ever increasingprices, not only at the pump, but everything that is affected byrising energy prices.

ANN ARBOR PELOSIPROTEST…here is a great “summary video” preparedby 7th District Chairman Wyck Seelig.  Congrats and job welldone to our local Republican activists who showed up and helpedmake this such a great success.

FOXNEWS…CAVUTO…covered our Pelosi rally Thursday and dida follow-up interview Friday live on national TV.  We calledon the Democrat controlled Congress to come back from their 5 weekpaid vacation and vote on domestic drilling and a comprehensiveenergy policy NOW!  See the interviews here.


McCAIN SUPPORTS ACOMPREHENSIVE ENERGY PROGRAM…that includes domesticdrilling, nuclear, wind and solar power…to make Americaenergy independent.

MICHIGAN GOP STATECONVENTION INFO…here is the information on our upcomingState Convention to take place Saturday, August23rd.




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30,000 homeless as achaotic conflict intensifies

By Shaun Walker, KimSengupta and Rupert Cornwell in Gori, Tbilisi andWashington

As many as 2,000people may have been killed and 30,000 made homeless as the chaoticconflict between Georgian and Russian forces in the pro-Moscowenclave of South Ossetia entered its second bloody day.

Georgia’s parliamentapproved a state of war across the country for the next 15 days,while also calling for a ceasefire. The Russian President, DmitryMedvedev, said that there would be no talks until Georgian troopsleft the conflict zone. And, in what could be a second front,Abkhazia, another pro-Russian enclave in Georgia, said its forceshad begun an operation to drive out Tbilisi’s forces.

The situation on theground in South Ossetia, most of whose population are ethnicRussians, remained highly confused. Russia said it had seized SouthOssetia’s capital, Tskhinvali, but Georgia denied this. Russia,which sent in tanks to back the South Ossetians, said its forceshad "liberated" the enclave’s capital, but Georgia responded thatTskhinvali was under its "complete control".

Russian Ships Steam Toward Georgia as ConflictGrows

By Paul Abelsky andAlex Nicholson

Aug. 10 (Bloomberg)– Russia sent warships from the Black Sea fleet toward Georgia asit stepped up its conflict with the former Soviet republic over theseparatist South Ossetia region.

The ships included avessel based in the naval port of Sevastopol and four others fromNovorossiysk, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported, without saying whereit got the information. Georgian Economic Development Minister EkaSharashidze said a ship carrying grain to the Georgian port of Potiwas turned away by a Russian warship, suggesting an economicblockade.

“Russia has shownitself capable of crossing every line in this conflict,”Sharashidze said in a telephone interview late yesterday fromTbilisi, the Georgian capital.

Georgia ProposesCease-Fire With Russia

NPR.org, August 9, 2008 

A delegation of U.S.and European diplomats is reportedly heading to the former Sovietrepublic of Georgia to try to broker a truce in the escalatingconflict with Russia over the breakaway region of SouthOssetia.

Georgia’s PresidentMikhail Saakashvili has proposed a cease-fire, while accusingRussia of seeking to destroy his country. Russian President DmitryMedvedev says Russia is trying to force the Georgian side topeace.

Georgialaunched a major offensive Friday to retake control of SouthOssetia. Russia, which has close ties to the province and postspeacekeepers there, responded by sending in armed convoys andmilitary combat aircraft.

Obama Tax Plan WouldBalloon Deficit, Analysis Finds

ByLori Montgomery – Washington Post Staff Writer 
On the campaign trail, Sen. Barack Obama bashesPresident Bush for "reckless" economic policies that are"mortgaging our children’s future on a mountain of debt." But theDemocratic presidential candidate has adopted a key component ofBush’s fiscal policy: A novel bookkeeping method that guaranteesthat the $9.5 trillion national debt will get much bigger.
When Obama promises to cut taxes for the middleclass without increasing the deficit, he is measuring his proposalsagainst the large deficits that would result from Bush’s plan toextend his signature tax cuts beyond their 2010 expiration date.Because Obama wants to eliminate some of the Bush tax cuts, hewould bring more money into the Treasury, permitting him to pay fornew programs without increasing the deficit even more.

But under current law, all the tax cuts expire and the deficitdisappears completely. Democrats in Congress have vowed to preservethe Bush tax cuts only if they can cover the cost and keep thebudget in balance. Measured against current law and against thepromises of his fellow Democrats, Obama would rack up hugedeficits. According to a recent analysis by the nonpartisan TaxPolicy Center, Obama’s tax plan would add $3.4 trillion to thenational debt, including interest, by 2018.

Why not drill anddevelop new energy sources?

Charles Krauthammer – Detroit News

Let’s see: housing meltdown, credit crunch, oil shock not seensince the 1970s. The economy is slowing, unemployment growing andinflation increasing. It’s the sixth year of a highly unpopular warand the president’s approval rating is at 30 percent.

