MI Morning Update

87 Days until Election Day

August 9, 2008


RUSSIA INVADES GEORGIA…this is unacceptable and the civilized world and the United States should condemn this action and take steps to end this conflict.  Below is Congressman Thaddeus McCotter’s statement.

PELOSI RALLY HIGHLIGHTS…7th District Chairman Wyck Seelig prepared a video of the event which provides a great summary and here are some additional photos of the event as well…a great lesson on how to engage the Democrats on a winning issue…we should challenge Democrats on this statewide!

FOX NEWS…CAVUTO…covered our Pelosi rally Thursday and did a follow-up interview Friday live on national TV.  We called on the Democrat controlled Congress to come back from their 5 week paid vacation and vote on domestic drilling and a comprehensive energy policy NOW!

GRANHOLM E-MAIL…the header "help me keep Michigan blue" — aren’t her economic policies accomplishing just that?? :)). If you feel blue because you’re taxed too much, don’t vote that way or you’ll be taxed even more.  She makes my argument to the people of Michigan again.

If you like what Jennifer Granholm has done to Michigan, you’ll love what Barack Obama will do to America…side note, when referring to Granholm at her book signing, Speaker Pelosi suggested we might want to change the constitution…oh please!

OLYMPICS…what an impressive opening ceremony…we can only hope this is a new beginning for China…one of freedom and basic human rights as the eyes of the world are on them…and they are exposed to the rest of the world.  President Bush said "We strongly believe societies which allow the free expression of ideas tend to be the most prosperous and the most peaceful."





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RUSSIA INVADES GEORGIA…CONGRESSMAN McCOTTER’S STATEMENT…WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Republican Policy Chairman, Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) issued the following statement condemning today’s Russian invasion of Georgia:

Watching the Russian tanks and planes rolling into the sovereign country of Georgia eerily echoes the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan.

Because ending this Russian invasion and avoiding an escalation of this conflict is critical to the liberty and stability of Central and Eastern Europe, President Dmitry Medvedev must immediately and unconditionally terminate this invasion and remove all Russian troops and armaments from the sovereign soil of Georgia. 

Already, in retaliation for international political disagreements with free and sovereign nations, Russia has cut the Czech Republic’s crude oil supplies by forty percent in retaliation; threatened military action against both the Czech Republic and the United States; and, cyber-attacked three hundred Lithuanian government and private websites.

Clearly, this invasion of Georgia is no isolate crisis; it is a dangerous component of Russia’s revanchist attempt to economically and militarily compel her former prisoners into a newly minted submission. 

Thus, I urge President George Bush and the leaders of our Free World to concertedly work to defend the sovereignty, security, and liberty of the Georgian people.

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Pelosi met by fans and protesters at Ann Arbor book tour stop

Posted by Tracy Davis | The Ann Arbor News August 08, 2008 07:23AM

Greeted by a throng of admirers and a few dozen protesters, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stopped in Ann Arbor Thursday night to hawk her new book.

The California Democrat, who spoke at Border’s downtown store, talked about women and leadership in the course of her hour-long talk, moderated by Michigan Radio’s Charity Nebbe. Her book, "Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters," charts her path to Congress and eventual ascension to becoming the first woman speaker of the House.

Court Fight in Michigan


"The court Ronald Reagan really wanted" is how conservatives in Michigan refer to their state Supreme Court.  Four of the seven justices are firmly-committed strict constructionists:  Chief Justice Cliff Taylor (two-time Republican U.S. House candidate and Federalist Society member), Maura Corrigan (boomed by the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol and other conservatives for the Supreme Court seat that eventually went to Samuel Alito), Steve Markman (onetime assistant U.S. Attorney General under Reagan and professor at Hillsdale College), and Bob Young (former general counsel to AAA Michigan and the lone African American on the court).

Rounding out the court are two decidedly liberal, Democratic-named  justices — Marilyn Kelly and Michael Cavanagh, brother of the late Detroit Mayor (1961-69) Jerome Cavanagh — and Betty Weaver, a Republican appointee who almost always rules with Kelly and Cavanagh.

Cox: Criminal case against mayor is simple, serious

He expects Kilpatrick to be tried soon on assault charges

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox said his criminal case against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is simple and should be tried within 90 days.

The pair of assault charges announced Friday pose yet another threat to the livelihood of the 38-year-old mayor, who has insisted on remaining in office while battling eight other felony charges and possible removal hearings by the City Council and Gov. Jennifer Granholm. The other criminal charges all relate to the text message scandal reported by the Free Press in January.

