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93 Days until Election Day

August 3, 2008



OUTRAGE…America should remember that House Democrats shut down debate on energy policy that would have helped lower gas prices and took a 5 week vacation instead.  There IS a difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Please check out the article below from The Hill newspaper, as well as this article from Politico.


A TIME FOR CHOOSING… The WSJ reports…’the Republican Party is facing what Ronald Reagan called “a time for choosing.” A real argument is raging over how much it should turn its back on the bad habits that cost it control of Congress in 2006′.

BARACK OBAMA…THE ONE?!?…this is a video you have to see.  Again, in his own words…it should raise some “doubts” in your mind.

OBAMA…CELEBRITY #1…Beating out all the semi-porn videos and some Miley Cyrus riff, John McCain’s ‘Celeb’ ad was the most viewed video on YouTube this week.  The tally as of Saturday at 7:25 p.m. was 1,405,356 views.

OBAMA….he’ll say…and has said ANYTHING to get a vote.  Politics as usual…or even worse.  See, in his own words…how he will take any and every position he thinks will be politically expedient.

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ABC’s “This Week” – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and former Gov. Tom Ridge, R-Pa.; David Gergen, former White House adviser.

CBS’ “Face the Nation” – Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin; Carly Fiorina, adviser to John McCain’s campaign.

NBC’s “Meet the Press” – Sens. John Kerry, D-Mass., and Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.

CNN’s “Late Edition” – Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.; former Rep. Rob Portman, R-Ohio; Kenneth Blackwell, former Ohio secretary of state; Ron Kirk, former Dallas mayor; Maj. Gen. Mark Hertling, the commander of U.S. forces in northern Iraq; Tzipi Livni, Israeli foreign minister; James K. Glassman, undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs; Laura Tyson, adviser to Barack Obama; Nancy Pfotenhauer, adviser to McCain.

“Fox News Sunday” – Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and former Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D.; Ashley Judd, actress.

POWERLINE BLOG…Barack Obama — fighting to keep us stupid…It’s unfortunate that, at least until this Friday, Barack Obama opposed off-shore drilling. Still, this is a policy issue on which reasonable minds probably can differ and certainly could before gasoline prices skyrocketed. But, as I set forth below, Obama has also led a one-man crusade to keep the American people ignorant about what’s at stake in the debate over off-shore drilling. This, it seems to me, is almost criminal.

Here’s the background. In 2005, Congress considered energy legislation that included an off-shore inventory. Obama voted to kill the off-shore inventory provision. So, unfortunately, did John McCain. However, the effort to kill the inventory failed, and the first inventory report was issued in February 2006.

Obama, though, did not give up in his efforts to keep the public ignorant. In January 2007, he proposed legislation to eliminate the authorization to conduct the inventory, as established in the 2005 law. Obama’s bill is S. 115. The key provision is section 101(a)(5). It provides that “Section 357 (42 U.S.C. 15912) (relating to comprehensive inventory of OCS oil and natural gas resources)” is “repealed as of the date of enactment of this act.”

Ironically, Obama called his legislation “The Oil SENSE Act.” How audacious a label for an act that would deprive the public of key information relevant to deciding whether off-shore drilling makes sense. As far as I know, Obama’s legislation is still pending.

It’s wonderful that Obama now thinks it might be ok to drill off-shore, provided that such drilling is part of an “overarching really thoughtful” energy package. Perhaps now, as part of the package, Obama will stop opposing an inventory of our off-shore energy assets. After all, if Obama is prepared to support drilling, he no longer needs to keep voters in the dark about what we are losing by not drilling.

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Renier and Schauer campaigns argue about Big Oil

Nick Schirripa • The Enquirer • August 3, 2008

“Last week, Tim Walberg received another check from big oil. It happened to be a $1,000 thank you check from Exxon Mobil’s political action committee,” Schauer said on the show. “I have never received a contribution from these folks.”

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis called Schauer out for the “I never” part of that statement.

“Mark Schauer flat-out lied to the public about receiving campaign contributions from the oil industry,” Anuzis said in a news release. “Although he has accepted tens of thousands of dollars in the past, he has the audacity to criticize his opponent for receiving far less. Schauer’s hypocrisy and dishonesty on this issue should raise serious questions for south-central Michigan voters as to what kind of congressman Schauer would be.”


Who’s winning in the MI-7: Schauer or Walberg?

Posted by Susan J. Demas | Capitol Chronicles | Analysis August 03, 2008 01:14AM

Who’s winning? Who knows?

That’s the real story in the 7th Congressional District, the hottest race in Michigan, not counting the U.S. Senate battle. (Will sacrificial lamb state Rep. Jack Hoogendyk (R-Kalamazoo) manage to break 40 percent against Carl Levin? Stay tuned.)

In an interesting development, both U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Tipton) and state Sen. Mark Schauer (D-Battle Creek) have released their internal polling.