The Italian Communist Party could win this election. TheAmerican Democratic Party is trying its best to lose it.

Democrats have the advantage on just about every domestic issuefrom health care to education. However, Americans’ greatest concernis the economy, and their greatest economic concern is energy (by asignificant margin: 37 percent to 21 percent for inflation). YetDemocrats have gratuitously forfeited the issue of increaseddrilling for domestic oil and gas. By an overwhelming margin of2-1, Americans want to lift the moratorium preventing drilling onthe Outer Continental Shelf, thus unlocking vast energy resourcesshut down for the last 27 years.

Will lawmakers’fears cost state new energy policy?


Michigan’s legislators appear poised to blow it again.

Poised to punt away a chance to create thousands of jobs.

Poised to again display cluelessness, rather than leadership,about the need for a bold, new approach to energy policy.

Members of the state House and Senate do have a chance this weekto redeem themselves, to earn respect from a citizenry that sadlyhas come to expect ineptitude.

MayorSpotted At Ontario Water Park 

Detroit Mayor KwameKilpatrick had court permission to travel to New York and otherlocations before he was jailed for an unauthorized trip to Windsor,Ontario, his public relations representatives saidSaturday.
The statement did not say ifKilpatrick had been approval to leave the U.S.Marcus Reese withImpact Strategies of Washington, D.C., sent this statement to Local4 in response to reports that said Kilpatrick was in Windsor twodays before another cross-border visit that landed him in jail forviolating his bond.

“The Mayor took a courtapproved trip to Ithaca, NY for a seminar. He flew to Ithaca anddrove back to Detroit by the most direct route; through Buffalo,Niagara Falls and Windsor making stops at other small towns alongthe way. The Mayor also flew to Tallahassee on a court approvedtrip, then drove back to Detroit making stops in Atlanta to visitthe King Center (also court approved), Chattanooga, and Cincinnati.Another trip occurred to Chicago and was again, court approved. Onthe way back he stopped in Indiana. Each time the Mayor opted todrive back, sometimes to enjoy the company of family members butother times because he simply enjoys the solitude of driving. Eachtrip was court approved, within the court approved timeframe,albeit through different jurisdictions and was the most directroute back to Detroit.”
Kilpatrick may haveviolated bond, Cox spokesman says

David Josar / TheDetroit News

DETROIT — A spokesman for Attorney GeneralMichael Cox said Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick may have brokenconditions of his bond if he had contact with his sister Saturdaymorning while visiting his mother’s house.

Kilpatrick, alongwith his executive protection police unit, was at the home of themayor’s mother, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick on Saturday at the sametime his sister was seen entering and leaving the home.

On Friday, amagistrate in 36th District Court barred Kilpatrick from havingcontact with witnesses to an assault the mayor is accused ofcommitting July 24. The mayor’s sister, Ayanna Kilpatrick, andmembers of his executive protection unit, were among the witnesseslisted.

Readers soundoff on Detroit mayor becoming a nationalstory


"I think we all make mistakes because none of us are perfect. The mayor may have ventured outside the moral/legal laws of this society, but I don’t think his life needs to be completely destroyed because of his mistakes, said Calvin in Southfield. "We all have made mistakes in our past, and I’m sure, we will continue to make mistakes in our futures. However, if we can get in touch with the spiritual side of our humaness and engage in a ‘daily moral inventory’ I am sure our mistakes will become less and less injurious to ourselves and others."

"I was actually dissapointed when the people of Detroit reelected Kwami. He had already demonstrated that he was willing to use tax payer money for his personal life. And for him to suggest that the Suburbs were against the city was racially motivated. It shows me where the uneducated citizens stand. I know they don’t all feel that way, said a reader in Rochester Hills. "The fact that Kwami won’t go without a fight, shows his selfishness. Does anybody really believe that Kwami cares more about the city than his own self perception? I don’t believe he’s there to serve the citizens."

"I think he, or anyone for that matter, who violated bond conditions, deserve to go to jail. The judge did what is called for. In this age of high technology communications, the mayor could still have ‘presented’ himself in the Canada meeting via video conferencing and thus not violating his bond conditions," said a reader inFarmington. 

Out of jail, now Kilpatrick needs to leave office


Detroit Mayor KwameKilpatrick managed to get himself sprung from the Wayne County Jailafter his lawyers convinced one judge that another should not haverevoked the mayor’s bond.

Kilpatrick, no doubt, was glad to be home for theweekend.

But his tetheredliberty changes substantially nothing of the situation at hand. Injail or out, Kilpatrick is a renegade officeholder, charged nowwith 10 felonies (including the two he caught in another courtFriday afternoon after being un-jailed) and a constantembarrassment to himself and this city. He has still got to go, andthe sooner the better.


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