Kilpatrick was charged with two counts of assaulting or obstructing a police officer in the furtherance of duty for allegedly shoving a sheriff’s deputy into the deputy’s partner on July 24. The felony charges against the mayor each carry a penalty of up to 2 years in prison upon conviction. If he is convicted of a felony, he would automatically be removed from office.


High-tech ankle teather gives Kilpatrick’s location at all times


It’s sure not bling like the flashy jewelry that characterized Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s early days, but the new black plastic GPS tether the mayor is now wearing around his ankle is the latest in electronic monitoring device technology, able to pinpoint his location in real time, down to a couple dozen feet.

Kilpatrick was fitted with the device Friday afternoon at the Wayne County Sheriff’s downtown jail, said department spokesman John Roach. The mayor’s tether comes from Omnilink, an Alpharetta, Ga.-based company that also provides similar gear for Oakland County and other Michigan jurisdictions.

Pro-Obama Group Threatens Republican Donors

Friday, August 8, 2008 11:08 AM

By: Jim Meyers 
A new left-wing organization that wants to help elect Barack Obama president is sending letters to nearly 10,000 major donors who contribute to Republican causes, threatening them with potential legal problems if they finance conservative groups.

The nonprofit organization, Accountable America, is even offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the criminal conviction or fines of at least $10,000 for violations of campaign finance laws or other statutes by a conservative group, according to The New York Times.


Why is Obama trailing Dems in the polls?

Nancy Kruh

Barack Obama jets off Friday for a weeklong Hawaiian vacation — and none too soon for the politerati now mulling a new survey that shows 48 percent of all voters have been "hearing too much" about the Democratic candidate.

The nonpartisan Pew Research Center for the People & the Press has diagnosed its finding as "Obama Fatigue."

No matter that a transfixed punditry may have had a hand in it. Instead, the poll is now feeding growing speculation that the candidate’s support has hit a ceiling. "There may be a political downside to Obama’s charisma that has nothing to do with snarky McCain TV spots linking him to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton ," Salon columnist Walter Shapiro writes. "… There comes in politics a moment where what was once exhilarating (a presidential nominee who is the hopeful embodiment of 21st-century America) becomes predictable and commonplace."

Obama, Clinton try to downplay their rift

Video sparks roll-call rumors
Donald Lambro
Friday, August 8, 2008

Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday were trying to mediate the lingering estrangement between their two camps that erupted anew when the New York senator said she wanted to have her supporters heard and "respected" at the Democratic National Convention this month.

In a closed door California fundraising meeting with supporters July 31, Mrs. Clinton said that there was an "incredible pent-up desire" among her followers to vent their feelings about her suspended candidacy and her historic campaign and that she was seeking a "strategy" for her delegates to do that at the end of this month when Democrats gather to formally nominate Mr. Obama for president.

Edwards admits to affair, denies fathering child

Stephen Dinan
Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edwards admitted Friday he did have an affair during his presidential campaign and repeatedly lied about it as he was seeking the White House.

"I had hoped it would never become public," Mr. Edwards said in a statement. (To read the text of the statement, click here.) The former trial lawyer said he felt able to lie about the affair because the National Enquirer didn’t get some details exactly right in its first story last year exposing the affair.

Georgia says Russian aircraft bombed its air bases

Aug 8 03:21 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

DZHAVA, Georgia (AP) – Russia sent columns of tanks and reportedly bombed Georgian air bases Friday after Georgia launched a major military offensive to retake the breakaway province of South Ossetia, threatening to ignite a broader conflict.

Hundreds of civilians were reported dead in the worst outbreak of hostilities since the province won defacto independence in a war against Georgia that ended in 1992. Witnesses said the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali was devastated.

"I saw bodies lying on the streets, around ruined buildings, in cars," said Lyudmila Ostayeva, 50, who had fled with her family to Dzhava, a village near the border with Russia. "It’s impossible to count them now. There is hardly a single building left undamaged."

Georgia says Russian tanks mean ‘war’ in South Ossetia

Russia sent troops and dozens of tanks and armoured vehicles into the breakaway Georgian province of South Ossetia today, vowing to protect its citizens in a move described by Tbilisi’s pro-Western Government as an act of war.

A South Ossetian rebel minister said that more than 1,000 people had been killed in overnight shelling of the city of Tskhinvali, the separatist capital which Georgia claimed today to have captured.

In probably the most serious regional crisis since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, at least 50 Russian tanks – and possibly many more – rumbled through the Roki tunnel, which cuts through the Caucasus mountains separating South Ossetia from the Russian province of North Ossetia.