Tough labor climate isn’t helping state


BATTLE CREEK — From May 6-8, about 30 high-powered people from around the world, all involved in the secretive Project Polar Bear, gathered at the Yarrow Golf and Conference Resort.

Their mission: To hear and analyze the state of Michigan’s pitch for why German auto giant Volkswagen AG should locate a new auto assembly plant and 2,000 jobs in Marshall, a small town near Battle Creek.

Michigan had been competing against six southern states for the VW plant, code-named Project Polar Bear, and had made the cut as one of three finalists, along with Alabama and Tennessee.


Time offers a sad perspective on Kilpatrick’s words


That was Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick on Jan. 4, 2002, after being sworn in for his first term. Sounded good then. Sounds different now, since we know that “personal” apparently meant personal gain, personal power and personal privilege as this “Son of the City” started acting like its prince.

Many of Kilpatrick’s words take on a different meaning in the glare of the text message scandal that has engulfed the administration and led to eight felony charges against him.


On Debates, Obama Backs 3 With McCain

Published: August 3, 2008

WASHINGTON (AP) – Backing away from Senator John McCain’s challenge for several Lincoln-Douglas-style debates, Senator Barack Obama agreed Saturday to the three standard meetings proposed by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

In a letter to the commission, the Obama campaign manager, David Plouffe, said the short period between the Republican convention that ends Sept. 4 and the first proposed debate made it likely that the commission-sponsored debates would be the only ones.

“We’ve committed to the three debates on the table,” said Jen Psaki, a campaign spokeswoman for Mr. Obama. “It’s likely they will be the three appearances by the candidates this fall.”


McCain vetting Va. congressman as possible veep

Originally published 12:39 a.m., August 3, 2008, updated 12:30 a.m., August 3, 2008

RICHMOND, VA. (AP) – John McCain’s campaign has asked Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor for personal documents as the Republican presidential candidate steps up his search for a running mate, The Associated Press has learned.

Cantor, 45, the chief deputy minority whip in the House, has been mentioned among several Republicans as a possible running mate for McCain. A Republican familiar with the conversations between Cantor and the McCain campaign said Cantor has been asked to turn over documents, but did not know specifically what records were sought.

The individual spoke on the condition of anonymity because neither the McCain campaign nor Cantor’s office wishes to discuss the running mate selection process.


McCain chides Obama over school vouchers

Originally published 12:40 a.m., August 2, 2008, updated 12:31 a.m., August 2, 2008

ORLANDO, FLA. (AP) – John McCain, the father of private school students, criticized Democratic rival Barack Obama on Friday for choosing private over public school for his kids.

The difference, according to the Arizona Republican, is that he _ not Obama _ favors vouchers that give parents more school choices.

“Everybody should have the same choice Cindy and I and Sen. Obama did,” McCain told the National Urban League, an influential black organization that Obama will address on Saturday.


Bush rips Democrats for opposing offshore drilling

Aug 2, 11:26 AM (ET)


WASHINGTON (AP) – President Bush chastised Democrats on Saturday for refusing to allow a vote on whether to lift the federal ban on offshore oil drilling before lawmakers departed for their summer recess.

“To reduce pressure on prices, we need to increase the supply of oil, especially oil produced here at home,” Bush said in his weekly radio address. It was the fourth time this week that he has called for Congress to end the drilling restrictions off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Some of the drilling moratoriums have been in place since 1981 for environmental reasons and concerns that energy development might harm coastal tourist industries.


Pelosi harms planet on drilling

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opposes lifting the moratorium on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and on the Outer Continental Shelf. She won’t even allow it to come to a vote. With $4 gas having massively shifted public opinion in favor of domestic production, she wants to protect her Democratic members from having to cast an anti-drilling election-year vote. Moreover, given the public mood, she might even lose. This cannot be permitted. Why? Because as she explained to Politico: “I’m trying to save the planet; I’m trying to save the planet.”

A lovely sentiment. But has Pelosi actually thought through the moratorium’s actual effects on the planet?

Consider: 25 years ago, nearly 60 percent of U.S. petroleum was produced domestically. Today it’s 25 percent. From its peak in 1970, U.S. production has declined a staggering 47 percent. The world consumes 86 million barrels a day; the United States, roughly 20 million. We need the stuff to run our cars and planes and economy. Where does it come from?


A GOP Choice:

Tom Coburn or Ted Stevens
August 2, 2008; Page A11

The Republican Party is facing what Ronald Reagan called “a time for choosing.” A real argument is raging over how much it should turn its back on the bad habits that cost it control of Congress in 2006.

Just after that debacle, Alaska’s Sen. Ted Stevens, the father of the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere,” encountered Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, the antipork crusader who had held up many of the projects so many members believe are the key to their re-election. Mr. Stevens said, “Well, Tom, I hope you’re satisfied for helping us lose the election.” Mr. Coburn replied, “No, Ted, you lost us this election.”